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POLL: “How Do You Feel About Hawaii’s
‘Largest Outlet Mall’ Being Built in Kihei?”

Updated 12:53 PM HST, February 14, 2012
Posted 01:19 PM HST, February 1, 2012

A graphic illustrating where the mall is to be built at the intersection of Kaonoulu St., mauka side of Piilani Hwy. Image obtained from public plans by Eclipse Development Group. (click to enlarge)


How do you feel about the “Piilani Promenade,” an outlet mall planned for development in Kihei, to be completed by 2014? Vote below and leave a comment.

For more information, see:

Outlet Center and Promenade Proposed for Kihei

LETTER: Horrified at Planned “Giganta Mall” in Kihei

OPINION: Giganta Mall – Son of Superferry


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HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Bumpy

    This mall is for us, not the tourists.  I welcome it!

    • Mauiwisper

      I can understand how you feel when you say ” this mall is for us, not the tourists” It just makes me sad that maui has changed so much. Im the one who said Kihei is another waikiki. I was born and raised on Maui ( Kihei) 76 yrs ago, and it just makes me sad when we drive down there and see how many hotels, strip malls and buildings have poped up. I remember when waikiki had only 2 hotels….. I guess the younger people see it as progress and thats ok…   but to me maui is no longer Maui…

      • kiheiboi24

        use “younger” people do see it as progress, we want to move forward thats how our generation is all about moving forward sorry that we don’t wanna be stuck in the olden days. i think its time for the “older crowd” to wake up and see that hey we now live in a world that is fast moving and not at a slow paste like before its either you join in or get left behind. 

  • Baj808

    Finally, we’ll have “local” choices beside tourist t-shirts and $2,000 purses…Can’t wait for this to be completed! Get this built – Now!!

  • Iliwai34

    If you think traffic on Piilani is horrid now, these two mega-malls are really gonna gum things up. Piilani is not configured to handle huge increases, much less when additional developments such as Wailea670 are added to the mix. Don’t count on a real “vote” on these projects, much less an Environmental Impact Statement since it seems approval was given in 1997 when the concepts first emerged. Bad traffic, a large supply of current retail space–and neither of these malls is in a South Maui Plan. Not a good course of action.

  • Iliwai34

    If you think traffic on Piilani is horrid now, these two mega-malls are really gonna gum things up. Piilani is not configured to handle huge increases, much less when additional developments such as Wailea670 are added to the mix. Don’t count on a real “vote” on these projects, much less an Environmental Impact Statement since it seems approval was given in 1997 when the concepts first emerged. Bad traffic, a large supply of current retail space–and neither of these malls is in a South Maui Plan. Not a good course of action.

    • kiheiboi24

      do your research, when they build these projects (outlet mall & wailea 670) they will add more lanes to the piilani high to help with the load of new traffic in the area its not gonna be kept to the lanes we have now duh.

  • Alba

    But it will be designer seconds that won’t be more of a bargain than store sales and will replace even more locally owned stored. Isn’t Kihei gross enough? The only time it feels right there is when you are on the beach staring out at the water…. : (

  • LJ

    This amount of pavement and rooftop will make Kihei even hotter. Traffic will be worse.  More small businesses will be hurt. This will make Kihei even less uniquely Hawaiian and more generic L.A.- like.

    • Dakine

      Yea, Kihei is so uniquely Hawaiian.  cough.  cough.  Have you driven South Kihei Road, ummm, ever?  Kihei is the armpit of Maui.  I say put the Mall in there, and any other future commercial developments.  Keep it all in one place.  We do what this, and its in the right location, so getter done!

      • Pherstys

        i love kihei.

    • kiheiboi24

      i love the change in kihei, i lived here all my life when kihei wasn’t as developed as it is today and it has always been hot, building another project ain’t gonna make it even hotter stop fulling  yourself. and as for keeping kihei uniquely hawaiian?? haha what does kihei look like to you?? ever since i was born kihei didn’t look hawaiian to me lol i like the growth and building of it all i say keep going 😛

  • Rinchenmaui

    The proposed mall is an outrage and desecration of the the aina of Hawaii and the Hawaiian people.  

    • Dakine

      Clearly you have never been to Kihei.  There is NOTHING sacred about Kihei.  Trust me.  Its the town of strip malls, mini-marts, gas stations, and tourist condos.  Yea, an outlet mall is such an outrage.  Spare us your drama.  Im Hawaiian and I want the mall.  Please dont speak for us.

