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New Disinfection Method for Maui Water Treatment

The County of Maui Department of Water Supply held a demonstration of new technology recently implemented at the Lahaina Water Treatment Facility.

For disinfection purposes, the department replaced chlorine gas with onsite generation of sodium hypochlorite solution. County officials say the new method of creating the disinfectant is safer, less expensive, and meets all state and federal drinking water quality requirements.

The reduced expenses are expected to cover the equipment expenditure within 3 to 4 years.

The new process uses salt and electricity to make a 0.8% solution that county officials say is similar to household bleach.

The Department’s five other surface water treatment facilities will be also be retrofitted to stop using chlorine gas and start generating sodium hypochlorite onsite.

Some of the wells that provide groundwater to the Central and South Maui area are also scheduled for conversion to onsite generation in fiscal year 2019.

The next facility to use onsite generation is the ʻĪao Water Treatment Plant which is currently under construction in Wailuku.