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State Track Recap: Shipman Medals, But Falls Short of Goal

May 12, 2016, 6:49 AM HST
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Seabury Hall's Ava Shipman recaps running the 1,500 at lat Saturday's state track and field championships on Oahu. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

Seabury Hall’s Ava Shipman recaps running the 1,500 at lat Saturday’s state track and field championships on Oahu. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

By Rodney S. Yap

It’s been more than eight miles since Ava Shipman laced up her spikes to defend her 1,500-meter state championship.

Shipman dominated the event for more than two years, going undefeated for a span of 748 days before being blindsided by Sacred Hearts Academy senior Phoebe Kirk.

After running in a pack for three laps, Kirk upped the pace following the sound of the bell lap, carefully pulling away from Shipman as the two came off the first turn on the back stretch.

As soon as Kirk had the wind at her back, she increased the pace, putting pressure on Shipman to keep up with more than 300 meters left.

“I knew that it was the only portion of the race left that didn’t have any wind, so I had to take advantage of it,” Kirk said afterwards.

At that point, Kirk had taken the race to an “all out” pace and Shipman would have to keep up or lose trying.

“I was definitely not expecting that because she has never done that before. I tried to adapt to it during the race, but I did not anticipate her going out like that with a lap to go. I was more expecting her to make a move at the 200 mark or maybe at about 250.”

Seabury Hall's Ava Shipman did not win a gold medal but she did win three medals at Saturday's state championships on Oahu. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

Seabury Hall’s Ava Shipman did not win a gold medal but she did win three medals at Saturday’s state championships on Oahu. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

In the back of Shipman’s mind, however, was the memory of Kirk as a young 400-meter runner, “so I knew she could definitely hold out her speed for much longer than I could.”

The wind had already taken the edge away from Shipman, depleting some of her best energy.

“I wanted to draft behind someone, but when it was time, I realized that I was kind of getting blocked in and I realized that I couldn’t pull out whenever I wanted.  . . . it  was a very strategic race being bunched in a pack the first two laps.”

About executing her game plan to out-kick Shipman down the stretch, Kirk said: “I was prepared. I had been working at it for the last month and started training for that during spring break.”

“I thought of giving up at the 150 and then said, ‘Hey, I’ve worked really hard for this and I have to try my best.’ So I gave it my all with about 150 meters to go. And honestly, I thought I was going to blow past her on the straight away, but she was able to move with me and she just kept on going. And then even at the end, I thought maybe I could out lean her, but she was a little further ahead of me.”

Kirk crossed the finish line in 4 minutes, 54.61 seconds, followed by Shipman’s close second in 4:54.80.

“I was super bummed because in my mind I worked close to a year for this particular race and it was just a bummer to realize that I didn’t achieve my goal — the goal I set for myself. I didn’t really want to talk to anyone, I wanted to be isolated, but I later realized that it would be better for me if I did not sulk with myself and to socialize, so I began to focus on my next race.”


To finish with only one state champion in the girls division, ranks as one of the MIL’s worse state championship meets.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is the best and brightest talent in the MIL is in the girls division as everyone returns, including the entire Seabury Hall track team, which finished tied for eighth place with 20 points.

Baldwin's Kaitlyn Smith in the girls triple jump at last Saturday's state championships on Oahu. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

Baldwin’s Kaitlyn Smith in the girls triple jump at last Saturday’s state championships on Oahu. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

The best among the underclassmen, however, is Spartan’s Shipman and Baldwin junior hurdler/jumper Kaitlyn Smith.

At one point midway through the season the two Maui girls led the state in six events. Shipman doing the business in the 1,500, 800 and 3,000. She was the top-seeded runner at all three distances coming into the state meet and was the defending champion in the 1,500.

Baldwin’s Smith had the early low time in the 100 hurdles at 15.16 before HPA’s Emma Taylor got going, but Smith was tops in the girls long jump at 17-10 1/2 and the triple jump at 36-9 1/4 until two weeks ago. So instead of being No. 1 coming into the state meet, Smith was No. 2 — still a great place to be — in both jumps and the 100 hurdles.

