Upper Kula Temporary Disinfection Change

May 3, 2011, 9:14 AM HST · Updated May 3, 9:14 AM

By Wendy Osher

File Photo Upcountry reservoir. By Wendy Osher.

Water customers in Upper Kula may notice a chlorine taste and smell to the water this month. That’s because the Maui Department of Water Supply is in the process of switching the distribution system disinfectant in the Upper Kula Water System.

The temporary change is due to an operational malfunction at the Olinda Water Treatment Facility, however, the change will only affect the Upper Kula system–customers in Olinda will not be impacted.

Chlorine is the same disinfectant used in the Lower Kula and Makawao systems. Although customers may notice a different taste, the switch poses no health risks, according to water officials.


Drinking water may be kept in a pitcher and refrigerated prior to consumption to allow the chlorine to dissipate and should reduce any chlorine smell or taste.

No change or adjustment is needed for kidney dialysis patients  since the processes already in place to remove chloramines, will also remove chlorine.

For fish tank owners, no change or adjustment is needed for tanks with filters that remove chloramines. For fish tanks without filters, water should sit for a few hours before being added to fish tanks, so the chlorine can dissipate.

Work began on April 29, and will continue through the end of May.  On May 31, 2011, the Water Department will switch back to using chloramines.

Customers with questions about water quality can call the DWS Laboratory at 270-7550, or go to www.mauiwater.org.



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