Connor Baxter Fights off 10ft Tiger Shark

August 12, 2016, 3:35 PM HST · Updated August 12, 5:11 PM
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One of Maui’s best competitive paddle boarders, Connor Baxter, found himself in a frightening situation earlier this week when he encountered what he described as a 10-foot tiger shark attacking his foil SUP surfboard.  It happened just outside of Maliko Bay on Maui’s North Shore while Connor was participating in a down wind paddle exercise with some friends.

Connor, from Haʻikū, said that the shark came up from behind him and started attacking the long foil attached to his SUP board.  The three time Molokaʻi to Oʻahu SUP champion was knocked down by the force of the shark and Conner had landed on his back, luckily still on his board and not into the water.  Baxter said “the power was incredible, he [the shark] was twisting all around and shaking its body.”


After a few attempts at attacking Connors surfboard, Baxter said he was able to fight back and managed to hit the shark on the nose with his SUP paddle which eventually scared the shark away.  We are happy to report that no injuries were caused to Conner and he made it safely back to shore.

Video link:

Connor Baxter using his foil board. Photo: via Connor Baxter GoPro

Connor Baxter using his foil board. Photo: via Connor Baxter GoPro

Connor's view just before the shark attacked. Photo: via Connor Baxter GoPro

Connor’s view just before the shark encounter. Photo: via Connor Baxter GoPro

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