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Family of “Charli”
Clears Air on Police and Ex-Boyfriend

Updated 03:49 PM HST, February 21, 2014
Posted 10:28 AM HST, February 21, 2014
Carly "Charli" Scott.

Carly “Charli” Scott.

By Wendy Osher

The family of 27-year-old Carly “Charli” Joann Scott, a pregnant Makawao woman who was last seen on Feb. 9, issued a statement this morning to clear up misconceptions that they are displeased with efforts of the Maui Police Department.

“They are working hard, long hours and sacrificing time with their own families to assist our family in this difficult time. For that, we are deeply grateful. We are asking the Maui community to join us in our support of the police and their efforts,” family members said in the statement.

The statement went on to say, “We have complete faith in our police and know that they will call upon whatever law enforcement resources they need to find our Charli. The police have treated our family with kindness and dignity every step of the way and kept us apprised of case developments as appropriate. Our community is lucky to have them looking after us.”

The statement comes on the heels of heated discussion between community members and police at a Kīhei Community Association meeting held on Wednesday night. While the meeting was intended to cover a broad range of community issues, much of the discussion focused on the disappearance of “Charli” Scott and 46-year-old Moreira “Mo” Monsalve.

Scott was last known to have left the Haʻikū area on Sunday night, Feb. 9, to assist her ex-boyfriend, who family members say asked for help in getting his car pulled out of an area near mile marker 20 of the Hāna Highway.

Family members also said they wanted to clear the air about Charli’s ex-boyfriend, Steven Capobianco who was identified by police as a person of interest because he was one of the last people to see Charli before her disappearance.

“The family is aware that Steven has met with Maui police and has been fully cooperative in their investigation. We want to express our gratitude for Steven for his continued cooperation,” the statement said.

“We also want to discourage the community from harming, threatening, or unfairly judging Steven. This is a difficult time for him as well, and he also deserves the compassion of the community. His continued cooperation may be the key to solving this mystery and any mistreatment of Steven is counterproductive to our shared goal of getting to the truth,” family members said in the statement.

Family members also updated information regarding a 96-hour cash reward being offered.  The $10,000 private reward is for information leading to the direct whereabouts of Charli, and is now effective from Thursday, Feb. 20 from 12 midnight, ending Monday, Feb. 24 at 12 midnight.

Callers can remain anonymous by calling the non-profit Maui Crime Stoppers office at (808) 242-6966; or contact the Maui Police Department Tip Hotline at (808) 244-6400 Ext 0.

The family plans to conduct its next search party this Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 22 and 23, and are asking for the help of volunteers over the age of 15. The group will be meeting at the Haʻikū Community Center at 8:30 a.m. on both days.

Family members are asking that any possible evidence discovered by volunteers to be left in place and the scene preserved. Volunteers coming across such items should call police for proper evidence retrieval and investigation.

The family of Charli Scott also extended their thanks to the people of Maui and beyond, for their support “during this time of fear and uncertainty.”

Family members said the thoughts and prayers of those in the community are felt and greatly appreciated.

“We want to encourage the public to keep talking, calling in tips, and forming search parties. We don’t want Charli’s disappearance fading into history unsolved,” the statement said.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Hog Heaven

    Here’s what’s known:
    -The police have insufficient evidence to hold anyone
    -The Scott vehicle was stripped, burned, and rolled over on it’s side
    -The whereabouts Ms. Scott is still unknown after extensive searching
    -The case is still considered a “missing person” according to news reports
    Considering what’s known, if this is not a domestic incident, then Maui has persons unknown who resort to extreme lengths to achieve their criminal activity.

    • Wellington Mot

      There are many more confirmed facts in this case.

  • allenbam

    give me a break here…lets look at some of what the ‘family’ has to say…

    Family members also said they wanted to clear the air about Charli’s
    ex-boyfriend, Steven Capobianco who was identified by police as a person of interest because he was one of the last people to see Charli before her disappearance.
    >>>hello, he wasn’t one of the last, he WAS the last, before as he so eloquently put it ‘her headlights disappeared’ from my sight…huh? so she just came to YOUR ‘rescue’ and she’s following you back to make sure your vehicle doesn’t ‘break down’ again, but you can’t be bothered or concerned enough to at the least stop and wait for her to catch up to you (as you said, “I drive faster than she does” you just go on your merry way back home.

