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Police: Maui Man Charged
in Death of Co-Worker

Updated 09:40 AM HST, November 19, 2012
Posted 01:44 PM HST, November 15, 2012

William Ranep. MPD photo.

By Wendy Osher

A Napili man in scheduled to be arraigned today after being charged with second degree murder for alleged connection to the death of a co-worker, police said.

The charges stem from a verbal and physical altercation reported on Monday night, Nov. 12, 2012 on Napilihau Street near the rear parking lot of the Napili Plaza, according to police.

Lahaina Patrol Officers responded to a report at around 7 p.m. of two male co-workers of a maintenance firm who were reportedly involved in a verbal altercation.

Upon arrival, police say officers learned that the altercation had turned physical, and that a suspect had allegedly fled the scene in a white company-owned pickup truck.

Police say the victim, Danny Jose, 58, of Lahaina, was left unresponsive on the ground. Jose was transported to the Maui Memorial Medical Center in critical condition and placed in ICU, but police say he succumbed to his injuries at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012.

Police say a preliminary investigation at the scene identified the suspect as William Ranep, 37, of Napili. According to police reports, Ranep was located at around 8:17 p.m. on Monday within a parked pickup truck fronting a home on Hanawai Street in Napili.

Ranep was subsequently placed under arrest. Police say he was charged with second degree murder at around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14, and bail was set at $100,000.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • JSantos

    I bet they were arguing about something really important. Important enough to kill over. More losers….

  • iLive in Napili

    Danny Jose Manuel was a hard worker, he didn’t deserve to die this way.

  • 36:30

    gotta walk away b4 things get to heated, condolences for the family of the decease and the accused!

  • J

    It’s so upsetting to hear that the suspect had post bail. Why was he given that option to do so when noted he is charged with murder. Why would the system allow a murderer to post bail or even set a low bail amount. To me I think is to low for the crime. A murderer is out in the community.

  • Guilty until proven innocent

    The U.S. Constitution guarantees bail opportunity for persons accused of
    serious crimes. The accused is not a murderer until he is convicted of
    that crime. As you “noted, he is charged with murder”; he has not been
    convicted of any crime by a jury of his peers. Would you not want the same opportunity for yourself or a loved one that might someday be accused of a serious crime? What if he acted in self-defense?
    What if it is a case of mistaken identity? What if any number of
    defenses this defendant may raise? This is why we have trials and
    juries in our legal system. Thank our Constitution for the protection
    afforded to this defendant from persons that would deny this defendant
    his legal right to bail.

  • J

    So your saying “guilty utill proven innocent” (your name). I guess you agree with my opinion.

  • yap

    Poor management on ABM Maintenance service they need to re-evaluate their supervisors, my prayers goes out to the victim.

  • Born again son of God

    Lets us pray for all involved. This is what happens when we allow our anger to control our actions and the Devil to work in full force

  • l12

    sometimes is easy to talk and comment about it but no one really knows what happen it could be any of us that could happend somethingn like that ,we really don’t know the situation very well ,it could be u me or anybody else but we are not on those shoes .instead of judging like u never act wrong in this life we should pray for both mans and the lord look over them cause is a very sad thing that happed.

  • dr. strangelove

    You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. But now you are guilty until proven innocent. Remember the good old days when Maui police never shot anybody, and now police shootings are common and citizens are killing and bullying each other due to the economic situation.

  • Juag

    As it was mentioned in the bible by “Jesus” (for those of you who havent committed sins, cast their stones.) question? ask your self first, have I committed any sins, answer this before you implement jugdement on others. my deepest sincere to the Victim and Defendent.

  • D

    God is watching!!!it was on the TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, Thou Shall Not Kill…..and the victim died but in the face of GOD he is lucky, because he no kill anyone…..

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