Bills Seek Tiny Homes on Hawaiian Home Lands

February 13, 2018, 9:19 AM HST · Updated February 13, 9:20 AM
Wendy Osher · 44 Comments

Two bills relating to housing for Native Hawaiians will be heard in committee at the Hawaii legislature this week.

Senate Bill 2424 and House Bill 2473 seek to establish a public private partnership to leverage $5 million in state funds to create a $20 million revolving loan fund for the development of affordable tiny homes on Hawaiian Home Lands.


The tiny home loan fund would support the building of 10,000 tiny homes on Hawaiian Home Lands by 2026. The homes would be required to be priced at or below $125,000.


In addition, supporters of the legislation including leaders with the Hawaiian Community Assets organization say it would build the capacity of nonprofit developers to increase the affordable housing stock on Hawaiian Home Lands.

The Senate joint committee on Housing and Hawaiian Affairs and the House joint committee on Housing and Ocean Marine Resources and Hawaiian Affairs have scheduled hearings on the measures today.

Wendy Osher
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