The MACC to Present New Shanghai Circus in January

January 15, 2016, 11:45 AM HST · Updated January 15, 11:49 AM

Shanghai Circus photo.

Shanghai Circus photo.


Shanghai Circus photo.


Shanghai Circus photo.


Shanghai Circus photo.


Shanghai Circus photo.


Shanghai Circus photo.


Shanghai Circus photo.


Shanghai Circus photo.

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Shanghai Circus photo.

The Maui Arts & Cultural Center will present the return engagement of a family favorite—the New Shanghai Circus, onstage in the Castle Theater on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 18 and 19.

On Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. holiday,) shows are at 4 and 7:30 p.m.; on Tuesday, the shows are at 4 and 7 p.m.

The Shanghai Circus features fearless performers with boundless energy and amazing skill, who bring new interpretations to traditional Chinese circus arts—some acts with thousands of years in the making.


    The acrobats, jugglers, knife-throwers, contortionists and other skilled performers of the Shanghai Circus dedicate their lives to the achievement of perfection as they defy gravity and execute breathtaking feats of balance and skill.

    These acts are staged with traditional Chinese props and themes, but in the spirit of the “new circus,” all of this is accomplished with 21st century flair—contemporary costumes, dramatic lighting and magical stagecraft.

    The daring and rigorously-trained performers of the New Shanghai Circus follow a 2,500-year-old tradition of circus arts in China, developed from ancient rural village harvest celebrations. In the autumn, peasants and craftsmen joined in the village square for a celebration of bountiful harvest.

    Common people would showcase their skills by performing fun and exciting feats of derring-do, using household tools and common items found around the farm and workshop.


    Traditional Chinese acrobatic acts were derived from the lifelong skills of the village peasants, river sailors and local craftsmen—climbing to the top of a tall stack of chairs, spinning plates on the end of a long bamboo stick, balancing small wooden benches on their head, juggling huge pottery jars, flipping bowls with their feet, climbing tall poles and long leather straps.

    As skills developed, the traditions passed from generation to generation to become the feats of strength, balance and grace that define the unique circus traditions of China.

    Food and beverages will be available before the evening shows in the Yokouchi Pavilion Courtyard.

    Tickets are $12, $25 and $35, plus applicable fees, with a discount available to MACC members in the ‘Ōhi‘a Level and above. Kids 12 and under will be admitted at 50% off on $25 and $35 tickets.

    For tickets, call 242-SHOW (242-7469) or book online.



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