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5 Maui Residents
File GMO Petition

Updated 11:25 AM HST, February 25, 2014
Posted 08:52 AM HST, February 25, 2014
Kahului, Maui - Rally against GMOs.  File photo by Rodney Yap.

Kahului, Maui – Rally against GMOs. File photo by Rodney Yap.

By Wendy Osher

Five Maui residents have started a GMO petition drive calling for the suspension of all genetically-engineered operations and practices in Maui County through a Temporary Moratorium Initiative.

The petition seeks the moratorium until an Environmental Public Health Impact Statement is provided and reviewed by the Maui County Council. The document would include analysis of the impacts stemming from genetically-engineered operations and their associated pesticide use.

Under the proposed moratorium, the ban would remain in place until citizens are satisfied that the benefits to the Maui County environment and public trust resources far outweigh the risk of harm to people.

The proposed temporary moratorium ordinance was crafted by the Shaka Movement and lawyers from the Center for Food Safety, and was submitted to the county on Feb. 21.

The group needs 8,500 signatures by March 31 to have the initiative included on the November ballot.

Signatures must come from registered voters and will be checked for validity by the County of Maui.

Organizers say electronic signatures or online petitioning is not allowed. Maui County requires physical signatures on official petitions that they have published.

Organizers with the Shaka Movement say they hope to have a list of locations available on their website by the end of the day notifying interested participants on where to go to add their name to the petition.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • leibwss

    Since their advent, billions of people have consumed GMO food with complete safety. If these alarmist could have their way, millions of people in 3rd world nations would stave through their anti GMO de facto genocide. In the future, all food will be modified to increase nutrition, prevent disease lower costs and promote life extension especially needed for peoples in countries that may be affected by global climate change.
    These same people killed the Superferry and have driven up the cost of living for everybody through burdensome environmental regulations. They operate in a world of ignorance.

    • sam

      Complete safety? I think not. Weeds are getting resistant to roundup, so application is being increased. At the same time, cancer, birth defects and other diseases are blooming. You think it’s unrelated?

      • sam

        The foods coming out of GMO efforts are actually less nutritious, they don’t modify round-up tolerance into plants for better nutrition, they do it so they can own the seeds patents to make money.

        • RobertWager

          The RR trait is put into the best germplasm and therefore the best nutrition is found in GE crop derived food.
          There are some nutritionally enhanced GE crops but they deal with micro-nutrient deficiencies in the developing world. There are some oil crops with engineered oil products that no longer require hydrogenation and therefore no longer have trans-fats. Others have omega 3 fatty acid level enhancements. So you are mistaken that there are no nutritional benefits to some GE crops and derived foods

        • Brian Mcc

          Sam- You’ve already made up in your mind that its the greatest evil ever made.
          Even if it WAS proved safe by 10 third party testing outfits. You wouldn’t believe it.
          GMO protesters, So much emotion and fear. Seems a bit over the top to me.
          Most of the GMO haters I run into are uneducated, hippie types. They have so many of the facts about GMO,s wrong its just laughable.
          I’m not an apologist for Monsanto. I just don’t get the hysteria.
          GMO,s are here to stay. Sorry.

      • leibwss

        There are thousands of substances and chemicals that have established links to birth defects and cancer. None have any GMO link. If GMO production were banned, millions would stare, fact.

        • Yortuk Festrunk

          Marijuana is WAY more toxic than tobacco, but many of the ignorant GMO-haters have blue cards for all of their fake ailments.

          • Maui_Mike

            Completely false, there is no evidence to support that claim, to the contrary, marijuana has been proven to be much less harmful than tobacco.

          • Freud

            Yor mental health is in question time to check into rehab the pharmaceutical’s are killing you!

        • Maui_Mike

          What would they stare at and why?
          Feel free to consume as much roundup tainted food as you wish, I on the other hand will pass on the poisoned frankenfood.

    • malamalama

      yeah bra, ur right. i hate those environmentalists too! they always VOLUNTEERING to “save the aina”, “protect endangered species”, “keeping oceans clean”, air quality breathable, un-polluted drinking water, etc. I mean who does things for FREE these days?? “Care” about neighbors…people other than themselves?? future generations?? PLEASE! How un-american! what are they, commies or somethin’?? the mainland corporations should just be allowed to come to hawaii and run roughshod over everyone and everything in the course of profiteering…like they did in the good ole bad ole plantation days! they should be ABOVE the law….ask the last Queen. (the almighty dollar awaits ur betrayal)