Unfortunately, the story and Smith and Shipman centers around the severe wind conditions, not to mention the monster efforts put forth by their competition — as both Taylor of HPA and Kirk of Sacred Hearts Academy — could easily have been named the meet’s most outstanding female performers.

For Smith, the head-on collision that caused her to basically hit the eject button in the 100 high hurdles, came midway through the race,

“Emma Taylor just kept gaining distance and I wanted so badly to try and make up some of that distance,” Smith said.

Hurdlers are taught to snap their lead leg down as they go over the hurdle to get them into their sprint formation quicker.

“But the faster I snapped my lead leg down the farther away I get to the next hurdle because of the wind.”

A gust of wind stood Smith up as she came off the fifth hurdle, forcing her to five-step the race over the next five hurdles instead of her customary three steps.

Baldwin's Kacy-Lyn Navarro finished fifth in the 300 hurdles. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

Baldwin’s Kacy-Lyn Navarro finished fifth in the 300 hurdles. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

“There was just one huge gust of wind that came just as I was just as I was about to go over the hurdle

“I don’t even know what to say, but this has got to be the worse meet I have ever had in my high school career, and right now I don’t know how I feel about it.”

Smith did not qualify for the long jump at Friday’s trials, but did eventually settle down in the girls triple jump, where she played fourth at 36-0.

Ironically, the winds blew Kona on Friday at the trials, giving sprinters and hurdles a complimentary tailwind. The result had a placebo effect on the MIL sprinters and hurdlers.

”Going into the meet we practiced running into the wind at War Memorial Stadium everyday in preparation for the conditions,” said Baldwin’s boys head coach Ardis Anguay. “We knew it was going to be windy, we just didn’t know it was that windy.”

MIL athletes faced similar conditions to Saturday’s severe weather in mid-March at Kamehameha Maui. Participants and spectators experienced gusts between 20 and 25 mph, and temperatures in the low 60s.

Sacred Hearts Academy's Phoebe Kirk wins the 800 as Seabury Hall's Ava Shipman was third in 2:24.46. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

Sacred Hearts Academy’s Phoebe Kirk wins the 800 as Seabury Hall’s Ava Shipman was third in 2:24.46. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

Anguay said her coaches talked before the Upcountry meet and decided to sit their veterans runners and jumpers, rather than risk injury.

“The wind was howling,” said Anguay, when describing conditions at Saturday’s finals. “During part of the meet I was in the stands and than later I went down to the field. I can tell you that as a spectator you have no idea how windy it is down on the field. It was blowing hard down on the field. You can see the flags moving, but until you actually step on the track, you don’t truly know how windy it really is.”

During her warm-up routine for the 100 hurdles, Baldwin’s Kacy-Lyn Navarro told Anguay she hoped to be in the outside lanes (6, 7 and 8), instead of the inside lanes (1, 2 and 3), because the head-wind was blowing harder on the inside part of the track and her steps to the hurdles were stronger in the outside lanes.


“Our goal is to run three races and finish the best she can,” said Seabury Hall coach Bobby Grossman. “The ultimate goal is to repeat as champion in the 1,500.  . . . how much she does will depend on the amount of fight she has.”

Shipman likes challenges — and so does Grossman — in one meet earlier this year, Grossman ran Shipman in the 100 meters and in the 4×100 relay. The MIL championships two weeks ago, however, offered a set of new challenges.

“She ran the 1,500, the 400, the 800, and then came back and ran a 10:52 in the 3,000, and I thought that was pretty impressive, and that was with no competition,” Grossman noted.

Sometimes athletes forget to match their expectations with their intensity.

Maui High's Alyssa Mae Antolin in the girls 100-meter finals Saturday. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

Maui High’s Alyssa Mae Antolin in the girls 100-meter finals Saturday. Photo by Rodney S. Yap.

