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Bicyclist Fatally
Injured in Piʻilani Crash

Updated 11:57 AM HST, April 14, 2014
Posted 07:33 PM HST, April 12, 2014
Bicycle fatality. Graphic by Wendy Osher/ Maui Now.

Bicycle fatality. Maui Now graphic.

By Wendy Osher

A Maui bicyclist suffered fatal injuries when he was struck by a pickup truck along the Piʻilani Highway in South Maui Saturday, April 12, 2014.

Maui police have since identified the bicyclist as 61-year-old Karl Hagen of Kīhei.

The incident was reported at around 1:12 p.m. on Saturday, April 12, 2014, around mile marker 8 of the Piʻilani Highway, about 0.7 miles north of Kanani Road.

According to police reports, Hagen was traveling north in the bike lane of the highway when he was struck by a black 1992 Ford Ranger pickup truck that was being operated by a 28-year-old Kula man.

Police say a preliminary report reveals the pickup truck, which was also traveling in the north-bound direction, drifted into the bicycle lane and struck the bicyclist.

As a result of the collision, police say Hagen was transported to the emergency room at the Maui Memorial Medical Center where he later died as a result of the crash.

Police say the bicyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

The incident was the seventh traffic fatality on Maui County roads this year compared to four at the same time last year.

Police say the involvement of speed, drugs, and alcohol has not been determined as the investigation is still pending.


HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

    Those bike riders that rides on the highways has a death wish. The bikers always rides the line and expect the cars and trucks to move towards the center of the road to go around them. That’s BS. They should ride the far right of the bike Lane away from the vehicle Lane. Especially those bike riders that rides in a pack. They make like they are in a race or something. They don’t belong on the highways. And I really don’t care if anyone thinks other wise. Unless they learn to stay from the vehicle lane. Far away….. and the bike lane at merging or right turn lane. Are just a stupid planning. Where the bike lane goes between the going streight lane and the right turn lane. STUPID idea!!!!! Anyone knows if the victim was riding on his own or in those stupid pack of riders?

    • Kawika

      For your information, and your ignorance, there is a law here in Hawaii
      that says that cars must be 3 feet away from all vulnerable users which
      include bicycles, scooters and pedestrians!! Trucks which include
      trucks with trailers and buses must be 6 feet away from vulnerable users
      when passing! The cyclists have same right as cars on the road and
      that will never change but your attitude needs to change!!! Most
      cyclists won’t ride on highway(Pi’ilini Hwy) and will stay on bike lane
      unless there is an obstacle or when crossing one of the bridges since if
      they stay on right side of white line on bridge, they are in a “death
      zone” have no way out if car crosses white line on bridge.

    • Wellington Mot

      The number one danger to cyclists on Maui’s public roads are drivers with your level of ignorance and intolerance. Many times cyclists have to move into the car lane to avoid immovable objects in the bike lane. Also, many roads here do not have a marked bike lane. Have you seen the signs? “Share the Road” ?

    • Guest

      So maybe the guy who hit him has the same mentality as you …… Maybe no accident? Lighten up

      • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

        Maybe you’re delirious. It’s a bad thing that another person got killed. And I’m trying to save lives. And prevent anymore lives to be lost. But you disagree with my intentions. Why is that? Maybe because you’re to stupid to comprehend? Or just plain stupid. Agreed not all people on the road knows how to drive good so bikers need to do their part to survive. Don’t you think? So what’s your problem? And the rest of you that disagree with my post?

        • Wellington Mot

          You cannot even form a proper sentence; should we be surprised your comments are idiotic? TROLL.

    • RIP Karl Hagen

      Wow, wow, wow! I’m glad to see that I am not the only one disgusted by your post. I’m not sure if I’m more sad, angry, or afraid that people like you exist on our island. Someone died! Did you even acknowledge that? Furthermore, the biker was in the bike lane! The truck from the sounds of it completely mowed this poor man over.

      “Stupid pack of riders” – wow! Would you say that to a pack of motorcycle riders?! The reason we bike in groups are for many reasons, it’s more fun, friendships, however the most important – IS TO BE SEEN!

      The bottom line – drivers need to be paying attention and be more aware! Of cyclists, walkers, other cars…I feel that the island has become a very dangerous place. Not to be prejudice…but trucks seem to be the worst! Going way to fast…challenging bikers,,.and not realizing that they are driving KILLING MACHINES.

