Ask The Mayor: Are Golf Carts Street-Legal?

May 5, 2019, 4:10 PM HST · Updated May 5, 4:01 PM

Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his staff.

Q: I go to the beach every day on a little 3-mile drive down the mountain on 20-25 mph roads (no highway). When we were in Florida, I knew lots of people who used those low-speed electric golf carts (21-25 mph) that were outfitted to be street legal. If I can get it here, I want to get one to be greener and cheaper to operate. Are these things legal on Maui streets?

A:  Mahalo for the question, and while it may appear that golf carts are street legal with the number of courses on the island, they are in fact not legal in Maui County and the rest of the state.

My staff contacted our Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing and officials there notified us that golf carts cannot be legally registered and issued a license plate under current state law, nor can they receive a 17-character vehicle identification number


HRS 286-42 states: “Except for motorcycles that are built on an aftermarket motorcycle frame, special interest vehicles, and reconstructed vehicles, any motor vehicle or device that is not certified by the manufacturer to be in compliance with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as of the date of [manufacture] shall not be registered.”

Thank you for your interesting question and please remember to always drive safely on our roadways.

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