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Lanai May Be
Sold Very Soon

Posted 11:55 AM HST, June 19, 2012

Lanai is up for sale. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority.

By Sonia Isotov

News publications throughout the state are reporting that there is a potential buyer for the island of Lanai.

The Pacific Business News today said that they were told by Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa that word of a sale could come as early as in a week. Arakawa has been talking with representatives from Castle & Cooke Hawaii Inc. and said that a potential buyer had been identified, however, no name was given.

Rumors are that two potential buyers could be billionaire Larry Ellison, chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation or even Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

At last report, billionaire-owner David Murdock had put the island up for sale for as much as $500 million, and today The Maui News is reporting it could go as high as $600 million.

Mayor Alan Arakawa told the Maui News that he is concerned about the sale and how it will affect the residents. He recalled how more than 100 residents had lost their jobs four years ago on Molokai when Molokai Ranch was sold and he hoped there would not be a repeat on Lanai.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Anonymous

    I want to buy it, but that would be too showy….

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping that Bill Gates bought it and will establish a high technology center attracting high paying jobs.

  • Lord Haw-Haw.

    There are 17,369 acres of Crown Lands on Lana’i these lands cannot be bought or sold as they are inalienable meaning they cannot be legally conveyed from one party to another. Any potential buyer (billionaire or otherwise) had better check the Title document to prevent a fraudulent bill of sale.

    In Galt Vs. Waianuhea the court ruling was specific, quote: ‘The Act of January 3, 1865 took the control of the Crown Lands out of the hands of the King and put it in the hands of Crown Land Commissioners, and further provided that these lands “shall be henceforth inalienable” and this was done for the purpose among other reasons ‘of maintaining the Royal state and dignity.’ – [Quoted from page 657, Hawaiian reports: Cases decided in the Supreme Court of the Territory of Hawaii].

    The above paragraph is worthy of rereading it is 100% clear that Crown Lands cannot be conveyed or disposed of. Hawaiian Nationals have never consented, signed, or transferred  their Royal Patents to anyone be it the Government of the United States over in America or the local fake “State” of Hawai’i. Furthermore, no Lands or Sovereignty of Hawai’i was ever lawfully “ceded” to the U.S. Government there was no consent and no compensation, they never even asked Hawaiian Nationals they just stole!

    The U.S. Statue of Frauds requires signatures for real estate transactions the Hawaiian elders (kupuna) were wise enough not to sign any Treaties with the U.S. Government on land transfer, observing the shameful treatment meted out to the First Nation’s people over in the United States. Then we witnessed the local Bureau of Indian Affairs (OHA) wasting money in promoting the failed Akaka Bill giving n/N Hawaiians Federal recognition of “nation” within a Nation status under a so-called governing “entity.” The U.S. Government must do the honorable thing and enter into negotiations with the Hawaiian Government on Nation to Nation level with a view to ending its unlawful occupation. The sale of Lana’i is morally wrong, lawfully illegal, and ethically unjust. De-occupation and restoration of the de jure Nation of Hawai’i is a legitimate ‘operation just cause’ for which we need to examine our collective moral consciences.

    • Blitzen

      Haw Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw….  keep the dream alive.  😀

      • Lord Haw-Haw.

        You sound like Mr. Murdock’s secretary in L.A. over in the U.S. she parrot’s the following:

        “He couldn’t be available for an interview.”

        Next caller from the press she reiterates:

        “He couldn’t be available for an interview.” Haw-Haw.

        • Blitzen

          You sound like you belong in a mental institution.  Chance of Hawaii becoming a country, zero.  Chance of all of the land going back to some Kingdom, zero.  You can play dress up and pretend and we will be entertained, but at the end of the day, you have to go back to your house on US soil in the State of Hawaii and be subjected to the jurisdiction of the United States.  And you guys wonder why you are all going to jail for not paying taxes and breaking the law.  Good luck with that.

