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UPDATE: 3 Arrested in Masked
Robbery of Wailuku Minit Stop

Updated 02:30 PM HST, July 24, 2013
Posted 08:20 AM HST, July 24, 2013
Robbery Investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku.  Photo by Wendy Osher.

Robbery investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku. Photo by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

(Update: 12:40 p.m. 7/24/13)

Three men in their 20s were arrested and transported to the Wailuku Police Station in connection with a morning robbery at the Minit Stop on Main Street in Wailuku, police said.

According to police reports, two local men wearing hooded sweaters and masks entered the convenience store at around 6:50 a.m. on Wednesday, July 24.

One of the men was carrying what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol, and the other was carrying a pipe, said Lt. Jayson Rego in a police report.

Robbery Investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku.  Photo by Wendy Osher.

Robbery investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku. Photo by Wendy Osher.

Upon entry, police say the men began demanding money from the cashiers and threatening customers in the store.

The two men, “suddenly bolted and ran from the store as they heard sounds of police sirens responding,” said Lt. Rego.

Police say the two suspects who had entered the store, fled the scene on foot toward Waiʻale Drive on Nani Street.

Upon police arrival a foot chase ensued and both men, ages 24 and 25, were caught fronting the Nani Street Apartments, authorities said. The weapons used in the robbery were also recovered at that location, according to police.

Robbery Investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku.  Photo by Wendy Osher.

Robbery investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku. Photo by Wendy Osher.

A third man, who police say was acting as a look out and get away driver, reportedly fled from the scene in a gray Nissan pick up truck, headed west or mauka on Main Street.

Officers with the Kīhei Traffic Enforcement Detail later located the 23-year-old man operating the 2007 Nissan Pick up truck, and stopped him on the Honoapiʻilani Highway, at Māʻalaea near the Carl’s Jr. Drive In.

Police say the vehicle was observed to be speeding and cutting in and out of traffic, while heading in the Lahaina direction.

According to Lt. Rego, all three suspects were subsequently arrested and transported to the Wailuku Police Station for processing.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police say no injuries were observed or reported by the victims, witnesses, or suspects.

Robbery Investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku.  Photo by Wendy Osher.

Robbery investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku. Photo by Wendy Osher.

(Update: 8:57 a.m. 7/24/13)

Maui police from Wailuku Patrol now have three people detained in connection with a reported robbery at the Minit Stop on Main Street in Wailuku, said Lt. Jayson Rego with the police department’s Criminal Investigation Division.

The investigation is still in its beginning stages, and officers were still processing evidence at the scene at around 8 a.m. today.

Lt. Rego confirmed that there was a robbery this morning at the location, situated at the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue.  Police on scene said no one was injured in the incident.

Full details as well as the identities of those detained in connection with the incident are pending release.

***Check back for more details and updates which will be posted as they become available from Maui police.

Robbery Investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku.  Photo by Wendy Osher.

Robbery investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku. Photo by Wendy Osher.

(Update: 8 a.m. 7/24/13)

Maui police are currently conducting an investigation into a reported robbery at Minit Stop on Main Street in Wailuku, police said.

Officers from the Criminal Investigation Division cordoned off the area were processing evidence at last report.

Police on scene say no one was injured in the incident.

We have unconfirmed reports of a suspect seen leaving the area.

Full details are pending release.

Robbery Investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku.  Photo by Wendy Osher.

Robbery investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku. Photo by Wendy Osher.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Maui

    Dumb locals. U think they cud get away from this island

    • stand alone

      Good job MPD . and I don’t care what any disagreeing zombie says.

    • Harry

      Ya, and you would think people could spell simple words like ‘could’ when they write comments…

      • Harry is gay

        Harry u dumb haole

  • Konamax

    I seen a bunch of MPD cars and an ambulance there last night around 8:00pm –

  • ddftr

    Bail will be set at $5,000 because they only have 173 prior arrests, only 96 misdemeanor and only 43 felony convictions. They will be found guilty and placed on Double Secret Probation.

    • 101

      Drug court works, lol.

  • Harry

    Since the County changed the laws to allow non-profits huge exemptions in Wailuku town, they have descended on the place like a plaque of locust. Free AIDS clinic, Free medical clinic, Felony Prisoner release half-way house, juvenile delinquent half-way house, drug treatment work release clinic; sex offender counseling offices, etc. the list goes on and on. These entities attract some undesirable people into Wailuku Town and they commit crimes. The town has gone way down hill in the last five years.

    • jabroni

      you must be new around here. lol

    • 101

      They just need to fence Happy Valley, and fumigate once a year.

  • Maui_Mike

    Good thing robbers are usually stupid and careless, probably on batu…..good job MPD, now if the courts do their job these clowns will go away for years like they should, we need to demand harsh sentencing for crimes like this.

  • Reef

    Recap: 7am, when there is little money in the till, 2 guys, that are of an age where they should be in the best shape of their lives, decide to commit a felony robbery and run when they hear sirens, but are out run by MPD, and caught. The getaway driver leaves them behind and drives like a maniac to get the attention half the people on the island, and he gets caught. These “men” are armed dangerous, and stupid. I hope they are taken off the streets for a very long time.

  • Tiare

    Good job MPD!!! Getaway driver….Don’t you know its Operation Speed Week?!!! So glad they were caught.

  • youdown

    shut up all of you, keep yo head up dawgs

    • Yortuk Festrunk

      Well, there will probably be a number of “heads” that will be “up” something over the next ten years, as these three have their lower intestines straightened by a 300-pound Tongan on a daily basis.

      • babalui

        LOL. A 300-pound Tongan can barely find his own batu.