    • shelikebeef

      rinchenmaui’s comment hilarious… how exactly is a shopping center a desecration to our culture? Quit trying to play like your local. No local would type “the aina of Hawaii” like that .. when we say aina, there’s no need to explain where, the only aina we speak of is here. Go home already

    • kiheiboi24

      i have a good feeling that you ain’t even from here? i’m thinking your just a mainlander who moved here who is retired? am i right? like the other people who replied to you said don’t speak for us, shut your mouth and watch us built the mall and smile in your faces, hey if you don’t wanna shop there just drive past it and look the other way its that simple :)

  • Micks


  • Mauiwisper

    Why not ? Kihei is already trashed…just like Waikiki…More malls, more people, more cars on the road,  More CRIME. I grew up in Kihei and  you don’t see any more local on the roads,  just toursts and ABC Store…So might as well make Kihei another Honolulu. Its already trashed….So why try and fight it ?  No matter what the people want it’s going to be built.

    • kiheiboi24

      idk what part of kihei that you live in that is “trashed” maybe the ghettos lmao but i know i live in a nicely kept neighborhood with no crimes or drugs or anything, neighbors are the most friendly people i ever met, i was born and raised here and so was my grandparents and we all want this mall so yes no matter what people want this will be built :)

  • Alohamele

    Oh ya, developed all the land and I can see big  tall building (hotel) on top of Haleakala and Gondola lift are going up and down!!!!
    Honolulu is only 30 min … why spoil beautiful Maui!!!

    • kiheilocal

      You wont have to wait too long for the tall building atop Haleakala as plans are moving along for the 14 story Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST) .

  • Alchemist

    I just got back from a few days in Honolulu.  Ugh!!!  If we aren’t careful Maui will become Honolulu East.  Double Ugh!!!

    • kiheiboi24

      i like the sound of that :)

  • anynimous808

    As much as we don’t like to see Maui turn into a Honolulu, Maui is growing and wether we like the “tourist ” or not it is them that gives us our job.  When the economy was so bad, we were praying for those “tourist” to come.  We need jobs and maybe this mall will cater to the local.  Changes are bound to happen like it or not.  Choose your battle, it could be worst.

  • Tammywithluv4gh

    Awesome it will bring a lot of jobs for the people of Maui!!!!

  • born&raised

    Maui people are afraid of change. C’mon people live a little! This new addition to shopping on Maui will be great! Not only for locals, but for tourists as well. It will increase the economy and more jobs for the Maui people. MORE jobs people! Aren’t you tired of the same shops that we have here? It’s good to have variety. This new mall will not only bring shopping attraction but a new place to hang out with family and friends. Maui is a beautiful place, but let’s face it sometimes it gets boring here and having a new mall, “Hawaii’s largest outlet mall” will a blessing in disguise. 

    • Hawaiiansupaman

      Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.  Maui people are not afraid of change.  They are wary of those who only sell the positives.  It should be done with respect to the land and everything connected to it.  What about the impacts to the environment, increase in sewage, runoff into the ocean, traffic for starters.  Where’s the water coming from?  Upcountry?  Ha!  Jobs are essential but will it be for people who already live here or for those from else where?  

  • aunti

    O my ! Its right in the path of toxic “black snow” burnt sugar cane blizzards and breath stealing clouds of dirt, dust, and sugar chemicals kicked up by cane trucks. Maybe some enterprising Dr. might open an ER for those whom can’t breath after the walk from the parking to the maul. I mean mall.

    • Bumpy

      Sounds like a perfect place for a mall, instead of housing.

  • Mauifrank

    There is not enough business/tourism to fill the vacant space on maui already! It looks like a broken gost town already.

    • Dakine

      What you see are landlord issues.  I have two friends who closed their businesses in the commercial spaces in Kahlui because of ridiculous land lord issues.  Trust me, its not cause there isnt good businesses to fill those spots.  Its more like the landlords act like the mafia and extort monies above and beyond contractual agreements and tell you to leave if you dont like it.    If I was those developers I would build my own mall to, then you dont have to deal with shady business practices from landlords who you lease from and have you by the ballz.  Believe me, all the empty retail spaces have nothing to do with the economy.

      • Hawaiiansupaman

        What’s stopping you from building your own? 

        • Dakine

          Money.  Pure and simple.  I dont have maka maka chips on my shoulder brah!

