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JUMPSmartMaui Preps Island
for Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Updated 09:49 AM HST, June 6, 2013
Posted 07:10 AM HST, June 6, 2013
QKC Fast Charge Station. Photo by Wendy Osher.

QKC Fast Charge Station. Photo by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

A new renewable energy demonstration project created in partnership between Hawaiʻi, Japan and Maui launches next week.

The JUMPSmartMaui initiative aims to improve the integration of renewable energy resources into Maui’s electrical grid and prepare the island and state for the adoption of electric vehicles, according to program organizers.

JUMPSmartMaui is reportedly funded through a $30 million investment by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan’s largest public research and development management organization.

The launch will take place next Saturday, June 15, at the Queen Kaʻahumanu Center, one of five initial locations that are hosting DC Fast Charger stations.

In addition to an electric vehicle program island-wide, program officials say JUMPSmart Maui will have an impact on households in the Kihei area. Full details will be unveiled next week as the program gains momentum.

The contract to develop the project was awarded to Hitachi Ltd., along with Mizuho Corporate Bank and Cyber Defense Institute.

Island and state entities collaborating on the project reportedly include: the State of Hawaiʻi; the County of Maui; Maui Electric Company and Hawaiian Electric Company; Hawaii Natural Energy Institute; Maui Economic Development Board, Inc.; University of Hawaii Maui College; HNU Energy; and Nissan.

The launch runs from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on June 15, and includes performances by Willie K, remarks from Mayor Alan Arakawa, and comments from company officials at NEDO, Hitachi and Maui Electric Company. Admission is free.

*** Supporting information courtesy Maui Economic Development Board, Inc.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Vern

    Electric vehicle owners crack me up. they pay three times as much money, so they can smugly point out to others that their “zero-emissions” car is not powered by America’s War For Oil, apparently ignorant of the fact that our electricity here on Maui comes from those three giant smokestacks belching black soot into the sky. Just because your car’s tailpipe is 10 feet in diameter and permanently located in Maalaea, doesn’t mean that it’s not diesel powered.

  • I Read The Article In Full

    Seems “Vern” didn’t read this article very close.

    “The JUMPSmartMaui initiative aims to improve the integration of renewable energy resources into Maui’s electrical grid …”

    • Vern

      I read just fine. Show me where one syllable of what I posted was incorrect.

      They can “aim” to re-pave the streets of Maui with gold, for all the good it will do them, because the cold hard truth, is that the vast majority of our electricity here on Maui comes from burning diesel.

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