          • Lord Haw-Haw.

            That is exactly how Hawaiian Nationals feel in being unlawfully subsumed within the body politic of the U.S. of A. against their Sovereignty aspirations i.e. a mental institution.

            It can be surmised that you are expertise in International Law in asserting that Hawai’i will not become Independent in the foreseeable future have you gone to Harvard Law School over in the U.S.and qualified as has Professor Francis Anthony Boyle whose professional opinions on Hawaiian Sovereignty are online ? Maybe you are qualified from SOAS, London as is Dr. Matthew Craven who also is academically accredited to testify on Hawaiian Independence and whose views on same are also online?

            On forthcoming Independence you will be paying your taxes to the Nation of Hawai’i where they will not be used for militarization while people go hungry, no worries friend hang loose you will not be displaced or your business closed although multiethnic Hawaiian Nationals suffered this indignity when they lost their Country, citizenship, and identity following the illegal 1903 overthrow, they love their Country the land of their birthright……. as much as you love yours!

          • Blitzen

            So you need professors from the USA to validate that you are not part of USA?  Pretty sure any other foreign country wouldn’t care what some professor says at some university about the legal status of their country.  If your legit, you dont need validation, you just assert your rights.  So, unless the Hawaiian Kingdom has an army and plans to take over the islands, you have an ice cubes chance in hell that Hawaii will ever become its own nation, and all the lands of these islands are given to this “kingdom”.  The reality is most Hawaiians dont want to go back to the kingdom where they had no rights and lived under a king where everything was kapu or risk death.  Sorry, the train has left the station.  

            Better start making military plans or just accept the status quo.  Welcome to the funny farm.  :)

          • Lord Haw-Haw.

            Please reread the above comment interpretively friend, Dr. Matthew Craven is based in the School of Asian Studies (SOAS), London, United Kingdom, an acknowledged expert on International Law his opinion in a legal brief is the Hawaiian Kingdom remains in Continuity and has not been extinguished.

            Have you familiarized yourself with the Ku’e anti-annexation petitions? They are also online up at the UH Manoa in Honolulu they clearly exhibit the vast majority of Hawaiians did not want annexation to the U.S. they also boycotted the fraudulent 1959 “Statehood” plebiscite, whereupon there was no U.N. supervision and no Independence option on the ballot.

            Hawaiian Nationals had every democratic right under the Hawaiian Kingdom which legally abolished slavery over a decade before it was done over in the U.S.
            The issue as with Lana’i in the instance of Clear and Proper Land Title is about Treaties of Peace and Friendship with the Hawaiian Kingdom which the U.S. Government violated not militaristic might, but pono (righteous) behavior.

          • Blitzen

            I would bet my entire net worth, now and in the future that Hawaii will ever become an independent nation and all the land will be given back to the Hawaiian Kingdom.  Keep dreaming.  

          • Lord Haw-Haw.

            You are fortunate you do not have $2.7 billion net worth as has Mr. Murdoch according to “Forbes Magazine” or you would be venturing on a risky enterprise by way of wager.

            Your viewpoint is completely understandable though given historical evidence erroneous. Did not a man named Martin Luther King over in the U.S. have a dream which came to fruition? Many of us were disdainful Hong Kong would be returned to China yet it also came to pass. If the truth be known many of us would have deemed it highly unlikely the U.S. would have a President of color during our lifetime yet so also it came to be.

            There was a time an insignificant Indian pre-1947 aspired for Indian Independence and was told at the time to ‘keep dreaming’ fortunately he did and it was the World’s introduction to Mohandas Gandhi.

          • Blitzen

            Your best chances are getting a “Indian Reservation” setup in the islands, but even that you guys will never agree to a single vision on how that should work.  How many splinter hawaiian nation movements are there now?  How many individuals are asserting that THEY are the true heirs to the Hawaiian Kingdom?  Yea, you need to learn the lessons of the USA.  “United We Stand. Divided We Fall.”   Until you guys get a unified vision, and raise an army, you will never get what you want.  Ever.

