Voter Turnout Down, Maui at 52%

November 7, 2018, 1:50 AM HST · Updated November 7, 5:06 AM
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Voter turnout, graphics/image by Wendy Osher.

In Maui County total turnout was 50,475 or 52.2% of the 96,721 registered voters. This included 23,093 or 23.9% who turned out at the polls, and 27,382 or 28.3% who cast absentee ballots.

That’s down from the 2016 general election turnout of 56.4%, which was a presidential election year. Maui’s primary election turnout was 36.2% in August 2018, the highest for a primary election in Maui County in two decades, but still the lowest in the state.


Preliminary totals show turnout for other counties at: 52.5% in the City and County of Honolulu; 51.5% in Hawaiʻi County (lowest in the state); and 58.1% on Kauaʻi (highest in the state).

The statewide turnout was 52.6% with 398,398 out of 756,751 registered voters casting ballots. A total of 174,867 individuals or 23.1% showed up at the polls, while 223,531 or 29.5% cast absentee ballots.

Complete election results for the 2018 General Election are posted at the following direct link:

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