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POLICE: Evidence Recovered in
Case of Missing “Charli” Scott

Updated 01:03 PM HST, February 14, 2014
Posted 10:52 AM HST, February 14, 2014
Carly "Charli's 4Runner, pictured here, was recovered by Maui police. MPD photo.

Carly “Charli’s 4Runner, pictured here, was recovered by Maui police. MPD photo.

By Wendy Osher

Maui police released new information today on the disappearance of Carly “Charli” Scott, saying the woman’s vehicle and other possible evidence was recovered by police for further investigation.

“During the course of the search an individual, who was part of a private search party, found possible evidence,” said Lieutenant William Juan in a department press release.

Sources tell Maui Now that the woman’s sisters confirmed that clothes belonging to Charli were found on Thursday, Feb. 13, near mile marker 14 to 18, at a beach area near Honomanū off of the Hāna Highway.

Aerial and on scene photos 2/13/14, courtesy Morey Inc. Photo of Carly Scott courtesy family.

Aerial and on scene photos 2/13/14, courtesy Morey Inc. Photo of Carly Scott courtesy family.

Police say Carly’s vehicle was recovered a day earlier from Peʻahi, on Wednesday Feb. 12, and described it as “burnt.”

Despite the damage, police say they were still able to read the vehicle identification number, and confirmed it to be that of the 1997 missing 4Runner with the plates MDE-889, belonging to Scott.

According to Lt. Juan, the vehicle was taken into evidence, and the Department continued a search for Scott in the Haʻikū area the next day on Thursday, Feb. 13.

That’s when an individual from a private search party, discovered “possible evidence,” which was recovered by police.

“We are asking anyone who is assisting in the search to call the department if they find any suspicious items; however, please do not touch, move, or recover the item as it may be evidence in this case or another case that the department is investigating,” said Lt. Juan.

The search and investigation is still on-going by the Maui Police Department, as well as a private search party led by family and friends of the missing woman.

“The department continues to follow up on all leads and is using other available resources to help in the investigation,” said Lt. Juan. “We want to thank the media and public for their assistance,” he said.

Members of the search team from Morey Inc. say they will be setting up a fund drive at a booth during tomorrow’s Whale Day celebration.

Background Information:

Carly “Charli” Joann Scott, 27, was last known to have left the Haʻikū area on Sunday night to assist her ex-boyfriend, who family members say asked for help in getting his car out of a ditch near mile marker 20 of the Hāna Highway.

The woman’s ex-boyfriend, Steven Capobianco, spoke in an interview with Mileka Lincoln of Hawaii News Now, in which he answered questions about his account of what happened on Sunday night. He claimed that after he got his truck back on the road, they drove back in separate vehicles and he lost sight of her headlights around the Twin Falls area. Capobianco didn’t suspect anything was wrong. (That transcript can be found here.)

The woman’s dog, who was with her when she went missing, was found near the Nāhiku Market Place on Monday, and family members say her vehicle was located on Wednesday night in Peʻahi, mauka of the surf spot known as “Jaws.”

A search on Thursday involved both land and air assets and was focused on the coastline and area along the Hāna Highway from Haʻikū to Keʻanae.

Anyone with information that led to Scott’s disappearance is asked to call Detective Wendell Loo at (808) 270-6516 during business hours or (808) 268-2763 after hours.

Family and friends also launched an online anonymous tip survey where the public can provide anonymous tips on Scott’s whereabouts or information that led to her disappearance.

Family members have been providing updates via a Facebook page to assist in disseminating information regarding the case.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • kiki

    So the boyfriend lost sight of her headlights in the twinfalls area. That is a very dark and desolate area to be alone at night for anyone especially a women alone. He should be locked up just for being such a dumbass

    • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

      I have to agree’I traveled those toads many times,plus if she drove out to help him her car was burned ,,why did husband see someone ,it don’t make sense

  • JBT

    Don’t be fooled again Maui.
    The same investigator of Kini and MO fame is handling Charli’s case. ABC News from NY repeatedly contacted MPD which FAILED to respond. It’s on Charli’s FB page.