“When you are the No. 1 seed, you have a pretty good shot at winning. So it’s got to be a little disappointing when you don’t win. But she only loss the race by .18 tenths of a second, I guess the time didn’t matter at that point.”

“We strategized with regards to running in a pack and having a kick at the end of a race. When it doesn’t work out you re-think it prior to the race. That was our fear, having to run out and then having to run through the wind, only to have the group catch up to you and you have nothing left. Then you fade to where you end up in sixth place.”

Shipman added: “I was definitely shocked, knowing she doesn’t run the 1,500 I didn’t expect her to perform so well.”

“But she was able to recover and run the 800 and 3,000. I don’t think anybody else ran all three of those races. She put all her eggs in the one basket because it is her race, and then you lose a lot of energy and the person who wins always seems to have a little bit more because they feel happy.”

Kirk defended her title in the 800 with a time if 2:18.15 and Shipman finished third behind Savannah Cochran of Hawaii Prep, 2:21.50 to 2:24.46.

Later, in a span of 70 minutes, Shipman would cap her night with a fourth-place finish in the 3,000, clocking a 11:02.10. The winner was Jordan Jones of St. Andrews in 10:57.25.

“It’s incredible, but whenever she attempts to triple she may run as many as eight miles in one night, warming up and warming down, and racing in three events in a little more than an hour.”

Having said that, all that’s left for Shipman is some much deserved time off.

“Looking forward to taking a month off before I start any kind of offseason training. I am definitely excited about taking a break.”



Saturday, May 7 | Final Results

At Kunuiakea Athletic Field

Girls Division

Team Results: 1. Hawaii Prep 57, 2. Kaiser 55, 3. Kamehameha Kapalama 49, 4. Punahou 48, 5. Kamehameha Hawaii 25, 6. Kealakehe 22, 7. Iolani 21, 8t. Seabury Hall 20, 8t. Sacred Hearts 20, 10. Hawaii Baptist 16, 11t. Campbell 15, 11t. Waiakea 15, 11t. Hilo 15, 14t. Kahuku 12, 14t. Mililani 12, 14t. Baldwin 12, 14t. Leilehua 12, 18t. Maui High 10, 18t. St Andrew’s 10, 18t. Kihei Charter 10, 21.St Francis 8, 22t. Anuenue 6, 22t. Farrington 6, 22t. Castle 6, 25. Kapolei 4, 26t. Waialua 2, 26t. Radford 2, 26t. Kapaa 2, 29t. Moanalua 1, 29t. Konawaena 1, 29t. Kea’au 1, 29t. Kamehameha Maui1.

Individual Results

Discus — 1. Maia Graham, Iolani, 122-7; 2. Nika Paogofie-Buyten, Kealakehe, 121-9; 3. Brittany Kamau, Farrington, 121-1; 4. Brooke Ho, Kaiser, 118-8; 5. Bradina Anae, Kahuku, 115-3; 6. Mele Vaka, Hilo, 111-1; 7. Genel-Joy Galvez, Kea’au, 105-0; 8. Rika Sarkar, Punahou, 104-8.

Shot Put — 1. Bradina Anae, Kahuku, 38-6; 2. Olivia Vaeatangitau, St. Francis, 37-3; 3. Kamaleikuhalia Krug, Anuenue, 36-51/2; 4. Fale Taua, Leilehua, 35-7; 5. Lei Camargo-Naone, Kamehameha Kapalama, 35-41/4; 6. Taylor-James Sullivan, Kamehameha Hawaii, 34-111/2; 7. Honey Perez-Wasson, Kahuku, 34-8; 8. Alexis Henderson, King Kekaulike, 34-5.

Long Jump — 1. Kayla Afoa, Kamehameha Kapalama, 18-5; 2. Nicole Cristobal, Kealakehe, 17-71/4; 3. Thelma Marshall, Waiakea, 17-51/4; 4. Kacy-Lyn Navarro, Baldwin, 17-21/4; 5. Mikaylah Kaohu, Kamehameha Kapalama, 17-2; 6. Kaui Taylor, Hawaii Prep, 16-71/2; 7. Mikiala Maio, Kamehameha Kapalama, 16-5; 8. Saydee Aganus, Kamehameha Hawaii, 16-31/4.