  • tIaNaBaBy

    I dont appreciate reading all this negativity about my brother.. he is just a kid who made wrong choices.. but if u knew him personally, and not just judging him by wat u are reading.. he is the nicest, most loving person I know! He may not be perfect.. but then again no one is!! INNOCENT till proven GUILTY!! I LOVE YOU BRO WITH A PASSION!!

    • jabroni

      your brother is a cancer on society. normal people don’t go around committing armed robbery and threatening people. i hope he rots.

    • Guest

      Yup that mah uncle k so pepole better shut up

      • 101

        …or what, lol.

      • Uncle jailbird

        Quik cuz, go brake ’em out.

    • Yortuk Festrunk

      Do you know why there are no OLD people like your brother?
      It’s because it’s simply not survivable behavior- sooner or later, the laws of statistical probability catch up with people that make decisions like that, and they end up as worm food.

    • Lei

      I’m sorry that it is your brother involved in this senseless crime but he or the other 2 boys had an automatic pistol and a pipe. They could have severely hurt or killed someone. Also, would you want someone breaking into your house threatening you with weapons so they could steal what belonged to you? We can’t keep condoning this type of behavior, even if it is coming from a loved one. They need help and for people (especially family) to tell it to them straight. Sometimes tough love is the best love in the long run. Trust me, I know.

      • tIaNaBaBy

        Yes, u are so right.. I don’t condone what he is accused of doing, my bro is the so called get away driver.. and I believe he is innocent.. until proven other wise.. another thing media is not telling is the fact that the gun was FAKE!! CUTS NO ICE I know, but just goes to show they are just kids that got desperate and acted upon an immature and very dangerous impulse! I believe in a MERCIFUL and FORGIVING God!! I LOVE MY BRO WITH A PASSION!

        • Yortuk Festrunk

          I’m sure that where he’s going, a LOT of guys will learn to love him with a passion.

          • tIaNaBaBy

            You are just an ignorant jerk with no sense of humor! I have no time for stupid comments!! I will plead his case cause he’s my brother! And I do love him unconditionallly! He did wrong.. stop judging! Only GOD can judge him!

          • stacia

            K u cant just judge mah uncle be the cover unless u god !!!!!!!! God only can judge nobody else

          • waiside

            Yes, ‘Only God can judge” but a human judge will most likely judge him and hopefully teach him a lesson.

        • Leya

          Just keep strong girl. Your bro is lucky to have you. Keep praying for him, pray that God will change his heart. Don’t listen to all the hate, stay true to yourself. We need to invest more in helping our local community then judging. I don’t know their back stories but I’m sure they’ve been through some sh*t that most people don’t deal with. Everyone saying hateful things on here should spend time mentoring a local youth to lead them on a productive path. If you haven’t done that, shame on you for casting stones.

          • tIaNaBaBy

            Thank you Leya for understanding.. the simplicity of the matter is I don’t condone his actions at all.. but he is my brother, and I will defend HIM not his choices! Everyone sins.. we just sin differently.. but no matter how u try to jystify the severity or mildness of the deed, its still SIN! And we can ALL thank God for FORGIVENESS cause we ALL need it!! I love u bro!!

    • whatevahs

      Your brother makes other hardworking locals look bad. Send him jail. Sometimes kids need a lesson the hard way.

  • stacia

    THat stupied last comment thats mah uncle k. So u dont no wat u talking about !!!!!!! So shut up

    • jabroni

      are you trying to say MPD arrested the wrong people?

    • 101

      If you attended public schools, I’d like to file theft charges against you for my tax dollars.

      • 101Panty

        like to use that line often huh?

    • Uncle jailbird gonna be a wife

      Now he got a roof and three squares 4 awhile cuz. Hot bugga dem cells tho.

  • 101

    I guess they’ll be learning every possible meaning to the words of the song “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”.
    Of course, it was three GUYS. I see no mention of any females. Maybe this is what they WANTED.
    I wonder if they swished into the store, stuck the gun in the clerk’s face, and demanded all the KY Jelly.

    • Helena

      If they didn’t they will…

  • Okole Puka

    Dese old bolo hed haole pigs wen outrun deez young boys?

  • youdown

    you cant be quick to judge, its doesnt make them bad people just the wrong choices

    • yatamoto

      I don’t get this idiocy about “wrong choices”, as if it’s just like choosing between Coke or Sprite, or having a spam musubi or a manapua. these three morons are defective. Too bad we can’t do retroactive abortions in this state.

      • 101

        They almost did.

  • Keepitreal

    Jeeeeez come on guys pick the closest Minit Stop to the police station… And everyone knows that MPD cruises at Uptown Chevron… What it took MPD 20 seconds to get there? Even the get away car speeding through traffic during “speed week”…. Poor planning… Good job MPD! But on a brighter note; atleast there will be 3 new people helping set up the fair this year! Lol

  • Haole

    I looked at thier Facebook. These three are trouble makers and no good. I hope they go away for some time. Good to have them off the street. Lucky nobody got hurt.

  • PeaceBeWithYou

    Amazing. Comments like “he is just a kid who made wrong choices” and “thats mah uncle k” coming from people who would bring the roof down if it were them that were being robbed, threatened, or otherwise inconvenienced by these actions. If you truly think that everything is forgiven because they are related to you, what if it were my uncle or brother? What desperate situation could these people be in that condones this sort of behavior? Sorry to break it to you, family members, NOT OK. Under any circumstances.

    Luckily for them, they will likely spend a minimal amount of time incarcerated. Unfortunately for the rest of us, if they don’t get their act together and make it right with the GOD that is the only one that can judge them, your God will judge them. Harshly. Robbers and thieves are not tolerated by the God I was raised with.

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