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BREAKING: Father and Daughter
Medivaced After Falling from Hana Cliff

Updated 08:53 PM HST, April 2, 2012
Posted 05:44 PM HST, April 2, 2012

Kaihalulu rescue. Photos courtesy Kekoa Akoi via Sanoe.

A father and daughter were airlifted after falling 30 feet from a cliff at Kaihalulu in East Maui. Photo Courtesy Puili Cocket via Sanoe.

By Wendy Osher

(Posted: 5:44 p.m.; Update: 6:26 p.m. 4/2/12)

A father and his seven-year-old daughter are being Medivaced to the Maui Memorial Medical Center this afternoon after the two fell off of a 30- to 40-foot cliff in East Maui.

The incident was reported at 4:10 p.m. at Kaihalulu or “Red Sand Beach” in Hana.

Maui Fire Services Chief Lee Mainaga said the 45-year-old man suffered injuries to his legs, and the daughter sustained head injuries.  Crews from the Hana fire station provided initial response. 

Medics transported the girl to the Maui Memorial Medical center via Medivac and returned to Hana to transport her father for treatment, according to Maui County Paramedic Association spokesperson, Ryan Joslin

The two were hiking on the trail head when the incident occurred.  Due to hazardous trail conditions, the patients were airlifted to safety.

Photo and footage courtesy Ryan JOSLIN, Maui County Paramedic Association.

Authorities say the injuries sustained by both individuals were considered non-life threatening, but Air Med-1 utilized transport as a precaution because of the height of the fall, the daughter’s head injury, and the distance to the hospital.

Both patients were airlifted to the Hana Ball Park by Air-1 and Rescue 10 personnel, according to FSO Mainaga.

The daughter was transported via Medicvac from the ball park, while the father was taken by ambulance to the airport, and then transported via Medivac from Hana Airport to the hospital.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Rdciam

    He put his own daughter in jeopardy. Oh well, does that mean ANOTHER sign has to go up…””ONLY THE STUPID WILL HIKE THIS TRAIL AFTER HEAVY RAINS—DO NOT PROCEED! IF YOU DO YOU CAN”T SUE””  Wow that has to be a big sign..people have no common sense!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Makaalohilohi-O-Kalani-Lecker-Tolentino/100000286416281 Maka’alohilohi O Kalani Lecker

    the dad tried to grab her as she was falling off of a cliff I’m sure u guys  would do the same if it were your own daughter right?? so they both ended up falling down.. its the first time this happened its actually the 2nd… i was there both times this happened … I’m from Hana i know the story i was at the ball park when everything was going on and i talked to the cops who were there and they told me the story they heard from a witness..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keanu-Lecker-Tolentino/100003487856420 Keanu Lecker-Tolentino

      That is so right cause i was there 2..haha 

  • Riskybusiness

    Accidents happen. Lets not make this a local vs. tourist thing. But, you are right…sue happy people need to realize that 1. when you mess with nature you can get hurt, 2. if you get hurt…why sue, just realize it was a risk you took. I have been to that area…and common sense would tell you however to NOT take a 7 year old girl. I’m an experience hiker, runner and the trail made me very un-easy. I hope all heal quickly…even those who were witness.

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