Triple Jump — 1. Thelma Marshall, Waiakea, 37-61/2;1. Mikiala Maio, Kamehameha Kapalama, 37-61/2; 3. Nicole Cristobal, Kealakehe, 37-5; 4. Kaitlyn Smith, Baldwin, 36-0; 5. Sela Panuve, Baldwin, 35-5; 6. Taylor Wu, Iolani, 34-11; 7. Kacy-Lyn Navarro, Baldwin, 34-8; 8. Erica Pilotin, Seabury Hall, 33-111/2.

High Jump — 1. Kaui Taylor, Hawaii Prep, 5-4; 2. Kayla Afoa, Kamehameha Kapalama, 5-2; 3. Jasianna Ah Nee, Campbell, 5-0; 4. Tia Lovell, Punahou, 5-0; 5. Heather Faretta, Kapaa, 5-0; 6. Kristen O’Handley, Kaiser, 5-0; 7. Ginon Jones, Kaiser, 5-0; 8t. Kellie Okamura, Iolani, 5-0; 8t. Kiki Megorden, Punahou, 5-0.

Pole Vault — 1. Jessica Lee, Iolani, 10-9; 2. Tommi Hintnaus, Kaiser, 10-9; 3. Jewels Oliquiano, Castle, 10-9; 4. Jaelyn Domingo, Kamehameha Kapalama, 10-9; 5. Rowan Kotner, Hawaii Prep, 10-3; 6. Juliette Lum, Kaiser, 10-3; 7. Romance Romero, Kamehameha Kapalama, 10-3; 8t. Kira Watanabe, Punahou, 9-9; 8t. Kiani Dwight, Punahou, 9-9.

100 Hurdles — 1. Emma Taylor, Hawaii Prep, 15.79; 2. Saydee Aganus, Kamehameha Hawaii, 16.31; 3. Leilani Thompson, Hilo, 16.64; 4. Christhena Edwards, Leilehua, 16.97; 5. Emma Knott, Waialua, 17.21; 6. Tommi Hintnaus, Kaiser, 17.27; 7. Kaitlyn Smith, Baldwin, 17.74; 8. Kacy-Lyn Navarro, Baldwin, 17.87.

100 Meters — 1. Kristen O’Handley, Kaiser, 12.75; 2. Saydee Aganus, Kamehameha Hawaii, 12.91; 3. Madison Moku, Hawai Baptist, 12.91; 4. Alyssa Mae Antolin, Maui High, 13.25; 5. Leilani Thompson, Hilo, 13.28; 6. Amber Bell, Moanalua, 13.33; 7. Anessa Turner, Leilehua, 13.45.

1,500 Meters — 1. Phoebe Kirk, Sacred Hearts, 4:54.61; 2. Ava Shipman, Seabury Hall, 4:54.80; 3. Teri Brady, Punahou, 4:58.47; 4. Mia Schiel, Punahou, 5:01.09; 5. Lauren Gibbs, Mililani, 5:04.31; 6. Brooke Michaels, Radford, 5:04.32; 7. Kuaihelani Burgess, Kamehameha Kapalama, 5:04.69; 8. Carly Dailey, Moanalua, 5:05.98.

4×100 Relay — 1. Punahou 50.64, 2. Campbell 50.91, 3. Kamehameha Kapalama 50.91, 4. Hawaii Prep 51.19, 5. Kaiser 51.37, 6. Kamehameha Maui 51.74, 7. Moanalua 52.73, 8. Leilehua 52.75.