    Family members are asking that any possible evidence discovered by
    volunteers to be left in place and the scene preserved. Volunteers
    coming across such items should call police for proper evidence
    retrieval and investigation.
    >>>oh so any one finding anything that might be considered ‘of value’ to the investigation should just leave it ‘in place’ so it can properly be recovered/removed…so let me regress here…younger sister finds Charli’s clothes, calls it in to who ever, is told to leave it in place the police well be there to get at it, but oh NO, she scoops it all up, takes it to her car and drives it the 30+ miles to Wailuku Police Station to hand over…WTF! but others are told to leave it alone least it become contaminated….f’ing joke.
    and yes I get it that the family is upset and concerned etc etc…but come on…

    • Wellington Mot

      Hey Idiot! She is just a teenager and she is scared out of her mind about her missing sister and nephew. Think she deserves a little slack at time like this?

      • allenbam

        Carly Scott’s mother told the authorities that a family member had last
        seen Carly in Haiku in northeast Maui at her sister’s house.
        >>>teenagers don’t have ‘houses’ in Haiku…get it?

        • Over ignorance

          She has more than one sister….get it?

    • Maui_Mike

      I agree with your suspicions, but his truck was not broken, it was stuck in a ditch, he supposedly wanted pulled out….his story is plausible, I just don’t buy it though.

      • allenbam

        that’s his side of it, that his vehicle was stuck or whatever…only he knows what, if anything, was wrong with it….

        • Maui_Mike

          Right you are, just pointing out that she was not following him because of a broken vehicle, and her sister also says she was going to help him with his stuck in a ditch problem…not broken truck…..like I said, I don’t buy it.

      • Wellington Mot

        How did he get home when he left his vehicle in Hana? How come nobody who lives near or drives by mile marker 20 has come forward to say they saw his truck stuck out there (overnight). How come nobody is saying they drove him out of Hana after he was stuck? Remember, if his vehicle was never stuck out there, that would solve the issue of how he could have gotten both cars ( his & Scott’s) back to Haiku from Hana the night she disappeared all by himself. Would also mean he lied to Ms Scott so he could get her out to a remote part of the island at night.

        • checkered demon

          Questions the MPD should be answering. Let’s ask them….(crickets)

        • Maui_Mike

          All valid questions, I hope answers come soon, these families need them.

  • Wellington Mot

    Opinion: The family is smart to not want to alienate the person who last saw Ms. Scott. They want him in the fold so he can help them find her. I am wondering when he will admit what he did and lead them to where she is, IMHO, this guy is guilty, 100%, IMO, he hatched this plan to get her our to a remote part of the island, his story makes no sense ,a OM

    • bb

      well said. sc did it.

      • SadAloha

        Yep. I always call pregnant (ex) women to tow me out of ditches at night. Nothing makes any sense other than he is guilty. Keep your friends close…

    • stand alone

      I agree with you. Things just don’t add up with what the x-bf said. I’ve been following this from the beginning and there’s allot said that just don’t make sense. I didn’t want to comment on this matter cause is sensitivity. But, I was from the area where they found the evidence at area of honomanu bay and where that girls dog was recovered. That’s a long ways apart. For me myself I can’t see that dog traveling from honomanu to Nahiku where it was found. Her dog would have to walk pass keanai, wailua, all the way out to Nahiku. I just can’t see that. Maybe their searching in the wrong area. More like closer to wailua to pua kaa park. Or closer towards Nahiku. Just saying. Things just don’t make sense.

      • stand alone

        Correction: ” I was thinking from the area where they found the evidence” NOT ( I was from the area ) ” stupid word/ spelling correcting app”

      • Wellington Mot

        If somebody separated me from my dog (presumably in a vehicle), she would run after me until she lost site of me, then she would continue walking in that direction.

    • Maui guy

      I see so many people here playing detective and deciding who is guilty by speculation rather than facts. This is really sad. You cannot proclaim a man guilty because he a. got the victim pregnant, b. drove faster than her, or c. her dog was unharmed. All circumstantial evidence. Do you know how ridiculous that is? Tell me this… How did one man turn her vehicle on its side before burning it? I hope you are never appointed to a jury. Let the police do their job.

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