Maui Police Conducting Citizen Survey

November 21, 2017, 9:21 AM HST · Updated November 21, 11:54 AM

Maui Police Citizens Survey. Wendy Osher/Maui Now graphic.

The Maui Police Department is conducting a citizen survey to evaluate the public’s attitudes and opinions pertaining to the level of law enforcement services currently provided.

The public is invited to complete this survey which is available at the following direct LINK.


Department officials say the results will be used to identify specific ways to better serve the community as a department.


Questions include the following:

  • Do you think crime in your neighborhood has increased, decreased or remained the same?
  • How safe do you feel driving on the roadways (Very Safe; Somewhat Safe; Somewhat Unsafe; or Unsafe)?
  • How safe do you feel in your neighborhood (Very Safe; Somewhat Safe; Somewhat Unsafe; or Unsafe)?
  • How many times have you had contact with an MPD employee in the last year (0; 1-2 times; 3-5 times; 6 or more times)?
  • If you had any contact, what was it for (Citizen Complaint; Crime Victim; Witness; Traffic Stop; Motor Vehicle Crash; Arrested; Registered a firearm; Requested a record; Fingerprinted for employment; Police Community Program; 9-1-1 Call; Other)?
  • Based on your personal contact with MPD, did the employee treat you with respect (Yes or No)?
  • Were you satisfied with how the situation was resolved (Yes or No)?
  • Was the MPD employee professional (Yes or No)?
  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the attitudes and behavior of MPD employees towards citizens (Very Satisfied; Somewhat Satisfied; Undecided; Somewhat Dissatisfied; or Very Dissatisfied)?
  • How often do you see Maui Police Officers in your neighborhood (Frequently; Occasionally; Seldom; or Never)?
  • Do you support the use of body-worn cameras by Maui Police Officers (Yes; No; or Unsure)?
  • Do you feel safer knowing the police are wearing body-worn cameras (Yes; No; or Unsure)?
  • Have you been the victim of a crime in Maui County in the last year (Yes or No)?
  • If so, did you report the crime to police (Yes or No)?
  • We are interested in what you feel are the most serious law enforcement problems facing Maui County today. Please rank the following problems in order of seriousness with “1” being the most serious concern and “7” being the least serious. (Violation of traffic speed limits; Violation of red lights and stop signs; Aggressive Driving; Narcotics and Alcohol Violations; Domestic/Family Violence; Crimes Against Persons – assault, rape, murder; Crimes Against Property – burglary, theft, robbery, vehicle theft)
  • What do you feel is your responsibility in addressing crime (check all that apply)? (Be aware of your surroundings Report Crime; Report suspicious persons/activities Secure personal property; Assist victims needing help Assist officers needing help; Participate in Neighborhood Watch Programs; Avoid involvement)
  • Are you: (Male or Female)
  • Age: (18 to 29; 30 to 39; 40 to 49; 50 to 59; 60 and over)
    Place of Residence: (Central Maui; Upcountry Maui; Hāna; Lānaʻi Lahaina/Kāʻanapali/Kapalua; Kīhei/Māʻalaea/Wailea; or Molokaʻi)
  • Please list any concerns or comments you wish to address. Also, provide any recommendations and/or suggestions for improving our services.

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