400 Meters — 1. Maya Reynolds, Kihei Charter, 58.42; 2. Kristen O’Handley, Kaiser, 58.77; 3. Madison Moku, Hawai Baptist, 59.24; 4. Ki’ana Thomas, Kapolei, 59.28; 5. Leah Keller, Mililani, 59.65; 6. Leina Ann Takizawa, Konawaena, 1:00.21; 7. Mikaylah Kaohu, Kamehameha Kapalama, 1:00.76; 8. Ryanne Navarro, Mililani, 1:01.27.

300 Hurdles — 1. Emma Taylor, Hawaii Prep, 45.82; 2. Saydee Aganus, Kamehameha Hawaii, 47.38; 3. Leilani Thompson, Hilo, 47.76; 4. Christhena Edwards, Leilehua, 48.65; 5. Kacy-Lyn Navarro, Baldwin, 49.25; 6. Jeanette Corpuz, Campbell, 49.38; 7. Makena Dougherty, Seabury Hall, 49.53; 8. Mya Fuller, Iolani, 49.84.

800 Metera — 1. Phoebe Kirk, Sacred Hearts, 2:18.15; 2. Savannah Cochran, Hawaii Prep, 2:21.50; 3. Ava Shipman, Seabury Hall, 2:24.46; 4. Maiya Fujiwara, Punahou, 2:25.03; 5. Kailey Totherow, Punahou, 2:27.54; 6. Madison Pratt, Kea’au, 2:27.98; 7. Alia Wallenstrom, Punahou, 2:29.73; 8. Alexis McKinney, Leilehua, 2:31.18.

200 Meters — 1. Kristen O’Handley, Kaiser, 27.18; 2. Emma Taylor, Hawaii Prep, 27.58; 3. Alyssa Mae Antolin, Maui High, 27.68; 4. Madison Moku, Hawai Baptist, 27.89; 5. Claire Borthwick, Seabury Hall, 28.10; 6. Kealoha Scullion, Punahou, 28.36; 7. Ani Nitta, Kamehameha Maui, 28.39; 8. Maya Reynolds, Kihei Charter, 28.49.

3,000 Meters — 1. Jordan Jones, St Andrew’s, 10:57.25; 2. Noe Obermeyer, Punahou, 11:01.26; 3. Lauren Gibbs, Mililani, 11:01.82; 4. Ava Shipman, Seabury Hall, 11:02.10; 5. Teri Brady, Punahou, 11:04.58; 6. Mikayla Fujiwara, Punahou, 11:08.62; 7. Mary Moloney, Radford, 11:12.64; 8. Saya Yabe, Waiakea, 11:24.79.

4×400 Relay — 1. Kaiser 4:10.40, 2. Kamehameha Kapalama 4:11.09, 3. Punahou 4:15.02, 4. Hawaii Prep 4:15.60, 5. Mililani 4:16.70, 6. Radford 4:19.60, 7. Campbell 4:26.25.

Boys Division

Team Results: 1. Kamehameha Kapalama 78.33, 2. Punahou 71.67, 3. Baldwin 66, 4. Campbell 29, 5. Iolani 27, 6. Waiakea 23, 7t. University Laboratory 20, 7t. Radford 20, 9. Lahainaluna 18, 10. Castle 17, 11.Kalaheo 14, 12t. Kamehameha Hawaii 12, 12t. Waianae 12, 14t. Damien 9, 14t. Hilo 9, 16t. Mid-Pacific Institute 8, 16t. Waipahu 8, 16t. Kaiser 8, 19. Roosevelt 7, 20t. Saint Louis 6, 20t. Kalani 6, 20t. Konawaena 6, 23t. Maryknoll 4, 23t. Kapolei 4, 23t. McKinley 4, 26. Leilehua 3, 27t. Aiea 2, 27t. Kea’au 2, 29t. Moanalua 1, 29t. Mililani1.

Individual Results

Discus — 1. Wesley Faagau, Kamehameha Kapalama, 169-8; 2. Miki Suguturaga, Punahou, 156-1; 3. Sione Vea, Kalani, 154-8; 4. Tamatane Aga, Iolani, 152-0; 5. Shiloh Tapasa, Aiea, 146-8; 6. Netane Muti, Leilehua, 140-2; 7. Alosina Toomalatai, Pearl City, 137-8; 8. Ashton Porter, Kamehameha Hawaii, 137-0.