      Obviously, you’re not participating in healthy activities such as biking, jogging, and other forms of exercise based on your mentality. One suggestion of how to better spend your time would be getting some grammar lessons. “The bikers always rides the line” – is not correct…good luck to you.

      To the family of Karl Hagen – I pray you have not read this insensitive person’s post and I am deeply sorry for your loss!

      • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

        Good, I’m glad you’re disgusted with my post. Hopefully it will make you think to ride your bike safer on the roads and stay far right of the white line to give yourself a good safety buffer to survive your joyful ride.

        • RIP Karl Hagen

          You are lame Mr. Have you seen the signs on the road? With a “Share the Road” statement and a picture of a bicycle? I ride my bike very carefully….thanks for the reminder though.

        • Alex D

          people like YOU should not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. It would be interesting to see the tables turned and see how you’d fare on a bike against drivers like yourself with such disregard for others around you. Its a shame that idiots like you are privileged to share the road with the same educated, conscientious drivers that you are insulting with your ignorance. you are in no way an example of how people should think, and should be ashamed of yourself

        • Maui_Mike

          I suppose we should drive our cars far from the center line as well, just in case a car crosses the yellow line…no less ridiculous than your idea….the responsibility of all drivers is to maintain control and pay attention, with all respect, you are wrong, very wrong.

    • local

      Learn to read and write English with proper grammar. Your ignorant view is sickening and makes other locals look bad.

      • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

        Is that all you got?

    • http://opusthepoet.wordpress.com/ Opus the Poet

      Entitled, much? The fact that paved highways even exist is because cyclists paid for the first ones out of their own pockets and deemed them public as they were for the public good. Most cyclists I know are reconsidering that generosity. Look up Good Roads Movement in Wikipedia for more information.

  • Kawika

    For your information, and your ignorance, there is a law here in Hawaii that says that cars must be 3 feet away from all vulnerable users which include bicycles, scooters and pedestrians!! Trucks which include trucks with trailers and buses must be 6 feet away from vulnerable users when passing! The cyclists have same right as cars on the road and that will never change but your attitude needs to change!!! Most cyclists won’t ride on highway(Pi’ilini Hwy) and will stay on bike lane unless there is an obstical or when crossing one of the bridges since if they stay on right side of white line on bridge, they are in a “death zone” have no way out if car crosses white line on bridge.

    • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

      Please don’t just go with your believes. You’ll get killed. Ride more with a safety mind. And you’ll ride longer.

  • todaresq

    The rider was riding on his own!! The truck drifted!! You were not there!! His bike looked like it was run through a crusher. The windshield was smashed in with a huge hole in it. By the time the truck driver stopped it was halfway on the grass and clearly on the bike lane!! So, before you start generalizing, get a clue and understand someone was killed.

  • todaresq

    And if you’re wondering… yes I was in the area minutes after they moved the victim soon after they closed the roads. The officers were still checking for skid marks.

  • Mauisun

    Where else are bicyclists in Kihei supposed to ride if not along the highway? South Kihei Road?! Between all those cars parking in the bike lane, swinging their doors open? Or cars pulling out of driveways or side streets without looking for bicyclists? The highway has, for the most part, an adequately wide bike lane, and the car lanes are PLENTY wide for even trucks and busses to pass while giving adequate space to the cyclists. This is not the problem. The problem is the attitude that far too many drivers have: the belief that bicyclists have no right to be on the road. As a bicyclist, I have been passed dozens of times with only inches to spare, particularly by pick up trucks, who purposely veer into the bike lane just too scare me off the road. For some drivers, it appears to be a sport – until someone gets killed. Maui police MUST enforce existing safety laws and start prosecuting those, who so recklessly endanger lives.

    • jazzfeed

      You’ve got to be nuts to bicycle on Pi’ilani highway. You couldn’t imagine it BEFORE it happened ! ? Poorer imagination = higher risk of death.

      • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

        The higher risk of death is the way people ride, place of where you ride, and times that you ride and conditions on your ride. MauiSun speaks of a true safe bike rider. . And you are full with denials.

    • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

      The problem is you and your attitudes. You expect everything on a silver platter. You think you have all the right and no wrong. Sorry but you have to do your part to stay alive too defensive riding. I’ve seem all of of cyclist rides through red lights without slowing down or looking. You sound like one of them. Its simple stay far to the right from the white line. That will save your family the pain and lost later . Ride with a safe sense. And stay alive.

