Council to Review Board and Commission Nominees

March 18, 2011, 7:29 AM HST · Updated March 18, 7:30 AM

By Wendy Osher

Council Inauguration 2011, file photo by Wendy Osher.

The Council’s Policy Committee will review nominations next week of those appointed to the County’s various boards and commissions.  The names were submitted by Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa for consideration.

The Council has until March 31 to approve of the appointments, or the responsibility to fill the vacancies reverts back to the Mayor.  The council has a bit longer to approve of an appointment to the Salary Commission because the vacancy was created by a resignation. Jeremiah Savage left his post on the Salary Commission when he was selected to serve the Deputy Director of Finance for the County of Maui.  The council has until April 26th to approve of that replacement nominee.

The complete list of nominees is as follows:

  • Affirmative Action Advisory Council: (1) Lilah Inaba
  • Board of Code Appeals: (1) Thomas Behnke (2) Brandon Starr
  • Board of Ethics: (1) Sydney Kikuchi
  • Board of Variances and Appeals:  (1) Jacqueline Haraguchi (2) Patrick De Ponte
  • Board of Water Supply: (1) William Kamai
  • Civil Service Commission: (1) Arnold Wunder (reappointment).
  • Commission on Children and Youth: (1) Lei Fagan (2) Kalimaya Herrera
  • Commission on Culture and the Arts: (1) Gaylord Kubota (2) Caroline Belsom (3) Henry Allen
  • Commission on Naming Streets, Parks and Facilities: (1) June Davis (2) Chad Beitler
  • Cost of Government Commission: (1) Joseph Kanahuna, for term expiring on March 31, 2013, (2) Fred Rohlfing, for a term expiring on March 31, 2013, (3) Walter Baloaloa, for a term expiring on March 31, 2013, and (4) Gregory Evans, for a term expiring on March 31, 2013.
  • Council on Aging: (1) Candice Carter (reappointment) (2) James Jackson (3) Iris Peelua (4) Robert Santry
  • Fire and Public Safety Commission: (1) Allen Souza (2) William Soares
  • Hana Advisory Committee: (1) John Blumer-Buell (2) Anjoleen Hoopai-Waikoloa
  • Lanai Planning Commision: (1) Roberto Hera
  • Liquor Control Adjudication Board: (1) Edward Zwick
  • Liquor Control Commission: (1) Zachary Paz (2) Frank Sylva
  • Maui County Cultural Resources Commission: (1) Irene Kaahanui
  • Maui County Grants Review Committee: (1) Yarrow Flower (2) Kathryn Ghean
  • Maui Planning Commission: (1) Ivan Lay (2) John “Keone” Ball
  • Molokai Planning Commission: (1) Zhantell Dudoit
  • Police Commission: (1) Pancho Alcon (2) Kelly Ruidas
  • Real Property Tax Review Board: (1) Bernice Lu
  • Salary Commission: (1) Maxwell Tsai (replacing Jeremiah Savage), for a term expiring on March 31, 2013) (2) May Fujiwara (3) Ralph Masuda.

The Policy Committee will review the nominees at their meeting set to begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 22, 2011 in the Council Chambers.



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