Popular Junk Vehicles Program On-Hold, More Funds Needed

January 2, 2018, 12:57 PM HST · Updated January 2, 12:57 PM

The County of Maui Department of Environmental Management Junk Vehicles Disposal Assistance Program was suspended indefinitely on Jan. 1, 2018.

County officials say that due to the popularity of the program, budgeted funding has been expended. Additional funding is being requested and the program is expected to be reinstated once funding is approved.

Hammerhead Metals Recycling facility will continue to receive junk vehicles; customers will be charged for vehicle processing and disposal. For information and fees, call Hammerhead Metals at (808) 280-8844.


The Abandoned Vehicles Prevention – Junk Vehicle Disposal Assistance Program assists residents with disposing of junk vehicles legally and properly in an attempt to reduce the number of abandoned vehicles on public roadways. If all eligibility criteria are met, registered owners are allowed to dispose of one vehicle per year, at no charge. This program is funded by the Highway Beautification and Abandoned Vehicles Fund, a portion of vehicle owner registration fees.

For more information, contact the Office of Abandoned Vehicles and Metals at ph. 270-6102.

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