      • Mauisun

        I totally agree with you – cyclists, as part of traffic, must follow the same rules as everybody else, ride predictably, anticipate other’s intentions, always be aware of what goes on around you. But cyclists should not have to dodge bullets or not be allowed on our roads. I lead bicycle tours of up to 20 cyclists all over Europe for a year, where traffic is much faster and denser, and roads much narrower than here. And guess what? Not a single accident. Why? Because drivers PAY ATTENTION to cyclists.

  • anonymous


  • Marty

    Check for truck driver’s cell phone record………………………………

  • Get A Grip

    Sad. Tragic. I got hit from behind once. Fortunately, only my rear wheel was crushed behind me. I got whiplash. Now I only ride on separated bike paths, or on the sidewalk. I don’t care if it’s illegal. Give me a ticket – I’ll still be alive. As a bicyclist, you have the right to use the road, but a white line won’t protect you from careless drivers, malicious drivers, drunk drivers, etc. We need to physically separate bikes from vehicles.

    • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

      I agree with you.

  • Unexpected but expected

    I’ve noticed more and more cyclists here on Maui. As we have more organized running events, the bikes are just riding as usual, just more than before.

  • Common

    It’s not a matter of laws, rules, or courtesy. It’s a matter of common sense. If you’re pretentious enough (as most bicyclist are) to think your 20 mile an hour, unprotected bicycle belongs in the same area as 55 mph vehicular traffic well then…I don’t know what to say to you because well, you can’t fix stupid. What law will you be quoting when your bike is struck by a two ton truck. Good luck with that…

    • Mauisun

      Bicycles ARE a legitimate means of transportation and therefore have every right to use the roads. They are quiet, use no resources, and don’t pollute our beautiful island. If drivers can’t drive down a straight road without hitting someone outside of their lane, they shouldn’t be driving. They are operating a potentially lethal piece of machinery. You’re saying it’s a bicyclist’s own fault if they get hit and killed because they are ” stupid” to dare ride in a designated bike lane on one of two roads going through South Maui? Yes, you are right. “Can’t fix stupid”.

      • jazzfeed

        “…they shouldn’t be driving.” Shouldn’t? They ARE. Where is the cyclist’s “right” now? On a piece of paper in the county building. Where is the cyclist? In the morgue. Get real, you’re sitting in Darwin’s waiting room.

        • Wellington Mot

          You are spewing complete nonsense. How many pedestrians and cyclists have you killed? Tell us the truth.

          • jazzfeed

            “How many pedestrians and cyclists have you killed?”
            1. None. I won’t need a lie detector test on that, because
            2. Your bogus question is irrelevant to my point.
            3. Get real or keep your risk of death elevated by continuing to bike on 40-55MPH roads. Your choice.

            4. I’m 70, have been cycling for 45 years. Partly due to my attitude (realism), I’m still alive and uninjured.

            Do you have a point?

          • Wellington Mot

            Yes, my point is that all of your insane comments make me wonder if you have taken out a few cyclists’ or pedestrians in your day.

          • jazzfeed

            Did you see your answer above: None. You didn’t see it? Myopic and probably insane yourself. Did see it? Now calling me a liar by pounding the same ad hominum unrelated to the topic. All the insanity you want is in the mirror. Any more points?

        • http://opusthepoet.wordpress.com/ Opus the Poet

          You are saying that cyclists should give up their rights to the roads because drivers can’t drive? You rolled a 1 on your wisdom check dude.

          • jazzfeed

            You’ve never heard of the Precautionary Principle? It has something to do with one-way events. A one-way event is an event whose consequences are or would be irreversible. It’s an essential component of wisdom, which requires the ability to forsee consequences. Sorry Opus, you rolled a 0 on your Darwin check.

    • john

      The family could sue you for your at card.

    • Common – OR NOT SO COMMON SENS

      What other suggestions do your have Mr/Ms. Almighty? I would bet 1,000 dollars you have a truck!?

    • Maui_Mike

      It is not the “same area”, it is a dedicated lane, by your thinking the sidewalk is the same area as well since it is merely feet from traffic, it is the drivers responsibility to keep their vehicle in their own lane, it is unacceptable to cross into oncoming traffic, the same is true for bike lanes. I hope you will digest this and rethink your position.

      • jazzfeed

        My “position” is to not bicycle on 40- 50MPH highways. Mr Hagen’s position is horizontal.