    “The department continues to follow up on all leads and is using
    other available resources to help in the investigation,” said Lt. Juan.
    “We want to thank the media and public for their assistance,” he said.

    While we all wish Charli were alive and well, she’s not, and we all know it. Where is the DNA from the blood of the man’s pants found at the site with her clothing? Where is the DNA from the attacker on her clothing?

    In response the victim’s family begs for money for a job that MPD should be doing and is funded by taxpayers.

    “Members of the search team from Morey Inc. say they will be setting
    up a fund drive at a booth during tomorrow’s Whale Day celebration.”

    Why do the families of victim’s use the occasion to advance their financial situation? Volunteering is great and is also a job that MPD should be doing on the clock (but is too busy citing speeders and cell phone users). It is one thing to ask for volunteers but asking for $$$$ is very questionable, as has been clearly indicated in Mo’s case.

    • Why?

      So the police have a spokesman and you think he’s the investigator. OK.

      And it’s also inappropriate for the “victim’s” (your word) families to raise money to help for the search. Do you really think they are that heartless?

      Maybe you need to look in and understand why you see evil in other’s actions.

  • country

    i was reading the ex-boyfriend,side of the story and i noticed in a comment he said”We were good friends.why is he talking past tense,,we are good friends,,sounds like she still living

  • da kine

    And to think everyone was picking on Maui Mike around Christmas time because of boredom. Yikes! This forum is nuts cuz.

    • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

      very true my sistah,,he is nutz,,no more aloha,,not even going comment on what JBT wrote

      • JBT

        We all understand that you are grasping with thoughts and words, lori anne stout boonhill, so please rest what is left of your neurotransmitters (do you need to look that up?).

        Stop equating lack of aloha with people who are outraged by women being murdered on Maui and speaking out about it.

        • Lori Ann Stout-Boone


  • JBT

    Another woman on Maui disappeared/murdered and we are “nuts” for going ballistic?
    You need the help psycho.

    • da kine

      Re-read my post, I said this forum. Not you personally.

      “Lynchmob” action!!! Attack everyone and anyone!!!

      Grow the f$&k up.

      • JBT

        Maybe it’s time for YOU to grow up and constructively respond to what is happening here on Maui. Time to learn that the surf ain’t what the WWW revolves around.

        • da kine

          Lmao, I’m a born and raised female, who does not know charli or mo, therefore I have no comments other than this isn’t the first or second missing woman case on maui. Be safe and don’t talk to strangers ladies! Does that make you feel better angry a-hole jbt? I don’t surf you delusional prick. Try have some companion for these families and shut the f$&k up! Where you from btw???? True locals with aloha don’t act like you!! Pot stirring troll!!!!!

          • JBT

            Having backgrounds in journalism, we have no choice but to be inquisitive and question inconsistencies. And give a damn about women being murdered, whether we knew them or not.

            Good to know that you were “born and raised female”. And sorry illiterate monkey, we don’t have “companion for these families.”

            Oh thanks so much for the advice for ladies not talking to strangers. Both Mo and Charli disappeared without a trace after meeting with their EXes. Not strangers.

            According to you, true aloha means STFU in the face of multiple murders on Maui??? Thought so. Might want to pick up a book and put down the pipe da kine.

          • redneck

            Jbt go home

          • Jason Likness

            Yeah effin loser internet troll. Big know it all behind a keyboard. Pathetic

          • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

            TRUE,GO HOME JBT,,

          • da kine

            Oh, I’m so sorry my iPad auto corrects. “have some compassion” there ya go!

            Jbt you have some serious anger issues. True journalist don’t harass random people online. How about doing some research and looking up all the other missing woman cases in the past 10 years. We could have a serial killer running amuck. When I lived on Kaua’i, 2 woman were found dead near kealia beach within a year. This happens on every main island.

            It’s always been known Hawai’i attracts the weirdos, just like you.

          • da kine

            Women. Not woman.

    • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

      your a hoax,reported you,your info states your not from here,your military that lives on Oahu,that hasn’t lived long in Hawaii,you need help,,

  • Char Lee

    I use to live next door to this couple. He never worked and she did…. and i have to agree. Why would you call her if you broke up? Why would she agree to escort this guy home and then change her mind…. and if she helped you and was willing to follow you home why would you lose her and not call her……

  • JBT

    Here’s a challenge to Charli’s family to prove their fund raising to find Charli and simultaneous whale watching tour is legit… provide EVIDENCE that 99% is going to the REWARD to those who provide EVIDENCE of her disappearance. Otherwise, the rest of us on Maui will know that this is just another scam. And you won’t make another buck…

    • Jason Likness

      Charli’s family doesn’t need to prove s**t to you. I know her father and I’d dare you to say that their fundraising isn’t legit to his face. Loved ones have to put their lives on hold to help find her. Take flights here, miss work, maybe hire a PI, all of which cost $. You’re a sick loser to think someone’s missing daughter is an opportunity to cash in on donations. Keep hiding behind your keyboard sicko, this is my friends daughter. You make me sick!

    • makawaowie

      With all due respect, JBT, why do you care? If people want to help these families financially for ANY purpose, it’s none of your concern. They can use funds for supplies, for lost time at work, rewards, fuel for helicopter searches – whatever purpose. I made a donation and I don’t care if they spend it on beer. Their situation is heartbreaking. That is their child, sister, friend and her unborn child who represented so much future happiness to all of them. Why do you think other people’s money and where it goes is so important in all of this? I feel tremendous sympathy for Charli and her family. Whatever money they receive is cold comfort at best. How is a scam?

  • Sadtimes

    I hope this poor family doesn’t have to endure the frustration that others had to when their loved one went missing in dealing with the MPD. Where is the F.B.I when dealing with this. Many women gone, and nothing????

  • allenbam

    this whole story is now featured on Google News…

  • Guest


  • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

    alot of aloha goes to these womens families,god be with them and ease there pain,of not knowing,Talking about these womens family,about money being spent here and there,,please thank before you post,,WHEN IT COMES TO A LIFE,ITS PRICELESS,and this is there family,,Who are we to judge,,about donations giving and used on vehicle,,whale watching,,,reading some these post,,are so wrong,,i couldn’t imagine having to deal with what they dealing with,show some respect,,

    • JosephB

      I agree; no respect for the family. JBT, if it was my family who suffered loss and I knew who you were, and you wrote all of this b.s., no way you live. Know-it-all, b.s., SOB, pointing fingers at everyone, pissing everyone off, including MPD. Reveal your real name; all true journalists do.

      • JBT

        Sorry, Joseph B, but your death threats on Maui Now are now of public record even more diabolical than the murderers of Mo and Charli. All we want is the truth and justice for the victims. So why are you threatening us for attempting such?

        The TRUTH has a way of pissing people off. Consider Jesus Christ and the consequences he bore for speaking the Truth against the consensus of evil And how do you know that MPD is pissed off? Perhaps if they did their job correctly, we would not have to complain about their repeated incompetence.

        Instead of demanding our names, why not intelligently respond to the issues raised? Oh, questions pertaining to murder are not considered Aloha behavior if it pisses people off, eh? Well how aloha is murder and death threats?


        • makawaowie

          Just curious, JBT-ABC, why do you refer to yourself as “us” and “we”? Are you royalty? Your “journalism background” appears rather dubious. Perhaps “wanna-be private eye” is more apropos.

        • Freakin dumass

          Did you seriously just compare yourself to Jesus Christ after being criticized for being so obnoxiously cynical.

          Good luck with that.

      • ?

        Fricken mpd multiple personality disorder JosephB/JBT…u sick in the head or what!

        • JBT

          Try to read “?” We, JBT, are journalists responding to Joseph B’s death threats for speaking our minds.

      • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

        earlier he looked my name on FB,requested to be friend,,i had change my settings on FB,and I blocked ,him,he asked me if I was single,,he sounds like a frekin stalker,,so hope people his name I posted,

      • Brian Mcc

        Jbt- Name is Justin WILHEMSEN.

        • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

          WILHELMSEN,,Sorry for ms

  • Chaney Boy

    curious if anyone saw the ex’s truck stuck in the ditch on sunday night? Was it stuck in the ditch or was it broke down? Maui Now reports that it was stuck in a ditch, but the ex’s interview transcript states that he fixed it with light tools? And the burnt truck down at Peahi, near the location of the ex’s home, that’s too much of a coincidence. And if he failed his polygraph test, why isn’t locked up? I’m going to call – he did it. He is responsible for the Charli’s disappearance.

    • Wellington Mot

      IMO, if you assume BF engaged in foul play and left Scott out near Hana where her clothes were found, then a logistical problem exists: how did he get both vehicles back to Haiku all by himself. IMO, he was never stranded out there, he just told her that so he could get her ouy to that remote coastline at night (alone). IMO, he parked his vehicle somewhere near jaws then got home in time for Scott and the dog to pick him up and head out toward Hana in her car. After the foul play, he leaves Hana-side by himself in her car and then abandons her car at Jaws or Near Jaws, and then walks to his car and drives home.

  • Jason Likness

    @jbt – Charli’s family doesn’t need to prove s**t to you. I know her father and I’d dare you to say that their fundraising isn’t legit to his face. Loved ones have to put their lives on hold to help find her. Take flights here, miss work, maybe hire a PI, all of which cost $. You’re a sick loser to think someone’s missing daughter is an opportunity to cash in on donations. Keep hiding behind your keyboard sicko, this is my friends daughter. You make me sick!

    • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

      I just posted his name,,cause that sick,f#ck needs help,,

      • Brian Mcc

        Justin WILHELMSEN

    • Brian Mcc

      Your so right. Notice he is gone now ?

  • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

    JPT-name is Justin WILHEMSEN,,,I don’t know he just tried to friend me on facebook,,but I reported and blocked him

    • Brian Mcc

      That’s what I figured Lori . If I were MPD I would have an interview with him(JBT)aka Justin Wilhemsen, about this case. Seems WAAAAY to emotionally involved in all this, but in a bad way. Lots of hate towards the families of missing women is just insane.

      • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

        I know,,i was thinking the same thing,,hopefully MPD,,reads his comments on here,,cause ,he scared me,,but I learned connecting to FB with Maui now,,be careful cause it really freack me out,,funny how I posted his name he comment again

        • Brian Mcc

          Lol your right! not a post from him . Nice work.

      • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

        @BRIAN-spelled his name wrong just edit,,its WILHELMSEN

        • Brian Mcc

          Changed it, thanks.

  • Wake up

    Too many people here watch CSI Miami or Hawaii 5-0! Cases are not solved in 1 hour like the show and it’s hard to prove anyone guilty when there is no body! A case needs to be built and then the suspect can be charged, and by enough evidence I mean without a reasonable doubt so it can be proved who did this to her…

  • checkered demon

    Now I see why sites like this take down their comment boards. Mass hysteria has taken over here, folks. Time to take a step back and go outside.

    • Brian Mcc

      Ya some insane comments on here. Never seen anything like it.

  • farfromhome

    too many people in the jungle going crazy. I experienced this first hand. Unreliable crazy haole people stuck in the jungle – who are unable to cope with society. So they run to Hawaii expecting paradise to fix them. Instead their isolation makes them even more sick. Every person I spoke with said the other person was crazy- this finger pointed at that way and this way. I trusted no one, not even those who claimed to be my friend. I hope that they find who ever did this. The other news that I read did not say that pants were found with blood on them. This one does. This is very sad news. Anyone could fail a polygraph test if they have problems- anxiety or nervousness. But it doesn’t look good for the ex. I don’t think I ever met her. But I use to walk all the time along Hana HWY for 7 months. Rarely took a ride if I didn’t know the person. I liked walking. It was in my last month there that I felt fear replace my peace. Fear of people of something bad happening if I stayed there. I had been wanting to go back- because this side of the spectrum isn’t all that fun. Nothing natural about struggling. Now I am glad I did not follow the path back to Maui. I felt something bad would happen if I did. In the light that three women have disappeared. . Someone really bad appeared on the islands, or someone went plumb f’kin nuts.
    These incidents seem to be one month apart from each other. I hope no one else disappears..then you really have a seriel problem.

    • Brian Mcc

      Stop hanging out with semi-homeless hippie losers Haoles in Haiku-Paia-Hana. That’s your problem.