Shot Put — 1. Alema Kapoi, Kamehameha Kapalama, 54-11/2; 2. Alama Uluave, Punahou, 50-63/4; 3. Monty Payne, Damien, 49-4; 4. Kanoa Gilliland, Kamehameha Kapalama, 49-3; 5. Miki Suguturaga, Punahou, 48-10; 6. Joshua Hauanio, Iolani, 48-71/2; 7. David Pakele, Hilo, 48-63/4; 8. J.P. Muasau, Punahou, 48-41/4.

Long Jump — 1. NEW RECORD, La’akea Kahoohanohano-Davis, Baldwin, 24-10; 2. Jordan Williams, Waipahu, 22-31/4; 3. Hunter Lee, Punahou, 22-23/4; 4. Jacob Wright, Kamehameha Kapalama, 22-11/4; 5. Jocel Aquino, Baldwin, 21-10; 6. Jeston Moya, Castle, 21-83/4; 7. Clayce Akeo, Mid-Pacific, 21-63/4; 8. Ronald Norbrey, Campbell, 20-63/4.

Triple Jump — 1. NEW RECORD, La’akea Kahoohanohano-Davis, Baldwin, 49-10 3/4; 2. Chayse Tamaki, Baldwin, 45-101/2; 3. Douglas Mitchell, Waianae, 45-21/2; 4. Jocel Aquino, Baldwin, 45-0; 5. Drew Koboyashi, St Louis, 44-71/2; 6. Peter Hanohano-Hashimoto, Kamehameha Kapalama, 43-11; 7. Eamon Brady, Punahou, 43-61/2; 8. Hauoli Akau, Konawaena, 43-21/4.

High Jump —1. La’akea Kahoohanohano-Davis, Baldwin, 6-8; 2. Clayce Akeo, Mid-Pacific, 6-6; 3. Douglas Mitchell, Waianae, 6-4; 4t. Peter Hanohano-Hashimoto, Kamehameha Kapalama, 6-0; 4t. Bailey Wilson, Punahou, 6-0; 4. Hunter Lee, Punahou, 6-0; 7t. Bradlee Anae, Kahuku, 5-10; 7t. Roman Gennero, Radford, 5-10; 7t. Matt Alfelor, Punahou, 5-10.

Pole Vault — 1. William Ewaliko, Castle, 14-3; 2. Nick Kapule, Punahou, 14-3; 3. Anis Bel, Lahainaluna, 13-9; 4. Maddux Kimura, Punahou, 13-3; 5. Lucas DeRego, Kamehameha Hawaii, 13-3; 6. Robi Lin, Punahou, 13-3; 7. Dalton Pahia, Castle, 13-3; 8. Logan Rubasch, Iolani, 2-9; 8. Jacob Thompson, Kamehameha Kapalama, 12-9.

110 Hurdles — 1. Tre Evans-Dumaran, Kamehameha Hawaii, 14.75; 2. Kamal Golaube, Lahainaluna, 15.06; 3. La’akea Kahoohanohano-Davis, Baldwin, 15.07; 4. Jonathan Liana, Kapolei, 15.44; 5. Jonah Jessop, Campbell, 15.60; 6. Evan Iwanaga, Kamehameha Kapalama, 15.64; 7. Damion Scandrick, Kea’au, 15.65; 8. Jonathan Liu, Iolani, 16.27.

100 Meters — NEW RECORD: Set in trials by KSK’s Justin Desaki of 10.75, breaking the previous meet record of 10.80 set by St. Anthony’s Shane Victorino in 1999. 1. Grey Ihu, UH Lab, 11.55; 2. Justin Desaki, Kamehameha Kapalama, 11.58; 3. Bailey Kaopuiki, Baldwin, 11.66; 4. Keoni-Kordell Makekau, Iolani, 11.72; 5. Christian Padron, Damien, 11.74; 6. Lukas Kuipers, Hilo, 11.97; 7. Jacob Schmidt, Leilehua, 11.99.

