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Maui Engineer Develops
Portable Wind Energy System

Updated 02:40 PM HST, April 8, 2011
Posted 12:06 PM HST, April 8, 2011

By Katie McMillan

If you have spent time watching kite boarders (or have kite boarding experience), you know that kites capture significant amounts of wind power. To see it for yourself, just go to Kite Beach and watch all the kite boarders performing dramatic aerial stunts.

Dan Tracy gets ready to launch his personal power sail (file image)

While wind turbines capture wind energy on a very large scale, Maui engineer Dan Tracy has figured out a way to create a portable wind energy system using a kite that can be used to power electronics.

“Pacific Power Sails” is the name of Tracy’s company that makes these personal power sails. “They are highly efficient portable wind power systems, designed for camping, RVs, cabins and homes,” states Tracy. “They are easy to launch and can be used at your home or on the go, as long as you have ample wind and open space.”

Tracy has tested his invention extensively and it is designed to be durable and efficient. According to Pacific Power Sails website, “Unlike conventional wind turbines, power-sails harness higher altitude wind, which offers stronger, more consistent power. Compared to similar sized conventional wind and solar, power-sails produce more watt/hours per day.”

(file image)

If you are looking to reduce your electricity bill, perhaps this technology is right for you. A personal power sail costs close to $700 and they are exclusively available at www.pacificpowersails.com. You can also reach Tracy directly at 808-572-1977.

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HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Pam Jensen

    Shipping Maui wind power to Oahu?..really?…..Maui needs to get off the "diesel oil" grid. Our energy, be it gasoline or electricity, is the highest in the nation. I think ALL new construction on Maui, should be mandatory solar powered, at least. How about the new home "windmills". It looks like a 4 ft. barber pole, and can power all your household needs and you can sell the "extra" power you don’t use, back to the power company. All houses and condos should have "sky tubes". Those skylight kind of installments, where you have the sun reflecting into the tube and lighting up an entire room in the daytime, using 0 power. Lets get going!