      • Lori Ann Stout-Boone

        U read my mind,very well said

    • Wellington Mot

      If you thought “everyone around you was crazy” could be you were the crazy one, IMHO.

  • guest

    Why don’t we have another fundraiser for Mo? Since Mo doesn’t have any more bills like rent, car, phone, CCs, and no more searches, the donations can go to the grandparents who moved here, the daughter’s new truck, and the deadbeat dad.

  • TSL

    Lets work together on this problem! It looks like the perp,perps stripped the doors and wheels off the toyota,chances are there on meth and will be putting the parts on there methed up toyota,We need a picture of the rims & tires,color of the doors we will catch this phcyco!

    • Wellington Mot

      IMO, If her SUV was left somewhere by the person responsible for her disappearance, completely unrelated people could have found the vehicle (at Jaws or they moved it to Jaws), stripped it, tipped it and torched it. This is the MO for the car thieves that use that spot. The ex-BF is familiar with the area and admits to knowing the spot is notorious for such activities…

  • Wellington Mot

    They found her dog without a scratch on him. A.) Means he was somehow separated from his owner at some point; B.) The dog had no signs he had been in a fight. This pit bull would have given the fight of it’s life to protect his owner against a random stranger trying to enter the vehicle or take his owner; so the dog must have known the person that was responsible for separating him from his owner.

  • checkered demon

    “I suspect no one. And I suspect everyone.”

    • Wellington Mot

      Suspecting everybody is the same thing as suspecting no one.

  • kai

    Who is Steven Capobianco? “Bing” him and he’s a Software Test Engineer, DMT at Pitney Bowes in NY. Could he be the same suspect on Maui? His photo is identical, maybe he’s a sibling. What does he do for a living on Maui? Trust fund baby? Drugs? He mentioned in the interview that he was sitting at home all day waiting for updates on the story. He doesn’t work? Yet he said that the whole island loved him. Drug dealer? His buddies had to help him remember how many years he had been with Charli during the interview. But they couldn’t help him dig his car out of the ditch which he used “light tools” for with Charli’s help? Did Charli have a winch on her truck? How does someone use “light tools” to dig their truck out of a ditch?

  • Kimberly

    For those concerned about how donations may be spent, may I suggest you not donate. As for those who have commented negatively regarding donations since you obviously haven’t donated its none of your business how they spend the money. It is also obvious you know nothing about this family, each one would gladly give you the shirt off their backs if you were in need, a meal if you were hungry, they are kind, loving people who would give all that they had, to not be in this situation, for you to imply they are using this for financial gain is ridiculous, and you are an idiot. Family members have flown in from far and wide at their own expense to search for Charli, they are devastated. And for your information it was not Charli’s family who suggested fund raisers it was friends, searchers and professionals. To those who have come out and helped in the search, manned the tables at check points, passed out fliers, picked up supplies, helped organize and the list goes on. Thank you so much. And just in case your wondering I am a friend with nothing to gain.. I have just watched the pain the family and friends suffer daily..

  • Guest

    When did the ex bf leave his truck at mile marker 20? Was he with anyone and who brought him to his house? Did anyone confirm that they saw his truck stuck in the ditch? Did anyone say we drove him out? The burned out vehicle is missing the doors and wheels…can they tell if the vehicle was hot wired or did the person who drove it to the Jaws area have a key? I don’t see rims on the burnt vehicle. I don’t think the rims could have melted? In his interview he says he had light tools…what is that? What was wrong with his vehicle, stuck in the ditch or mechanical problems? Did anyone drive by while they were repairing or towing the vehicle? That would be around 9:30pmish…lost head lights at twin falls…but did not call to check if she was okay or to thank her for taking him out to get his truck?? It does not appear that MPD gave this guy the interrogation that was needed for him to just confess already.

    • Sing

      Sounds like frickin’ JBT again………………………………….

  • walter17

    they can’t find these women because they are no long on Maui.

  • Allie

    I found a couple of items that didn’t seem like they belonged, I believe that area is where she is. I hope the family can find closure and find her.

  • Allie

    I did report these items to tip line and the detective.

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