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Governor Urges Lawmakers
to Hear Marriage Equality Bills

Posted 10:07 AM HST, February 11, 2013
File photo by Wendy Osher.

File photo by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

Governor Neil Abercrombie issued a statement on the topic of marriage equality, calling on legislators to hold hearings on the marriage equality bill to further discussions on equal treatment.

The governor signed a civil unions bill into law in 2011. In 2012, a lawsuit was filed against Gov. Abercrombie in his official capacity claiming discrimination for failing to allow same sex couples to marry.

The governor declined to contest the lawsuit, citing elements of the civil union law. The attorney-general is also defending the Department of Health in carrying out its duty under the current law.

This legislative session, there are bills to further address marriage equality, and Gov. Abercrombie is urging the Hawaii State Legislature to hear those measures.

In a statement released by the governor’s office he stated, “I have always supported human equality and agree with President Obama and our congressional delegation that all of our citizens should be treated equally.”

He continued saying, “Hawaii is a state defined by our diversity, compassion and aloha. I encourage our state legislators to hold hearings on the marriage equality bill so that we can further discussions on equal treatment under the law.”

Senate Bill 1369 seeks to recognize marriages between individuals of the same sex. Under the measure, same-sex couples would be extended the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities of marriage that opposite-sex couples receive. The bill would permit marriage licenses to be issued beginning Dec. 2, 2013 but prohibit solemnizations until Jan. 1, 2014. The item has been re-referred to the JDL and WAM committees.

House Bill 1005 proposes a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a legal relationship between two people of the opposite or same sex. The measure has been referred to the JUD and FIN committees.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • LeaveItAlone!

    Oh boy, here we go again………………….

  • fools in place

    sin,sin,sin,sin,sin,sin, so sinful, so sick, so stupid, such idiots in office, the hell you guys in office sucking on???? lay off that joints!!!!!! think, realy think about what you all is heading into with this! cant you think about what is sane and what is insane? the law makers are really starting to sucks and smell.. what is it with you guys in office with all these “STUPID” laws and regulations ?????? WAKE UP!!!! see what kind of fools you guys in office is showing to the people of hawaii……. geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  • Rys

    I hope this issue gets the close attention it deserves and eventually passes. Men and women deserve happiness no matter the gender pairing, and to solidify one’s love in marriage is a beautiful thing.

    • Billy

      Voting this down.

      • Rys

        Ditto to you too, chief.

        And trust me. Someday, when I marry my boyfriend, so doing it in Hawaii.

        • Billy

          Really? Please clarify: are you a male or female?

          • Rys

            It’s an article on gay marriage. It should be kind of obvious, but either way.


            And oh it’ll happen someday.

          • Billy

            So Rys, when and how did you figure out that you are attracted to other guys rather than women? Just asking, as I really am not able to understand the thinking on that. Maybe if I can gain some understanding then I’d be more willing to accept that that’s the way some men are. Until then, I personally think that there is something terribly wrong with it.

          • bubu

            Rys, dont take the bait.

          • Aaron Kamaunu

            too late he did…..as expected

          • Rys

            Stuff it in your craw Aaron. I have nothing to hide here.

          • Aaron Kamaunu

            tyvm you made my point, have a great day.

          • Rys

            Billy, I’d written up quite a long post for you, and saved it to my computer just in case, and despite it having no insults or swear words in it, it has been/is awaiting moderation. I refreshed the page and it’s gone. So I hope it hasn’t been deleted, as it wasn’t insulting in any way. If a mod can clarify if it’s been deleted, and if so, why, I’d be glad to change what needed to be changed. Otherwise, I hope it pops up soon.

          • Rys

            OK, I deleted this and it..came back. OK then.

            And apparently I did swear in it. Oh well. :p

  • fools in place

    think about this you so call reps of hawaii right is right and wrong is wrong. you put positive and positive together you get no flow no nothing and if you put negative and negative together same thing nothing! so, that is the wrong connecttions.. cant you see that? but, if you put positive and negative together you get flow …. YOU GET IT? ( +) and (+) =nothing “BAD” >>>> ( -) and (-) = nothing “BAD” >>>> (+) and (-) = flow “GOOD” How about do you see the picture now?????? SO STUPID! thats my comment!!!!

    • Clyde56

      Problem is: They see right as wrong, and wrong as right. And so you have a minority making noise for what is morally wrong, though politically correct. “Politically” being the key word and of course, politicians follow along. Politicians=puppets, with strings always attached.

  • Live and Let Live

    Just because it’s a “Sin” in your religion, doesn’t mean it’s a sin in someone else’s religion, or people who don’t subscribe to any religion. You make a blanket statement assuming that everyone believes the same thing you do, they don’t. I don’t happen to be gay, however I do believe people should live and let live. Have respect for other people’s opinions while maintaining your own beliefs.

    • Billy

      Vote down.

  • sickoftp

    Gay marriage will be protected by the Supreme Court because it is recognized by the Federal Government. (Your filing status on your federal tax returns is affected by your marital status.) It is discrimination to deny one the ability to file a joint tax return because of religious preference. There are thousands of rights afforded to married couples, and to deny marriage will not pass the discrimination test. It’s only a matter of time until we look back on this issue as we do now on other civil rights that have been protected by the SCOTUS.

    • Billy

      Voted down.

  • Billy

    Thanks, man. I appreciate this and you’re taking the time to write.

    • Rys

      And thank you for reading it!

  • ihatenazis

    my partner and i have been together for 21yrs. my so-called family disowned me long ago. recently i was diagnosed with cancer. u know what would be great is if i didnt have to die alone in a hospital bed. i suppose at least yahweh-worshippers and hawaii lawmakers will be happy. cheers!

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