        • Maui_Mike

          Your comments are both insensitive and inappropriate at best, but puting that aside my only point is that cars should not be in the bike lane and it is incumbent on the drivers to stay in their own lane….I would however concede that bike paths further removed from automobile traffic would be far safer for cyclists, it is unlikely we can count on drivers being more aware or driving safer, but it is one of the fundamental teachings for all new drivers to do so…and quickly forgotten apparently.
          I also admit that I would not be comfortable riding a bike with cars whizzing by me at highway speeds only feet away.
          Be Aloha.

          • jazzfeed

            That’s what I’m saying. As far as “insensitive and inappropriate” – perhaps, but I’d say “blunt”, in reaction to the delusory nature of the vast majority of comments asserting it is their right to not die.

          • Maui_Mike

            It’s not the crux of your comment that I disagree with, but it’s tone, blunt is fine…but not always, think of his grieving family and perhaps frame your words more carefully out of respect for them, he was after all doing nothing wrong. But I think we agree that bike lanes on the highway are too dangerous, they are better suited to non highway roads for sure, bike paths made along but seperated from the highway would be far safer and avert this type of tragedy.
            As far as I know bike lanes are as out of place on the highway as a sidewalk on the highway would be….not a good mix to say the least, as this mans demise overwhelmingly illustrates.

  • Sense

    …bikes belong on the sidewalk.

    • Mauisun

      You’re kidding, right? At 20 mph between strollers and old people carrying beach chairs?

      • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWŸ)

        “You’re kidding, right? At 2 0 mph between strollers and old people carrying beach chairs?” Now take that sense to a higher scale. Bikes traveling at 20 MPH and the vehicles traveling at 35 – 55 MPH. YOU’RE kidding right? You’ve got the idea but you’re just trying to right a wrong to right.. think about it…

        • jazzfeed

          Yes, think it through Mauisun. Here’s where I got so far:
          1. On average, you would naturally ride slower on the sidewalk. If you see strollers and other congestion ahead, you’ll either slow down and pass carefully or even get off the bike and walk around if you have to for safety; You can also go to the street just to go around the congestion, then back to the sidewalk at the next access. You can see, can’t you? One thing that will never happen on a sidewalk is getting slammed by a 3-ton truck doing 50 mph.

          2. In my mind, the ODDS of your bike colliding with a pedestrian are lower than the odds of a car colliding with your bike. For one reason, because you have more collision-prevention control than when in the street.

          3. The CONSEQUENCES of your bike colliding with a pedestrian are less dire for the pedestrian than the consequences of a car colliding with your bike are for you.

          responses welcome

          • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

            then ride the side walk is safe.

          • Doh

            jazzfeed – Most cyclists are riding for exercise…not a leisure stop and go ride! Sometimes we biked up to 60 miles. Your points are superfluous when you consider that Karl Hagen was doing exactly what the law states riding IN THE BIKE LANE. Pay attention as a driver and NO ISSUES BRAH!

          • jazzfeed

            I understand what you’re saying but the law-abiding Mr. Hagen is now dead. There IS an issue and it hasn’t gone away. Each cyclist has to work out his own survival equation. I base mine on reality.

    • http://opusthepoet.wordpress.com/ Opus the Poet

      Bikes belong in the bike lane where this cyclist was hit. There were no sidewalks there to ride on… nor were they needed. The cyclist in this case was complying with the laws when he was run over from behind.

    • Maui_Mike

      Sidewalks are and should be for pedestrians, it would be a great debacle to have bikes on the sidewalk, bike lanes are typically safe, but only when drivers exercise good judgement as they should.

      • jazzfeed

        Sorry, “typically” is not safe enough. Thousands of drivers will pass a cyclist on one ride and it only takes one with poor judgement. Bike PATHS are needed, separated from the road, not the delusion of safety offered by “bike lanes”. A “bike lane” is nothing more than painted white lines and an agreement to follow the associated law. Though they increase a bike rider’s chances, neither will ultimately protect a rider from being hit by 3-tons of metal.

  • LeianaUilani

    More or less bikers, respect or no respect for them, this tragedy occurred (from what’s been reported) from a human error; of course the driver must feel horrible too. It’s much easier and less drama, analyzing a situation from a pro active perspective rather than negative re acting. Humility and personal responsibly for their actions involved, not losing compassion. So many variables that only the driver and biker were witness to. Rubbish, debris, texting, phone, radio, kids are all distractions that I deal with every time I drive somewhere. That hwy is wide and has plenty of space for both cars and bikers. Agree, S.Kiehei road is no place to ride, unless riding a Schwinn cruiser. Very sad.

