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Target To Open
Store on Maui in 2015

Updated 10:30 AM HST, April 11, 2013
Posted 07:14 AM HST, April 11, 2013
Aerial photo of Puunene Shopping Center location. Photo courtesy of Property Development Centers.

Aerial photo of Puunene Shopping Center location. Photo courtesy of Property Development Centers.

By Sonia Isotov

Target Corp. has signed an agreement to open a new store on Maui in 2015, according to an announcement from developers.

The company has reportedly reached an agreement with Property Development Centers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Safeway Inc., to open the new store at the 24-acre Puunene Shopping Center being developed by Property Development Centers.  The news came in a story published early this morning in the Pacific Business News.

The 24-acre Puunene Shopping Center will reportedly be located on the corner of Mokulele Highway and Hookele Street in Kahului. The center will include a mix of local and national retailers and restaurants and service providers, although Safeway is not reportedly going to open its own store at that location, according to the publication.

Target is the first store to be identified as an occupant of the future shopping center. The developer reports that CBRE Hawaii is handling leasing of the new shopping center and expects Target to occupy 141,240 square feet of the total 275,000 square footage.

***An updated story has since been posted at the following direct LINK, containing information on projected jobs and business space.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Maui Youth

    Its so crazy to know how uneducated people are so happy to see businesses like these are being build left and right. The negative effects of how business growth is only hurting our islands. We need to better our schools, health care and most of all learn about sustainable living. This is the only window of opportunity to become an independent community. Most of you talk about how important jobs are, well creating jobs within the community provides beneficial factors. We have all the resources here but yet people want to support large companies that are only interested in profit gaining. In years to come Hawaii will never be the place to visit any more and all of our precious resources will be diminish. Do you know that in about 25 years down the road we won’t be able to eat fish and everything else that comes from the ocean. Why? Because of pollution, trash. More business, more people, more trash, the less natural resources available, the less independent we become. Most of people who are visiting or stay here only for temporary, come here with no respect, only want to trash our place and return back to where they came from. Please Hawaii people educate others and our children to take care of our home and fight for what we have, when we still can.

    • Maui elder

      Did you say the same thing when Walmart opened on Maui 20 years ago? I hope you are walking your talk, ie. composting, recycling, reusing. You would be a hypocrite if you didn’t. I, myself, am excited to finally have a target store.

    • Maui Pimp

      Did you say those things when Lowe’s, Home Depot, Krispy Kreme, Longs Drugs, Walgreen’s and other new businesses opened up? Geez. If you really wanna live like what you believe in, don’t drive a car, don’t smoke a cigarette, and don’t shop in the places that would benefit your lifestyle. Sounds like you’re a hippy to me. If you wanna be a caveman, be our guest. We’re not stopping you. But the future is coming and you can’t stop progress. Last time I checked, Maui is booming for businesses and jobs.

    • No Can

      So everyone who is for Target being built is uneducated and those against it are educated? That’s what I got from your first sentence. Just want to clarify before I respond to you.

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