Video Evidence from Maui Jail Riot is Missing

April 4, 2019, 1:02 PM HST · Updated April 4, 1:28 PM
Wendy Osher · 52 Comments

MCCC Disturbance aftermath (May 2019). PC: Hawai’i Department of Public Safety.

By Wendy Osher

Video evidence from last month’s jail riot on Maui has gone missing, a Public Safety spokesperson has confirmed.

Toni Schwartz, spokesperson for the Hawaiʻi Department of Public Safety tells Maui Now, “Upon collection of the video evidence recorded, it was discovered that a SIM card had been removed. Attempts to recover the missing SIM card have thus far failed.”

In an email communication to Maui Now, Schwartz said efforts to retrieve the item will continue during the course of the ongoing investigation.


A total of 32 inmates have since been transferred to Hālawa Correctional Facility on Oʻahu due their alleged involvement in the disturbance on March 11, 2019.

The incident remains under investigation but, department officials have pointed toward “extreme overcrowded conditions” as the motivation behind the riot.

News about the missing SIM card comes as a confirmation hearing takes place this afternoon for Department Director, Nolan Espinda, who is up consideration for a second term.

Wendy Osher
Wendy Osher leads the Maui Now news team. She is also the news voice of parent company, Pacific Media Group, having served nearly 20 years as News Director for the company’s six Maui radio stations.

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