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40 Nominees Get Initial Backing
for Maui Boards & Commissions

Updated 12:06 PM HST, February 17, 2012
Posted 03:20 PM HST, February 16, 2012

Riki Hokama, chair Maui Council Policy Committee. Courtesy photo.

By Wendy Osher

Members of the Maui County Council’s Policy Committee gave initial approval yesterday to 40 nominees being considered for various boards and commissions.

At the same time, they recommended disapproval of two nominees to the Molokai Planning Commission; and plan to revisit seven nominees for consideration to respective posts during a subsequent meeting.

Among the nominees recommended for committee approval were:

  • Abbott, Gene: Board of Variances and Appeals
  • Arase, Autumn: Commission on Children and Youth
  • Baker, Mary Margaret: Council on Aging
  • Borge, Patrick: Fire & Public Safety Commission
  • Burton, Gayle: Maui County Commission on Persons with Disabilities
  • Corella, Abelardo(reappointment): Affirmative Action Advisory Council
  • Cuomo, Eric: Commission on Naming Streets, Parks and Facilities
  • De Rego, Frank, Jr.: Cost of Government Commission
  • Erfer, Bruce: Real Property Tax Review Board
  • Espeleta, Teddy: Board of Variances and Appeals
  • Felipe, Joseph: Maui County Commission on Persons with Disabilities
  • Forsberg, Doreen: Animal Control Board
  • Franco, Norman: Board of Ethics
  • Fukuyama, Alan: Commission on Naming Streets, Parks and Facilities
  • Gat, Alexander: Cost of Government Commission
  • Gomes, Doreen: Fire & Public Safety Commission
  • Halpin, Jeffrey: Cost of Government Commission
  • Hanlon, Colin: Commission on Children and Youth
  • Hedani, Wayne: Maui Planning Commission
  • Hynson, Stephen:  Commission on Culture and the Arts
  • Ing, Lawrence: Police Commission
  • Johnson, Victoria: Cost of Government Commission
  • Joslin, Robert: Board of Water Supply
  • Kawahara, Ronald: Cost of Government Commission
  • Kennison, William: Liquor Control Commission
  • Kubota, Gaylord:  Maui County Cultural Resources Commission
  • Lawson, William: Maui County Grants Review Committee
  • Lee, Gerald:  Board of Code Appeals
  • Libed, Clifford (reappointment): Commission on Culture and the Arts
  • Liscombe, Susan: Maui County Grants Review Committee
  • Mamuad, Neldon: Liquor Control Commission
  • Myrter, William: Council on Aging
  • Okimoto, Darren: Subdivision Engineering Standards Committee
  • Suzuki, Michael: Board of Water Supply
  • Tamori, Edward (reappointment): Salary Commission
  • Tanaka, Doris: Liquor Control Adjudication Board
  • Tomita, Mikey (reappointment): Maui County Commission on Persons with Disabilities
  • Tsai, Maxwell: Maui Planning Commission
  • Wilson, Michael: Police Commission
  • Zielinski, Maria: Council on Aging

The committee, led by chair Riki Hokama of Lanai, will use a subsequent meeting to continue their review of an additional seven nominees including the following:

  • Black, Ralph: Lanai Planning Commission
  • Carvalho, Clayton, Jr.: Hana Advisory Committee
  • Clemens, James: Lanai Planning Commission
  • De Ponte, Patrick: Liquor Control Adjudication Board – De Ponte currently serves as a member of the Board of Variances and Appeals.  The committee will discuss preferences.
  • Leach, Randol: Board of Ethics – Leach was unable to attend the February 15 meeting, and requested an opportunity to appear before the committee at another time.
  • Santos, Jon (reappointment): Civil Service Commission
  • Sherman, Todd: Board of Code Appeals; and Maui County Outdoor Lighting Standards Committee.  Sherman was nominated to two different committees.

The council has until a March 31 deadline to approve or disapprove of nominees.





HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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