1,500 Meters — 1. Kaeo Kruse, Kamehameha Kapalama, 4:01.53; 2. Connor Lehl, Punahou, 4:06.84; 3. Louie Ondo, Waiakea, 4:06.96; 4. Ricardo Solorzano, McKinley, 4:16.04; 5. Jason Wang, Iolani, 4:20.19; 6. Shadoe Soukey, Hilo, 4:20.37; 7. Royce Garcia, Iolani, 4:21.02; 8. Adalberto Malagon, Kealakehe, 4:23.23.

4X100 Relay — 1. Baldwin 43.43 (La’akea Kahoohanohano-Davis, Chayse Kamaki, Jocel Aquino, Bailey Kaopuiki), 2. Iolani 43.43, 3. Kamehameha Kapalama 43.50, 4. Saint Louis 43.52, 5. Campbell 43.52, 6. Damien 43.81, 7. Kaiser 44.34, 8. Castle 44.45.

400 Meters — 1. Thomas Reid III, Radford, 51.05; 2. Avery Curet, Iolani, 51.58; 3. Donovan Brown, Punahou, 51.62; 4. Christian Scheer, Kaiser, 52.02; 5. Jacob Schmidt, Leilehua, 52.34; 6. DesMond Collins, Moanalua, 52.48; 7. Jensen McDaniel, Kaiser, 52.54; 8. Matteo Dumas, Radford, 52.58.

300 Hurdles — 1. Jonah Jessop, Campbell, 39.02; 2. Quade Aiu, Kamehameha Kapalama, 39.41; 3. Temujin Greywolf, Roosevelt, 39.91; 4. Kamal Golaube, Lahainaluna, 40.05; 5. Damion Scandrick, Kea’au, 40.83; 6. Kevin Johnson, Campbell, 40.92; 7. Solomon Loggins, Radford, 41.42; 8. Kiernan Leighton Mateo, Baldwin, 50.16.

800 Meters — 1. Louie Ondo, Waiakea, 1:58.67; 2. Connor Lehl, Punahou, 1:59.23; 3. Lawrence Barrett, Konawaena, 2:01.47; 4. Hudson Lockette, Castle, 2:02.07; 5. Guillaume Tabary, Kalaheo, 2:03.16; 6. Rylie Cabalse, Waiakea, 2:03.68; 7. Pathrick Beters, Kapolei, 2:04.47; 8. Ricardo Solorzano, McKinley, 2:11.71.

200 Meters — 1. Grey Ihu, UH Lab, 22.88; 2. Corey Smith, Campbell, 22.98; 3. Lukas Kuipers, Hilo, 23.20; 4. Justin Desaki, Kamehameha Kapalama, 23.27; 5. Keoni Quanico, Kalaheo, 23.90; 6. Kaleo Pogue, Mililani, 24.26; 7. Isaiah Payne, Seabury Hall, 24.33; 8. Jacob Schmidt, Leilehua, 24.51.

3,000 Meters — 1. Kaeo Kruse, Kamehameha Kapalama, 9:05.85; 2. Avery Torres, Kalaheo, 9:12.97; 3. Louie Ondo, Waiakea, 9:20.50; 4. Craig Shaner II, Maryknoll, 9:21.43; 5. Colby Otero, Kalaheo, 9:27.45; 6. River Brown, Hilo, 9:30.16; 7. Eden Mackinnon, King Kekaulike, 9:32.65; 8. Nate Ladwig, Hawaii Prep, 9:42.10.

4×400 Relay — 1. Radford 3:27.49, 2. Punahou 3:29.43, 3. Campbell 3:30.75, 4. Kaiser 3:32.27, 5. Castle 3:33.91, 6. Roosevelt 3:34.01, 7. Konawaena 3:35.20, 8. Kamehameha Kapalama 3:36.60.

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