  • usbworks

    Maui drivers are the worst in Hawaii. Every day I see someone drifting out of their car lane and inro either the bike lane or across the double yellow. I don’t know if it’s texting or driving under the influence.

    • tally the score

      Look at the drivers when you see anyone driving stupidly. And you’ll see and understand what I’ve been saying all this time. They are the most worse drivers on Maui…

      • jazzfeed

        I don’t know, but maybe the tests for getting a new license here are too lax.

    • jazzfeed

      That’s why “bike lanes” are delusions of safety.

  • Voltaire the intellect.

    RIP sir.

    • Someone

      We all have to remember that it only takes 1 second to destroy a life. If the power is in your hands, you are the one in control. It is up to you to be careful whatever that takes. Tragedies will still happen, but at least we will have done our best.

  • Karl’s Friend

    Karl Hagen “was” an avid daily cyclist, always taking the appropriate safety precautions. He leaves this life way to early with a loving wife and two daughters. Please pray for the repose of Karl’s soul.

    • Wellington Mot

      He was a model cyclist. He was following the rules of the road and the rules of common sense. He was hit from behind while in the bike lane; he never had a chance to get out of the way. Cyclists’ have just as much right to be on public roads as any driver.

      • jazzfeed

        Mr. Hagen is a dead “model cyclist” who died exercising his rights.

  • Mare Epperson

    Riding the Pi’ilani Hwy was my husbands greatest ride and achievement before passing away from advanced prostate cancer at the age of 58. He was riding with his close friend who also rides with Karl. They ride safe, for health and a passion of living. And now the memory of my husbands greatest ride is saddened by the loss of Karl, as his close friend has now lost two very special friends.

    • Tim Cowin

      Karl Hagen was a superb bike rider. he rode over 4,000 miles a year on the Maui roads. I myself, have rode hundreds of miles with him on Maui highways. He was an intelligent, conscientious rider who understood the rules of the road. He did not deserve to get run over by a person not paying attention while driving. Any posts to the contrary are sent with ignorance and malice.
      He was a brilliant business man, a loving husband a fantastic father and also my friend. Karl Hagen will be missed by many.

  • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

    Today, I have seen four different solo bike riders and noticed that they all was riding far right from the white line. Those guys will live to ride their bikes longer. But, I’ve seen one pack riders and they was still hugging the white lines. And what i’ve observed was they were riding side by side and only one or two feet apart and following each other no more then one foot between their front and rear tires those guys is the ones that won’t ride to long. And not only that they will be the ones that will spoil it for the rest of the bike riders.

    • bike

      What are you the bike police? I’m sure you drive correctly 100% of the time?

  • leibwss

    The truck did not “drift”, the driver failed to maintain control. He should be jailed for a long time for vehicular homicide. I hope the Hagen family sues the s*** out of him.

    • need laws (KEEP BIKES OF HWY)

      If it’s true I hope so also.

      • Driver likely has no $

        Sadly, suing will do little to nothing and perhaps cause further pain for the family. A man driving a 1992 truck hardly has anything up for grabs. All the driver would have to do is walk through bankruptcy court and any monies the family deserve will also go bye bye.
        The only hope the family has could be the $20,000 insurance (basic limit) the driver has…assuming he has insurance! $20,000 will hardly do any justice or bring Karl back! This is a very sad case. I pray for the family. Sadly, I imagine the police/justice system will do nothing in response to this terrible accident as well. :(

  • Local

    RIP Karl Hagen. Cyclists, please watch out for ignorant and selfish drivers who do not know or refuse to obey the ‘share the road’ laws, like those who posted earlier. I would also like to ask any police officers reading this to please be on the lookout for drivers who are aggressive toward cyclists (there are many drivers like this on Maui) as well as cyclists who break the law (riding wrong way, running stops). Your enforcement will help curb this aggressive attitude and careless driving/cycling. Lastly, though not necessarily a factor in this unfortunate accident, let’s all let our elected officials know that Maui needs to be made safer for cycling: wider bike paths, more bike paths, additional dedicated bike-only paths (as on Mokulele Hwy). This would be good for everyone….both tourists and locals…and, as a result, will improve everyone’s health and the economy overall.

  • choomz

    maui sucks

    • Maui_Mike

      With all due respect I disagree, life is unfair at times, but by and large Maui is a wonderful place with many great people IMHO.

