Ask the Mayor: Portable Toilet Situation in Hana a “Hazard”

April 21, 2014, 1:57 PM HST · Updated April 28, 5:41 PM

The mayor answers questions from the public in this series.

By Mayor Alan Arakawa

Hāna, by Wendy Osher.

Hāna town. File photo by Wendy Osher.

Q: What’s up with the porta-potties at Hana Ball Park? They have been overflowing and dirty, with no toilet paper. They seem like a health hazard to the kids who use the park, and to anyone who will be attending some of the large events that will be held in coming months. Do you know if any additional maintenance can be done, and whether any additional porta- potties will be brought in for the Taro Fest?

A: Yes, increased monitoring has already begun, and our Parks Department had three additional portable toilets delivered to the Hana Ball Field on April 10. More frequent checks are being conducted at all of the porta-potties there, with re-stocking of supplies to see if any adjustments still need to be made. When larger special events are held on the weekends, additional units will be brought in as is the standard procedure for events. We are also in the process of contracting a consultant to design a replacement septic system for the ball field restroom. Once that initial contract is certified, the consultant will be issued a Notice to Proceed with engineering, designing and permitting. After design and permitting are completed, the project will be posted for formal bidding. After a contractor is selected and a contract is certified, a Notice to Proceed will be issued for construction and installation of a new septic system and absorption field. This system needs the same repairs as the Helene Hall system, so our Parks staff requested a budget amendment at Council earlier this year so these needed repairs could be made as quickly as possible.


Q: I was happy to see that the section of Wells Street near the Wailuku Fire Station got repaved recently. However, the rest of Wells Street is still in bad condition and is heavily used not just by regular vehicles, but also by the fire trucks. Do you know if/when the rest of Wells will be repaved?

A: There are actually two projects for Wells Street. Our Public Works Department has recently begun making sidewalk improvements before starting the pavement rehabilitation project (reconstruction and resurfacing). Construction on the pavement rehab phase is tentatively scheduled to start in June.

Q: When will the Wailea road from the Shops at Wailea to South Kihei Road be re-surfaced? It is very bumpy and uneven. I ride my bike along it and have fallen and broken equipment because of the bumps.

A: The county’s pavement rehabilitation project in Wailea includes Wailea Alanui from Okolani Drive to Wailea Ike Drive, and Wailea Ike Drive from Pi‘ilani Highway to Wailea Alanui. Public Works plans to post this project for bids this summer, and tentatively plans to start construction toward the end of this year.

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