High Technology Development Corporation Sponsors MBB

July 19, 2016, 12:38 PM HST · Updated July 20, 2:30 PM

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High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) at the Maui Research & Technology Center (MRTC) in South Kīhei. MBB photo.

Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB) has secured sponsorship from the High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), the state agency charged with facilitating the growth of Hawai‘i’s innovation and technology industry.

MBB is a nonprofit business-to-business organization that provides information to entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them establish and grow.


    HTDC’s sponsorship of MBB will cover some expenses that were previously paid for by the group’s organizers.

    “In order to achieve the goal of creating 80,000 new jobs earning $80,000 annually for our 80/80 Initiative, we support organizations that are promoting business growth,” said Robbie Melton, executive director and CEO HTDC. “MBB is one such organization and we are happy to have the opportunity to help their programming on Maui. MBB is a highly visible, well-respected and active member of Maui’s entrepreneurial community, and is expanding to bring their programs to other islands.”


    Since 2012, MBB has focused on creating initiatives to help local entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Over the past four years, MBB has hosted more than 140 free informational events designed to educate entrepreneurs on how to start and grow their businesses.

    “We appreciate the financial support of HTDC as we continue to pursue our mission of providing quality education to help the local small business community bring their great ideas to fruition,” said Lori Fisher, MBB co-organizer. “Forward-thinking groups like HTDC are able to identify the value and needs of MBB, and through their sponsorship help us reach as many innovative thinkers and leaders as possible.”

    About HTDC


    HTDC was created by the Hawai‘i State Legislature in 1983 to encourage high technology innovation in the state’s business community. On Maui, it offers business Incubation and office space for technology companies at the Maui Research & Technology Center in South Kīhei. The facility offers high-speed Internet and use of conference room.

    Image-1 MBB HTDC-Maui_at-the-Maui-Research-Technology-Center-in-Kihei

    High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) at the Maui Research & Technology Center (MRTC) in South Kīhei. MBB photo.

    Image-2 MBB HTDC-COHANA-Maui_CoWorking-Space

    HTDC COHANA (co-working space) at the MRTC in South Kīhei. MBB photo.

    Image-3 MBB HTDC-COHANA-Maui_CoWorking-Space

    HTDC COHANA (Co-working Space) at the MRTC in South Kīhei. MBB photo.

    Image-4 MBB HTDC-Maui_Office-Space

    HTDC Office Space at the MRTC in South Kīhei.

    Image-5 MBB HTDC-Maui

    HTDC TECHOHANA courtyard at the MRTC in South Kīhei. MBB photo.

    Image-6 MBB HTDC-Maui

    The MRTC building signage in South Kīhei. MBB photo.

    Image-7 MBB MBB-Voluntary-Organizing-Team

    MBB Voluntary Organizing Tea: David “Kahu” Kapaku, Grace Fung, Lori Fisher, Kauionalani Waller, Trisha Anderson, Nicole Fisher, John A. Hau’oli Tomoso (missing: Carmel Patterson, Ed Gazmen, Gylian Solay and Molly Balzano). MBB photo.



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