Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver Trains with the Sabers

June 26, 2019, 4:14 PM HST · Updated June 26, 4:14 PM
Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver Trains with the Sabers

Video Credit to Stacy Woodson

The Raider Nation met the Saber Nation when NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown came to train at Maui High School this week.

Antonio Brown signs autographs for MHS players – Photo credit Rodney Figueroa

While on vacation on Maui, Brown used the school’s field and Jugs football passing machine to get a workout in and show the kids how he’s going to tear up the field as an Oakland Raider this coming season.

Photo credit Rodney Figueroa

“He caught 400 passes (over a two day period) less than 10 yards away from the machine and he caught everything,” said MHS Sabers head coach Rodney Figueroa. “He puts in the work man. You read about him but for the kids to see that in person was an experience.”


Brown also caught some passes from Maui High’s 6’1″ freshman quarterback, Tavita Tufaga.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, felt pretty amazing,” Tavita said. “What’s super cool was he’s just super fast … no chance of keeping up with him.”

Photo credit Rodney Figueroa

Saber Freshman QB Tavita Tufaga poses for a picture with Antonio Brown, NFL Wide Receiver

Tavita said on Tuesday when he met Brown, the wide receiver caught 200 balls going 50 miles per hour from the Jug machine while standing 10 yards away. Even with the sun going down Brown continued to practice catching, using car headlights to light the field after it got dark.

“Never seen anybody do that,” he said.

Logan Peitscher, co-owner of Powerhouse Gym in Kihei, said someone from Brown’s entourage called him last week to let him know he’d be training out of his gym while he was on vacation on Maui.

“Then on Sunday they called and asked if I could help them get a Jugs machine so I put them in touch with Rodney,” Pietscher said. “He’s very explosive, works out for two hours on functionality and balance. Great for the kids to see that kind of work ethic.”

Photo credit Cameron Thomas

Photo credit Cameron Thomas



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