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Maui Named Top
Island in the World

Updated 04:46 PM HST, October 19, 2012
Posted 12:09 PM HST, October 16, 2012

Maui island. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)/Tor Johnson.

By Sonia Isotov

Readers of the Conde Nast Traveler magazine have named Maui the number one island in the world for the 19th year in a row.

According to the recently announced Conde Naste Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2012, Maui came in first followed by Bermuda (2), Bora Bora (3), the Maldives (4), Nevis (5), Vancouver Island (6), Bali (7), Bozcaada and the Turkish Aegean Islands (8).

In this 25th annual survey, 46,476 Conde Nast readers elected 1,306 properties and places. The questionnaire contained lists of candidates in various categories (cities, hotels, etc.). Individual candidates are judged by relevant criteria for each. Those that receive a required minimum number of responses are deemed eligible for a Readers’ Choice Award.

Honolua Bay, Maui. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)/Tor Johnson.

Each candidate is rated, criterion by criterion, on a five-point scale: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. Those scores, which represent the percentage of excellent and very good ratings, are averaged to calculate the final score published.

Maui received a score of 92.1 rating which is an average of its scores for all criteria: food/dining, location, overall design, rooms, service, and (for resorts) activities/facilities.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • frenchie

    Maui no ka oi :)))

  • Mike

    whatevers!!! it just is getting too expensive for us locals!!! water, gas, car registration, food to eat, blah, blah, blah. And don’t tell me to leave, because I’m working on it.

    • puukolii boy

      Hey mike, you are 110% correct about what we locals have to go through. But, we are strong to survive all of that. Its hard but we do… stick around and do like me watch and adept. I know I won’t see this island get as bad as Oahu. It will still be along time to be like that. But its sad. :(( well still can enjoy it as it is right now..

    • VivaLasVegas

      I hear Vegas is nice. Lots of stripper Jobs there.

  • AK

    Not going to be that way if the development and irresponsibility of the Maui County Council continues. NO more Makena, no more Olowalu and no more Honolua, as so beautifully pictured in this article. These amazing places of beauty and Hawaiian history are in danger!! Save Maui!! Protect Maui! Keep Maui, No Ka Oi.

    • mahalo111

      I met Don Gussman (running for council) the other day and asked him many questions regarding development on Maui. Rather than building new commercial he’s inspired to renew old commercial properties that you find throughout Kahului and Wailuku. Anyway, the conversation encouraged me to vote on Nov. 6th.

      • No Can

        That’s what they did in Lahaina, which is why there are so many historic buildings there still. It’s more expensive but keeps the town’s history alive.

      • puukolii boy

        Mahalo111 great you feel that way. But what is there to save in wailuku and kahului??? It will cost about the same or maybe more to keep and redo old buildings . Most of the old sights are all gone .

        • mahalo111

          What I’m talking about is rather than urban sprawl such as building a new shopping mall in Kihei, Why not renew and rebuild areas like Kahului Shopping Center? I’m not talking about historic preservation because you are right…. there really isn’t much left.

          • No Can

            That’s the choice of whoever owns Kahului Shopping Center, not anything any of us can do. As for the shopping mall in Kihei, what urban sprawl? All I see is kiawe and rock over there right now anyway. Might as well put something useful over there.

    • Kalani

      I know. what is up with the oluwalu development? I can’t believe my eyes. There is an Ahupuh’a there. :( so sad. I hope they don’t destroy access to the petroglyphs

      • kalani

        oops ahupua’a

  • puukolii boy

    Wow, so many dreamers… open your eyes!!!! Before it’s to late!!!!! Or the hawaiians will be replaced with haolewaiian’s!!!!!! Do you think this island will the way it is when those large farming fields are gone???? Wakeup!!!! Oahu is just around the corner…

  • Rick

    puukolii boy, if I had Larry Ellison-type money, and I decided to buy Maui (I know, NO one has that much money – just dreaming here) I would endeavor to keep Maui a place where locals feel like their heritage is respected and honored, while welcoming us haoles to visit your paradise home. I would actually like to see more opportunities for visitors to learn about Hawaiian history as part of their visit.

    There is a reason many of us prefer Maui to Oahu. Anyone who messes that up with overcommercialization will just drive people to Lanai or Kauai, where they can experience what Hawaii is supposed to be, not just another place to eat at Applebee’s and stay at a Hilton.

    • puukolii boy

      Hey Rick, I’d rather see the tourist see Hawaii and it’s people then see them reading what Hawaii and the Hawaiian people really was like. Yeh, its a shame. We all know that large commercial businesses has both eyes on Maui. They all know the forecomming for Maui. And know that the opportunity is the greatest right now to plan and wait for the first good available land to build.

  • mahalo111

    Funny to me that when people spend a week in a five star hotel in Wailea, eat potato salad and cake at a tourist luau and shop at Tiffany’s, they can say the love Maui. I don’t think they have even seen Maui!

    • No Can

      Potato salad and cake? You’re funny brah.

  • guest

    Number one even with the cane smoke. ha ha must not be a big deal then glad the tourist that sign that petition didn’t vote for the best Island. Maybe it shows air quality elsewhere is worse. And to prevent some posts I was not the first one to bring up cane smoke. We should all just be happy to live Hawaii. I hope my grandkids get to see the cane fires in the early mornings like I did. If you get the chance everyone should see that beauty at least once. Pitch black with those flames reaching high into the night sky. That is awesome. Maui is the best. Both for the good and the bad. And if you don’t like the changes vote. J

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.draper.33 Janet Draper

    Without a doubt…..Maui no ka oi…..Maui is number one!!

  • ken

    this january i will visit maui for the 12th time…i cherish each hour for the culture,island beauty,fresh air,clean water..things that are taken for granted elsewhere…i drive to the small towns and visit with the agriculture experts ( local farms ) learn of their way of life….i stay at a hawaiian hotel,not a fancy large overhead hotel similiar to the mainland…getting close now…can’t wait to see my hawaiian ohana again mahalo maui for all your beauty

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