Small Trade Wind Swell Expected for East Facing Shores

Meteorologist Malika Dudley · August 4, 2017, 9:23 AM HST (Updated August 4, 2017, 9:26 AM) · 0 Comments

PC: Asa Ellison

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Maui Surf Forecast

North: Surf heights are expected to be ankle/waist high today. As winds pick up in strength, spots catching the trade swell could get up to chest/shoulder high on the sets.

West: Surf heights are expected to be waist high or less today. Some spots will be flat.

South: Surf heights are expected to be waist high or less today. Some spots will be flat.


Just small trade wind swell is forecast along east facing shores. This should pick up some Friday and into the weekend as our winds pick up in speed.

A southwest pulse is forecast to move in this weekend, filling in late Friday into Saturday morning and easing Sunday with sets in the chest high range. Potential for the next swell isn’t until around the 12th of August.

As we track Typhoon Noru and Tropical Storm Nalgae, it looks like just traces of swell will make it to Hawaii.

Keep in mind, surf heights are measured on the face of the wave from trough to crest. Heights vary from beach to beach, and at the same beach, from break to break.

Meteorologist Malika Dudley
Malika was born and raised in Hilo. She began her career in news at KGMB9 in 2007. As a part of their weather team, Malika was nominated for two Emmy Awards and won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Journalism Award for her reporting on Hawaii’s tsunami damage in 2011.

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