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Kurt Suzuki Wears MAGA Hat and Flashes Two Fist Shaka, Gets Bear Hug From President

PC: WH.GOV via White House Twitter screen grab.

Maui’s Kurt Suzuki made national headlines today when he was introduced by President Trump during a recognition event at the White House for the members of the World Series Championship team.

The Baldwin High graduate was prompted by someone off-screen to grab a MAGA hat, and with arms raised, the President gave Suzuki a gentle bear hug from behind. (See video below at the 10 minute mark).

In introducing Suzuki, President Trump said, “In the bottom of the ninth you scored seven runs.  I do remember that well– including an amazing three-run homer by Kurt Suzuki. Where’s Kurt? Where are you?”

As Suzuki stepped to the podium, someone from the balcony could be heard telling him to “grab a hat.”

Suzuki put the “Make America Great Again” baseball cap on and said just a few words: “I love you all,” twice, then “Thank you,” and flashed a double fist shaka to the crowd.

“What a job he did.  I didn’t know that was going to happen,” said the president.

The Washington Post, New York Post, USA Today and Time were among the media giants that captured the moment on video [4] and shared it to readers and fans online.

Maui’s Kurt Suzuki is still on an emotional high from Wednesday’s World Series win.  The Baldwin High School graduate took a moment to catch up with Maui fans [5] via Kanoa Leahey’s “Lets Talk Sports” program on ESPN Maui 900 AM.  Click HERE [5] for the full length interview.