AAA: Hawaiʻi Gas Prices Pause

May 8, 2014, 8:15 AM HST · Updated May 8, 3:36 PM

Wailuku gas, May 8, 2014.

Wailuku gas, May 8, 2014.

By Maui Now Staff

The statewide average price of gas in Hawaiʻi increased for the 12th straight week, but remained unchanged in key metro areas across the state, according to the AAA Hawaiʻi Weekend Gas Watch.

The statewide average was $4.38 for a gallon of regular gasoline, up one cent from last week, and up nine cents from last month.

The report listed the average price of gas in Wailuku on Thursday, May 8, at $4.47 a gallon, unchanged from last week, and up eight cents from last month.

Gas prices in other locations across the state included averages of $4.34 in Honolulu, unchanged from last week and up 11 cents from last month; $4.18 in Hilo, unchanged from last week, and up six cents from last month, according to the report.

“While Honolulu motorists saw local average prices pause at the pump this past week, the fractional increases nudged the state average higher,” said AAA Hawaii General Manager Liane Sumida in a company press release. “Even though the increase was negligible to most drivers, they should continue to use a gentle driving style to maximize their fuel economy whenever possible,” she said.

Average gas prices compiled by AAA reflect only a snapshot of prices in specific areas across the state.  Rural areas like Hāna, Lānaʻi and Molokaʻi, traditionally have higher prices than other locations throughout the county.



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