    • Sprouts

      The fact is glysophate (roundup) was thought to be harmless to humans the problem with that assumption is the way it kills plants is through the shikimate pathway this is the same pathway that bacteria produce energy IE live so when you spray a plant with glysophate it is absorbed into that plants tissue and absorbed through it root this means you can’t wash it off stay with me your gut has many different beneficial bacteria in it when you eat glysophate it kills those and the body can’t properly function with out them leading to allergies autism cancer infertility alshimers all of these ailments have increased as glysophate use has increased so one could come to many conclusions form this mine GMOs probably not the answer for feeding the world Aloha

  • Yortuk Festrunk

    …but they have absolutely no problem with Genetically Modified Pot.
    At least none of them had to take the day off work to participate in this demonstration. I heard the police were able to successfully disperse the protesters with an air-drop of blank job applications.

  • so good

    I sure enjoy navel oranges and seedless watermelon!

    • Evn

      Navel oranges and seedless watermelons were made through a natural hybridization process crossing plants with certain traits to yield desirable traits- this is a wonderful way to get the types of foods we want in harmony with nature. Genetically modifying (gmo), is a much different process with unknown consequences.

      • TSL

        So good represents the unconsciousness and unwillingness to see the truth!The propaganda produced by science & monsanto is the real crime!The world is waking up to the truth!Goog luck with truth 101.

  • wakeywakey

    Don’t forget that it is the multi-billion dollar corporation Monstanto who is currently SUING organic farmers for ‘patent violation’ in Oregon and Kansas for THEIR gmo’s cross-contaminating into the neighboring fields. There is nothing for Maui to gain in dealing with these mainland devils that will outweigh the degredation they bring. We are not India, we are not malnutritioned, we do not need to have our aina used as a testing ground for corporate behemoths to make and hoard their fortunes at our expense. It would be nice if Hawaii residents would value the natural resources we have been blessed with BEFORE we lose it, for a change.

    • Sprouts

      I would have to agree with wakeywakey and ad that there direct coralation of glysophate and autism glysophate being the active ingredient in round up as its use has increased so has autism fact glysohate kills bacteria the same way it kills plants that includes benifical bacteria in our guts that break down food for digestion the EPA just allowed an increase of 400% higher than the recommended amount in your food YUM!! Ad to that GMOs chelate minerals in soil and food 98% soy GMO 93%corn GMO all sobsidised by our government because they are more expensive to produce not practical for third world countries to many expensive inputs when some one makes a comment on a topic do some research first and ad real usable information to the conversation not just regurgitated Monsanto talking points Aloha

  • Ricanmami Lopez

    Im so on board with this

  • Yortuk Festrunk

    Is that an I-Phone 5 I see in that protester’s hand? Manufactured with child slave labor in some sweat shop in China, to line the pockets of some billionaire CEO of some giant mainland corporation. Shame!

    • whatevs

      so by your lack of logic, if a person is not perfection itself they should NEVER try to do good?
      wow. your world is sad.

  • waioni808

    I just want to know where we can sign the petition, mahalo!

  • Yortuk Festrunk

    And a “Metal Mulisha” baseball cap on the next protester’s head. Great. A mainland corporation founded by a couple of Neo-Nazi looking guys- one has a brain injury, the other is from Omaha Nebraska, and their logo is an angry-looking skull wearing a Nazi helmet. Even the M/M logo is styled to look like Adolf Hitler’s S/S logo. They operate motocross motorcycles, but don’t actually participate in competetive motocross racing. So they sell clothing through Wal-Mart, where unemployed druggie welfare mooches shop-lift it, so that they can proudly display their newly-stolen mainland Nazi corporate attire.

    • whatevs

      your check from monsanto is in the mail.

    • checkered demon

      It must be difficult for you to be so perfect. Wearing your simple sackcloth robe and looking down on the rest of us. The “mainland” this and “haole” that. It’s always “their” fault, not your. Blaming something that happened 100 years ago for all your shortcomings and lack of initiative. At least these people got out and marched. While you sit at your computer, sniping at hats and cell phones. What about the local girl right in the middle of the picture. Anything to say about her?

      • Yortuk Festrunk

        She’s the one wearing the “Metal Mulisha” hat, astronaut.

        • checkered demon

          Yes, she looks like a real “Nazi corporate” thug, doesn’t she?

          • Yortuk Festrunk

            Many people participate out of ignorance.
            Just like the illiterate anti-white racists that maintain a 50% body fat level by swilling down large amounts of urine-colored semi-fermented rice water out of Heineken bottles- it says right on the label “BREWED IN HOLLAND”, possibly one of the whitest places on earth.

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