          • Lord Haw-Haw.

            There are numerous registered political parties over in the U.S. standing on various platform issues, Hawaiian Nationals are no different but all are united in their love of their Country the Nation of Hawai’i…. for the life of the Sovereign Land is perpetuated in righteousness.

          • Anonymous

            E iho ano a luna               That which is above, be brought down.
            E pi’i ana o lalo                  That which is below, shall be lifted up.
            E hui ana na moku          The islands will be united.
            E ku ana ka paia                The walls will stand upright!

            17th century Hawaiian prophecy – anon

          • Gern Blanston

            Lynn, pardon me for noticing, but your avatar looks like a certain Marxist guerilla, who helped Castro’s regime take over Cuba to install their particular brand of socialism, and led firing squads against those who had opposed him.

          • Blitzen

            However, I will re-iterate, I put your chances at zero.  Good luck though.  And as I said, keep the dream alive.  :)

          • Lord Haw-Haw.

            Good luck to you also Blitzen and have a great day! …….. “Dreams really do come through” as the late IZ fondly sang, Aloha.

    • Blitzen

      Looks like Larry Ellison has just bought your island.  So much for lands not being able to be bought and sold.  I feel sorry for you actually.  Someone so deluded to live everyday pining away for something that will never happen.  You have my sympathy.

      • Gern Blanston

        Pretty much.

      • Lord Haw-Haw.

        Here again the focal point is legality of purchase with particular reference to Clear Title one that is free of liens. Any corporation that has claimed 98% of Lana’i through quiet title and adverse possession we must scrutinize analytically.

        As previously noted Crown Lands are inalienable and cannot be bought or sold. The easiest methodology to employ is to trace the historical records back to the 13 Ahupua’a of which Lana’i was comprised, we know that following closure of the Mahele between 1855 – 1867 thirteen grant applications covering 735.93 acres were surveyed and Patented to 14 individuals, 13 of whom were native and 1 foreigner. The Kingdom 1846 census shows the population of Lana’i as 616. Kamehameha III (Kauikeaouli) created the Mahele ‘Aina of 1848 to protect the Land from foreign invasion it is to those Hawaiians who lost their Land our sympathy should be extended, sympathy is not enough however the imbalance must be addressed.

        • Blitzen

          These lands “cant be bought or sold” and “no clear title” all seem to imply something, however, the evidence suggests otherwise.  These lands, just traded hands for millions of dollars.  That proves that you are incorrect.  Anyways, back to your fantasy land….

          • Lord Haw-Haw.

            Why do you not check-out youtube videos on so-called “Ceded Land” there are plenty of short snippets which will only take a few moments of your time which clearly exhibit the breaks in the chain of Title?

            Fantasy land is a domicile where people exchange Hawaiian lands without a notary public registering the land transaction with the registrar at the Bureau of Conveyances.

          • Mauiman

            It’s American Greed and it’s what is killing this nation.  As much as Hawaiians don’t want to be a part of it, they are.  After living on Maui for the last year I feel for you, I really do.  All you can do is just overcharging and sticking it to the tourists who come here to visit.  

            Every intelligent Hawaiian I have ever met is passive, meaning they don’t seek action nor do they want to prompt anything that might cause waves…unless it’s a picket because they were forced to work on a day they thought they should have off…then they will line the highways with signs.

            Sorry but “what’s right” doesn’t matter to people of the world, nor is it addressed when your dealing with the people who run the world.  Your better off not living in yesteryear 1855, understand the white man has already stole your land and you do not have to tell him it’s “ok” because it is already been done and your not going to get it back no matter what signatures are missing from any piece of paper.White man makes the life suck, but your not the first, just ask the Indians…hey maybe you guys should go that route and get some casino’s on the islands.  I’m sure that would bring some profits since everyone here just vacations to vegas anyways. 

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