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OHA Rolls Out 2012
Grant Priority List

Updated 04:28 PM HST, March 1, 2012
Posted 10:36 AM HST, March 1, 2012

OHA chairperson Colette Machado. Courtesy of Hawaii News Now.

By Sonia Isotov

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) yesterday rolled out a new priority list for the $2.4 million in grant money that community organizations across the state can now apply for this year.

At the top of the priority list are grant proposals that would fund programs that help native Hawaiians develop marketable job skills, achieve housing stability and counter health threats associated with a lack of physical activity as well as unhealthy eating habits.

Also included on the list are programs that help native Hawaiians boost achievement gains in education, better connect to their culture, as well as take action in response to new attitudes toward sustainability.

“We are approaching our commitment to native Hawaiians with a new sense of urgency,” said Colette Machado, the OHA board chairperson. “Our new focus is on supporting programs that are directly aligned with our strategies for improving conditions within the native Hawaiian community.”

The deadline to apply for an OHA grant is April 23, 2012. The grants are scheduled to be awarded June 21, 2012 and programs would be expected to get underway by Sept. 1, 2012.

Here’s a breakdown of the various grant categories and the funds that are available for each one:

  • Obesity and physical health improvement for native Hawaiians – $800,000.
  • Employment services for low-income native Hawaiians – $500,000.
  • Understanding history & perpetuating Hawaiian culture – $400,000.
  • Transitional housing services for native Hawaiians – $250,000.
  • Improving middle and high school test scores of native Hawaiians – $250,000.
  • Achieving Pae’Aina Sustainability – $200,000.
  • ‘Ahahui Event Grants – $200,000 (May 1, 2012 deadline).

For more information, call (808) 594-1986 or email grantsinfo@oha.org.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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