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Senate Passes Bill That
Would Decriminalize Marijuana

Posted 01:31 PM HST, March 5, 2013
Hawai’i Island police dismantled an underground bunker marijuana-growing operation in Puna and arrested two individuals at the Glenwood home after serving a search warrant on Thursday.  Police described the building as a sophisticated operation measuring 40 by 80 feet, and containing more than 500 marijuana plants. Photo courtesy Hawaii Police Department.

Hawai’i Island police dismantled an underground bunker marijuana-growing operation in Puna and arrested two individuals at the Glenwood home after serving a search warrant on Thursday. Police described the building as a sophisticated operation measuring 40 by 80 feet, and containing more than 500 marijuana plants. Photo courtesy Hawaii Police Department.

By Wendy Osher

The Hawai’i State Senate today passed a bill that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The amended version of Senate Bill 472 passed third reading, creating a “civil violation” for the possession of an ounce or less for intentional possession. A violation would be subject to a fine of $1,000.

Under current laws, possession under similar circumstances would be classified as a harsher violation of “criminal misdemeanor.”

SB472, SD1 passed with 25 “yes” votes, and two yes votes with reservations from Senators Ruderman and Slom.

Earlier this year, the Drug Policy Action Group presented findings of an opinion poll they commissioned saying the findings suggest that Hawai’i voters are open to legalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana in the state.

In the study, researchers examined the costs of current law enforcement policies, and the projected economic impacts if Hawai’i were to decriminalize or legalize, tax and regulate marijuana.

According to findings of the study,  it was suggested that by decriminalizing marijuana, Hawaii could redirect over $9 million annually in law enforcement costs.

The item has since been transmitted to the state House for further consideration.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • The REAL Stand Alone


  • Maui_Mike

    Legalization is inevitable, most smart people no longer believe all the myths about weed, I will be surprised if it becomes legal through legislation instead of by the sure route of by voters, but this seems somewhat more possible after passing this mark.

    • stand alone

      I still believe is wrong very wrong to delegalize marijuana. Cause of money then over right from wrong. And I still believe those law makers are a bunch of money hungry” IDIOTS” … and if they do make marijuana legal. Ill just sit back and watch as hell gate opens up and let all those brainless dead walk out. Hey, you law markets! I hope you guys feel first hand what I predict what will happen when you idiots do make marijuana leagle. Keep your kids, especially your girls. Cause it will be easier to then stone-em then bone-em.. like I said, you law makers are IDIOTS!!!!

      • olamau

        Here again three choices,#1Live up to society laws#2Run for office and change the law#3Get out of our state!

        • stand alone

          Well, if I had to choose. I would choose your #1. So I can eirk you and make you leave the Aina. But really I think I would not have to do anything. Cause the true Hawaiians will do it to you. As for you, you maybe Hawaiian blood. But your blood is bad blood. The true Hawaiians won’t want you here in their aina.and so ill watch you leave. LOL….

          • braddahsaywat?

            Your reasoning has no validity , if you could only see past your discrimination, and educate yourself on marijuana, you would be able to see all the health benefits it has. My auntie had cancer, and all the doctor prescribed drugs in the world did not bring her any relief. She was slowly starving to death, in agony, and we begged her to try smoking a lil to see if it could help. It did. Her hunger came back, and her tumor growth slowed. She lived 3 years, when the doctors only gave her 4-6 months. If only it was legal the doctor might have prescribed her some, it may have stopped the tumors before the cancer cells were spread and malignant, and she might have healed ans still be with us.

      • Maui_Mike

        Your depiction of pot smokers as zombies and irresponsible is so silly and stereotypical, those are myths you choose to cling to for some reason, but as I have told you many times, all the people I know who smoke are working people and for the most part very productive, and none of the horrible things you predict have happened in the other legalized states, with all do respect you are dead wrong on this.
        And don’t you care that the current marijuana law effects native Hawaiians the most, they are arrested and imprisoned more than anyone else in the state.
        And lastly, I would fear someone feeding our daughters alcohol and taking advantage far more than some weed….that analogy is weak and plain silly!

        • Mike_Maui

          MauiMike, please clarify what you mean when you state above that ‘stand alone’ is “dead wrong” (your words).

          • Maui_Mike

            Sure, I’ll clarify, read his post, he is wrong in every respect.
            And I love the screen name, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery….not very original though…lol.

        • stand alone

          You’re in such a lala land thinking that the things that i said is not true and didn’t happen. You’re so lame. “IT HAPPENED” !!! There will be more spouse abused and child abuse and more homeless. More divorce. And need for more psychological help. And child support and more to come. Waste up that’s where all the extra tax money that you guys claimed that will generate will go to and it will not be enough to pay for it all. So the rest of the tax money that will be needed will come from where????

          • Maui_Mike

            As I pointed out, none of those things have happened in the other legalized states, you are wrong.
            You seem trapped by your obvious lack of knowledge, education, and common sense, not if, but when this legalization happens you will certainly have some crow to eat, no worries, I’m sure you are used to being wrong all the time by now.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judy-Henderson/100000206568211 Judy Henderson

        stand alone, did you ever go to school? That is the worst jibberish I’ve ever read in a post. I couldn’t make any sense of what you were trying to say.

        • Babalui

          Stand alone is not known for coherent sentences. His effective education is probably at 4th grade level at best. You should read some of his past gems. LOL.

  • stand alone

    The only good thing that I can see about delegalizing marijuana is, there will be more jobs available when they fire out all the smoke filled zombies.for being irresponsible and unreliable.

    • fedup

      You act like marijuana is as bad as meth. If you did your research, not only are the health effects of alcohol and cigarettes worse than marijuana, but at least marijuana has some benefits for extremely ill patients (and not limited to cancer). Those “smoke filled zombies” you talk of are that way because of their morals and outlooks on life. Not because they smoke weed. They were never raised with the values of being decent contributors to society for whatever reasons. Let’s move onto the effects alcohol has on a person not only health wise, but mentally too! You want to make that illegal too? Frankly, Hawaii could use all the money they could get considering they refuse to even pay their educators a decent salary. Maybe with the legalization of marijuana, Hawaii can hopefully put funding back into their education system (instead of the past few years of cuts cuts cuts) so that schools will finally have the resources to teach the keiki about drug use and abuse. I teach 4th grade, and had a conversation with my students about the baby who was cured of AIDS. Not one child (out of 30 mind you) knew what HIV/AIDS was. Sad. Just heartbreakingly sad. But let’s keep blocking any kind of potential resource from reaching this state because that’s what seems to have been working all this time.

  • Peace

    It’s hard to believe that Marijuana is still illegal after all the evidence has been out for decades that outlawing it is far more harmful than the drug itself. Humanity will look back on this time in history as another era of corruption by big government, law enforcement, private prisons, (and their unions) and the pharmaceutical industry to make a profit by jailing people for nothing. Hopefully the sequester will de-fund the immoral war on drugs and stop those annoying green sweep helicopters from flying and destroying our peace.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HempyStix David McKinney

    Enacted in 2050? That’s not a typo, folks!

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