Two Trucks Stolen in Ha‘ikū Armed Robbery Case

Nicole Schenfeld · November 7, 2017, 11:59 AM HST (Updated November 8, 2017, 5:59 AM) · 38 Comments

A Haʻikū man was reportedly robbed at gunpoint during a harrowing incident at his West Kuiaha Road home on Monday morning.

Maui Now spoke with the man’s female roommate who provided details regarding the incident, and says they both would like their names to be withheld.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 10:45 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017 and lasted about 45 minutes according to the account.

According to the woman, the 36-year-old Haʻikū man reportedly walked into the home, unaware that two armed men were inside his house. The roommate tells Maui Now that the suspects were “wearing hats, gloves and masks,” and were brandishing firearms.

No other vehicles were present when the male resident arrived to the home, according to the account.

The men allegedly took off with keys to both of his Toyota Tacoma’s.

The roommate said Maui Police spoke with county crews who were working on West Kuiaha Road at the time. They reportedly told police they saw two trucks racing up the road “recklessly” and turn left onto Kaupakalua Road, the roommate said.


The woman told Maui Now that the male victim was unable to get a good description of the men, but added they were around his height of 5’10”.

She said one noticeable difference regarding the white Tacoma is that it has an all white bumper.  The white Tacoma is a 2002 two-door extended cab with matte black rims and stock tires. There’s also a chrome strip on the front bumper and chrome grill, with lightly tinted windows. The license plate on the white Tacoma is MHX306.

The gold Tacoma is a 1998 pickup with pipe bumpers, black rims and mud tires.  A photo of the vehicle shows a “Kuahiwi Outdoors” sticker on the back tailgate and a “Keʻanae” sticker on the rear passenger side window. The license on the gold Tacoma is LFA336.

Police reports were filed for both stolen vehicles. Police advise that if either vehicle is seen, the public should not approach, attempt to follow, or take any other action that could put them in danger.  Anyone with information should call 9-1-1.

*Maui Now’s Wendy Osher contributed to this report. More information will be provided once it becomes available.

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