          • Hawaiiansupaman

            OK, you got me.  What did the landlords do above and beyond contractual agreements to warrant your comments?  Why didn’t your friends take legal action? 

          • Dakine

            Reading comprehension for the win….

          • Dakine

            Im starting to think you arent really from here or you would know the power and influence the land owners have in Hawaii.  Good look in trying to sue any of the big three on Maui.  They can lawyer you into bankruptcy and you are a fool to think otherwise.

          • Hawaiiansupaman

            You didn’t answer my question.  What did the landlords do?  Does it matter where I am from?  Want proof?  How did the word bulaia originate? 

          • Dakine

            I feel like anytime we talk I need to spoon feed you.  I stated in my original post.  They try to extract monies and fees for things that are outside the contract terms.  Are you really that bad at reading comprehension. Im not going put names, dates, and amounts on the internet.   And please dont pull your Bu Laia crap on me.  Mainlanders know about him and dont prove anything and I dont really care if you are from here or not, but what is clear is you have never held a commercial lease for  from any of the big three on island.  

          • Hawaiiansupaman

            Back in the day, people from different cuiltures had to communicate using a common language.  Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Portugese, Haole, Filipino and others had there own language and out of necessity created Pidgin English.  Bulaia is a slang word created from three words.  Bull Sh*t Liar.  To speed up pronounciation, the middle word was left out.  And is pronounced bull lai ya.  The person, Bula’ia, took the word and put a twist on it and is pronouced differently.  Most do not have the money to own their own location and must rent.  It is the next best option.  Business owners are ultimately responsible for the viability of their business.  Dealing with greedy landlords should be expected.  Lease agreements presented by landlords only protect the landlord.  It is the Tenant’s responsibility to read very carefully and make changes BEFORE they sign.  I know because I have two separate leases.  One for over 45 years.  BTW I am not an attorney.  I am a business person born and raised here, educated by the public school system on Maui.  One of my responsibilities is to clean the restroom.  My apologies for choosing the word bulaia. 

          • kiheiboi24

            wow sounds like your got all your info about bulaia off a website or something lol

          • Dakine

            You should go be a lawyer the way you like to argue.  You could make choke kala and build your mall.  Go for it since you a bu la’ia as well.  😉  Perfect combination.

          • KCardwell

            Trying to win an argument on the internet is like trying to win the special Olympics, in the end, you’re still a retard.   You guys need to give it a break.

      • kiheiboi24

        someone did their research :)

  • chiyoko

    So many teenagers are out bored , getting pregnant, stealing. Let’s give them something to do. Born and raised here on maui “88. Grew up in paia moved to kihei.

    • kiheiboi24

      finally someone young in the crowd can help me speak over these old small minded people lol.

    • Pherstys

      i think that’s a great idea. let’s just give them something to do besides roam the Wal-Mart. surely, in such a beautiful place, we can do better.

  • HopeImWrong

    I’m not against a reasonable sized mall or shopping center at this location, but it sure looks like they are planning to develop almost 100 acres and turn it into parking lot. If you look at the Eclipse Development Group website their previously completed mall projects are not really that impressive. Theres not really any charm to any of their developments, I guess it’s hard to build charm into a strip mall. Why would this project be any different.

    I hope I am wrong.

  • Fredrick

    My view on development is that it is bad.  Yes I am a younger generation person who was born and raised on the island of Maui.  If you want to look at a bunch of stupid buildings rather than the beautiful land that we have here on Maui then move to Oahu, or some other gay place full of cement.   We should be more focused on keeping the island green.  Why not go more into agriculture or aquaculture than stupid shopping centers.  I hate the way Oahu looks.  Why would you want to lay more cement down than we already have?

  • Pherstys

    FASCINATING, all these comments. What about the “This ain’t the Mainland!” bumper stickers? So, do we want it to be like the mainland or don’t we? That seems to be an important question. What do we really want here? We slam the mainland as often as possible, but when it comes right down to it, so many of us are eager to have a mainland company come in and build a big mainland-style mall with mainland-style traffic and mainland-style culture and values. i guess we’ll all have to burn our shaka, aloha, and mainland bumper stickers and speed up into the fast lane, horns honking. Progress!! There will be no more dissing on the mainland, for we will have become the mainland. (And I love Kihei–there is no armpit of Hawaii. It’s all a sacred gift. Just one opinion.)

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