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Schatz Hopes Proposed
Deal Will End Shutdown

Posted 03:00 PM HST, October 16, 2013
US Senator Brian Schatz.  Photo courtesy US Senate.

US Senator Brian Schatz. Photo courtesy US Senate.

By Wendy Osher

Senate leaders today reached a proposed deal to prevent a default on the nation’s loans, with the hopes of reopening the federal government, which has been partially closed for 16 days now.

Under the proposed deal, government would be funded through Jan. 15, and the debt ceiling would be raised through Feb. 7.

The item must still gain the approval of the US House.

US Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaiʻi joined a bipartisan group in voting for the deal today saying, “This shutdown caused terrible, unnecessary pain for Hawaiʻi families, and we are all relieved that it is nearly over.  It’s time for Congress to get back to work, and focus on helping the middle class.”

In a statement released today, Sen. Schatz continued saying, “We’ve got lots of work to do and simply re-opening the government and preventing default are not legislative achievements – this is the bare minimum to keep the country running. Now we need to move quickly and aggressively on to our major national issues – economic recovery, clean energy growth, immigration reform, and college affordability.”

“This has been a waste of time that has hurt the American people and threatened our country’s reputation. Let’s get back to work,” he said.

Late last week, Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui, who was serving as acting governor, announced a temporary hiring freeze on vacant positions in the Executive Branch for Hawaiʻi, saying it is necessary to conserve dwindling financial resources in light of the ongoing federal shutdown and upcoming debt ceiling deadline.

State officials have been assessing day-to-day impacts caused by the federal shutdown and have been in contact with Hawaii’s congressional delegation since the shutdown began.

Governor Neil Abercrombie arrived in Washington, DC, today where he was scheduled to work with Hawaiʻi’s Congressional Delegation and former colleagues, in the hopes of securing continued support for federally-funded services and programs.

Governor Abercrombie’s schedule includes meetings with Senators Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono today, followed by meetings with Representatives Colleen Hanabusa and Tulsi Gabbard on Thursday.

Prior to his departure, Governor Abercrombie spoke with each of the four mayors regarding concerns about federally funded programs and employee positions in their respective counties.  State officials say the input provided will be included in discussions in Washington.

Governor Abercrombie is expected to return to the state on Oct. 20.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • capt ron

    great, but how come my Kaiser plan is going up by 50% and with a super high deductible and super high out of pocket. Just wait till all of you see your new plans.

    • Benihaha

      My Kaiser rate went down by $300/month for the top tier plan. Perhaps you need to shop around if your Kaiser rate isnt going down.; According to the Health connector you have quite a few different options. If you dont like the price, you can chose a different provider now. Welcome to free market capitalism. Lower prices and more choices. The conservative Heritage Foundation was right so far. Shocking, I know.

    • usbworks

      You’re a liar.

  • capt ron

    hey benihaha your rate might have gone down but look at your deductible $3000 then you have the out of pocket $6500. how is that better?

    • Jacinto

      Awwwwww… poor baby…. there is still time to move to Texas. I heard they are restarting the confederacy. Enjoy.

      • 101

        Or, Jacinto, maybe you’d be more comfortable moving to Communist China.

        • Jcainto

          Lol… 101…. based on your posts here, Iran is calling you. They love bigotry, racism, and intolerance. You would fit right in. 😀 I hear the Taliban has an opening.

          China is not even a close match, but thanks for playing. If you said Australia or Canada or pretty much any Scandinavian country you at least wouldn’t look like a moron.

          • 101

            Your final destination doesn’t really matter to me- just buy a ticket and go someplace more to your liking, instead of trying to force over 300 million American citizens into bending to your narrow left-wing extremist views.

          • Jacinto

            WE took our country back this week. Thank you very much. You seditionists are not welcome here. Go live in some terrorist country. You will fit right in. The will of the American people have spoken. If only we were still hanging traitors like you, it would be a glorious scene across the nation.

          • 101

            What is this “WE”?
            It would appear that in any setting, you’re always gonna be “That guy”.

          • Jacinto

            One of many. Remember, we won the popular vote and electoral college. Get used to it. Our tolerance of the teaparty antics are over. You will be lucky to retain any seats in the coming elections. You will be nothing but a foot note in history. LOL.

          • Babalui

            Someone, please get 101 his meds… hehe…

    • usbworks

      You’re welcome. Don’t worry, be happy.

  • 101

    So the liberal answer to everything is to put our grandchildren deeper in debt to Communist China?
    What’s wrong with having our government simply live within it’s means?
    They could start by eliminating the TRILLION dollar a year welfare gravy train- the one that predictably (to everyone except for liberals) results in incidents like the morbidly obese food stamp mooches mobbing Wal-Mart in Louisiana the other day, emptying their shelves of high-fat high-sugar prepared foods. Paying people to fail, simply increases the number of people who are willing to fail. The welfare equivalent “wage” in Hawaii is nearly $18 an hour, and that’s wrong.

    • 101

      If we turned around and spent that same trillion dollars a year on building and staffing more prisons, we could end unemployment AND crime.

      • Jacinto

        Losing is hard. Its ok. You will get over it. But with the pending demise of the tea party, who will you take your orders from? Im sure there is some white supremacy militia group in the woods some where for you to join.

        • 101

          Still pissed about the Republicans (like President Abraham Lincoln) freeing the blacks from their Democrat slave owners, eh?

          • Jacinto

            Poor teabagger. Running out of new material. Someone needs their wubbie and their blankey. Awwwww….

          • 101

            Aren’t you late for your Klan meeting?

          • Jacinto

            Why, are you missing me oh dear leader? Lol. Your taking this pretty hard I see. But, I guess thats what losers do. You should be used to it. Teabaggers are losers upon arrival. 😀

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