Sen. Baker Announces Long-Term Care Social Insurance Bill

January 21, 2016, 8:15 AM HST · Updated January 21, 8:15 AM

Sen. Roz Baker. Courtesy photo.

Sen. Roz Baker. Courtesy photo.

Senator Rosalyn H. Baker of Maui introduces a bill that, for the first time, will offer universal long-term care to Hawaiʻi’s seniors and people with disabilities who are cared for at home.

The social insurance bill reportedly proposes long term care benefits of $70 per day for one year, and is also crafted to ensure access to basic resources needed to provide care at home.

Sen. Baker said the bill is in response to Hawaiʻi’s changing demographics, with more citizens aging into retirement than any other state in the nation.

The proposal surfaces for discussion during a press conference today at the state Capitol, hosted by the group Faith Action for Community Equity.


Senator Baker said that with age comes the need for caregiving assistance. “Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are beyond the budget of many families, and they’d rather have their loved ones at home with them anyway. We can help people afford the help they need and keep them at home, where they want to be, at the same time,” she said.




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