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Tree Disguise Suggested
for Proposed Hana Cell Tower

Updated 02:37 PM HST, December 15, 2010
Posted 02:45 PM HST, December 14, 2010

By Wendy Osher

A tree-type disguise was recommended to mask a proposed 40-foot cell tower in Hana, Maui.  The suggestion was made by the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) in a letter to the County Planning Department in September.

Click to Enlarge. Map of proposed Cell Tower location.

East Elevation of proposed cell tower. Click to enlarge.

The recommendation was made based on the scenic views in Hana, which are considered part of the historic importance of the area.  The applicant had proposed painting the tower as a way to blend it into the background.

A public meeting to discuss the project’s special use permit application will held Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 4 p.m. at Helene Hall.  The project, proposed by Crown Castle International and Verizon Wireless, calls for the construction of a 40-foot steel monopole with 12 panel antennas.  The proposed project is located on Hana Ranch land in the Wananalua Subdivision, at the existing telecommunication facility.

The wireless facility was constructed in 1994 and already consists of a lattice tower, telecommunication antennas and equipment shelter.

The SHPD found that no historic properties would be affected by the proposed changes.

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HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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