  • Scya

    This is so so tragic.. I worked for Karl.. He was a really great guy that if u had seen him you would never think he was 61..He took care of himself, exercised everyday, he was the fittest 61 yr old man I’ve ever met.. & he loved riding. He worked hard his whole life, has 2 beautiful daughters that are not Guna have there dad there to walk them down the aisle when they get married. He retired and moved to Hawaii to enjoy his golden years with his amazing wife.. And in a blink of an eye, because of some1’s careless act, someone lost a father, someone lost a husband, and many many people lost a good friend.. May he rest in peace!!
    We need to find a way to fix this so no more families have to go thru such a devastating ordeal. Protect the ones we love

  • Bikehack

    I will apologize for the length of my post upfront but this issue deserves more than a sentence or two. The death of Carl Hagen is a tragedy that was likely brought on by a series of issues that make riding a bicycle on Maui more dangerous than it needs to be. Obviously the driver of the vehicle that struck him was not paying attention to his surroundings, he could have just as easily hit someone doing roadside litter pickup a moped or a parked car, all things we find in the bike lane daily. Unfortunately the bike lane on Piilani is a bit substandard given the speed of traffic and the aggressive driving that is the norm on that road. The lane was narrowed greatly when the hi-way was striped for 4 lanes from 2. It is illegal to ride a bike on a sidewalk for obvious reasons and S. Kihei Rd has literally fifty to a hundred auto vs. cyclist accidents annually so that is really not an option either, of course those accidents are rarely fatal given the speed limit on that road. Cyclists know they should ride as far right as possible but on the hi-way there tends to be debris on the shoulder the further right you go, debris that could give you an instant flat and cause you to lose control of your bicycle at speed. The State does come out with a street sweeper and a water truck occasionally to clean the shoulders but it needs to be done on a more regular schedule to be effective.
    Drivers are bombarded by many distractions while driving but on Piilani Hwy but at 3 PM if your not paying 100% attention it’s just lucky that you don’t hit someone or something. Also any local knows that Piilani always has cyclists in the bike lane. Cyclists also need to do all they can do to protect themselves from unnecessarily putting themselves in harms way, although in this case all witnesses seem to think Carl was riding responsibly and I’m sure he was. It comes down to the simple fact that all vehicles need to ‘Share The Road’. Drivers, cycling is a growing sport and Maui is a relatively safe place to ride, so get used to being more attentive and generous with the space between you and the riders, we’re not going away any time soon. I’m sure the driver that hit Carl life has changed forever and would agree that had he done the above Carl would have finished his workout and the driver would have gone about his day but sadly that did not happen.
    As President of The Maui Bicycle Club myself and others are always lobbying cyclist to be more aware of the impact they have on the drivers of the vehicles they share the road with daily. The day after this horrible accident, April 12, we sponsored our 18th annual Metric Century Ride around west Maui and that ride was dedicated to Carl Hagen, with heavy hearts over 100 cyclists completed the ride and thankfully no one suffered more than a scratch. Our deepest sympathy’s go out to Carl’s loved ones and we can all only hope that his death will raise the awareness of the issue so that this senseless tragedy will never happen again on our island.

    • NoNeed

      I am sorry that somebody had to die due someone elses carelessness, that could be any one of us at anytime. However, watching and avoiding bicyclists on Maui, I have to say the arrogance of some of them driving in a reckless manner is unreal. Because you can or its your “right” doesn’t always equate to common sense, or that you should. Sadly, it is assumed in all cases it is the driver of the car who acted in a incorrect manner, but humans being humans there are no perfect bicylists, as proproganda from the community always seems to purport.

  • blue jean girl

    First of all, my condolences to the family of Karl Hagen. I drove by the accident an hour after it happened, and my prayers immediately went out the unknown cyclist….it was obvious what had just occurred.

    It is also obvious that Maui locals/natives need an aggressive public campaign on “sharing the road”. The attitude of ‘need laws (KEEP BIKES “OF” HWY)’ is proof enough that those locals with a driver’s license on Maui need an additional safety course on sharing the road with cyclists.

    I find it interesting that the local radio stations on Maui are airing commercials for safe sex/AIDS……one doesn’t here that much on the mainland these days. I wonder if there is an organization on Maui who would sponsor radio ads for ‘share the road’ ? Seems like the locals/natives need that lesson taught to them as well.

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