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Eat Me: Komoda Store
and Bakery in Makawao

Posted 09:27 PM HST, September 28, 2011

By Kristin Hashimoto

Assortment of donuts from Komoda's, photo by Kristin Hashimoto

If you’ve got an affinity for sweets, then Komoda Bakery upcountry is a place worthy of a visit. This rather longstanding fixture in the Makawao community was established back in the plantation days of Maui.

Some of the recipes are unchanged from Mr. Komoda’s day, and the offerings are massive. Stick donuts, long johns, cakes, pies, cookies, cream puffs, bread, turnovers, rolls and more, are sold in this humble-looking store. This is a cash-only type of place, where calling early and setting the goodies you’d like on the side is a must. Expect crowds and expect that one of more of your favorites will be sold out if you’re not an early riser. A long trek from town to Makawao one morning might taste of ashen disappointment on your tongue, instead of sweet vanilla cream.

It’s all personal taste. Some people live to enjoy Komoda’s chocolate and vanilla cream puffs, while others go for the long johns. The puffs are portioned well, not overly large, and definitely not small. The filling is OK. The chocolate filling is not memorable.

Bakery case at Komoda's, photo by Kristin Hashimoto

The butter rolls are super soft and the cookies are homey. The donuts were sweet and oil saturated, and the guava filling in the malasadas was a bright pink color with gel consistency.

There are better desserts out there, but one would have a difficult time finding somewhere to rival the selection of local desserts, flavors and textures in one place. The nostalgia, history, and quaintness of this old time store and bakery deserve a visit. For more information call, 572-7261, or visit the store at 3674 Baldwin Avenue in Makawao.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Recent Customer

    They’re treats are Thee Best!!! But they’re Customer Service SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Rude!!!