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Maui Police Identify
Minit Stop Robbery Suspects

Updated 09:44 AM HST, July 26, 2013
Posted 03:19 PM HST, July 25, 2013
Joyner D. Recheungel. Photo courtesy MPD.

Joyner D. Recheungel. Photo courtesy MPD.

Rowan Sombelon.  Photo courtesy MPD.

Rowan Sombelon. Photo courtesy MPD.

By Wendy Osher

Maui police have since identified the suspects arrested in the Wednesday morning robbery of the Minit Stop store on Main Street in Wailuku.

Police say Joyner D. Recheungel, 25, and Rowan Sombelon, 24, were both formally charged with first degree robbery and three counts of first degree terroristic threatening. Recheungel’s bail was set at $65,000; and Sombelon’s bail was set at $13,000.

Police say a third man, Stanceford M. Kaina Jr., 23, was charged with first degree robbery, and was being held in lieu of $50,000 bail. According to police reports, Kaina Jr. is currently on probation which started in 2011.

Stanceford M. Kaina Jr. Photo courtesy MPD.

Stanceford M. Kaina Jr. Photo courtesy MPD.

During the masked robbery, police say two men entered the convenience store, one brandishing what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol (but was actually a pellet gun), and the other carrying a pipe.

Lt. Jayson Rego said that upon entry, the men began demanding money from the cashiers and threatened customers in the store.

The men reportedly fled when sirens were heard from responding police, but were caught during a foot pursuit fronting the Nani Street Apartments.

A third man, who police say was acting as a look out and get away driver, reportedly fled from the scene and was stopped by Kīhei Traffic Enforcement officers in Māʻalaea.

Police say no injuries were observed or reported.

Robbery Investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku.  Photo by Wendy Osher.

Robbery investigation at Minit Stop in Wailuku. Photo by Wendy Osher.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • mauidano

    Hilarious pictures. Tough guys, huh?

  • Maui_Mike

    Just like I figured, too much of the batu pipe, now if the justice system does not fail it will be a good outcome by getting 3 bad guys out of the community.

  • HaikuGuy34

    Good Job MPD….3 Losers off the streets …Robbery FAIL..

  • Okole Puka

    Way to Represent!

  • Yortuk Festrunk

    I’m sure these girls will be very popular at Halawa.

  • 101

    Wow, these guys look like a couple of astronauts.

  • UC GUY

    Soooooooo totally hot-up! Some Shame for their families and themselves. Cross your (our) fingers that these guy FINALLY GET it and Learn from it! They will be having fun and good times in Jail! Good job Minit Stop and MPD.

  • RiddleBox

    Hard to pick this bunch out of a lineup lol.

  • 101

    I have a feeling that The Three Stooges were only a few seconds away from winning the 2013 Darwin Award.
    They’ll live longer in prison.

  • CompassionateHuman

    None of you know these men or their stories… it is unwise to cast stones of judgment. The superior person sees all with compassion and understands that this type of behavior is born out of desperation and suffering.

    • eoe

      Desperation and suffering is relative. Stories are often just that. Stories. Lies. Told to make people feel better about themselves.

    • kapena808

      My compassion is for the store clerks and customers who were obviously traumatized by these miscreants.

      • JsDAD

        Yes. What about the store clerks and customers. I know an elderly person who lives in the senior assisted apartments across the street who frequents Minit Stop daily. What if the shock of being in that situation caused something to happened to him/her?

      • 101

        Amen, kapena808.

    • Lori

      yeah anyway..im glad they are off the street!!

  • CompassionateHuman

    Those who poke fun or insult people are no better than those they insult. The universe will humble you if you aren’t careful.

    • eoe

      Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

  • lehua

    but for the grace of god. anyone of us could be in there shoes. living poverty with no options. they made a mistake but should not have to loose there future over it. we all make poor choices, right?

    • Upcountry

      Wrong, Lehua. There are wrong choices and then there’s stupid choices. They knew that armed robbery of a convenience store had its consequences.

      Life is filled with choices of right or wrong; they chose the wrong path. They could have gotten up that morning and gone to work (or looked for work), but instead they chose to commit armed robbery.

      Living in poverty does not give them an excuse to behave in such manner.

      • One Love

        who can collect welfare too if your poor

      • Lori


      • yatamoto

        They didn’t rob anyone. It was just a prank gone too far.

        • 101

          Trying to play it off as a “prank” makes it even worse- it communicates to the rest of society that not only did they do it (they did), but that they aren’t willing to man up and accept responsibility for their poor life decisions.

        • kapena808

          And what planet do you live on?

    • BANE

      You Is SSA BACKWARDS Lehua! Das Why Hard!

    • Hoku

      Wrong Lehua, there are options, get help, get a job, get out of the situation make things better for yourself. living like that is a choice, just an excuse to stay home & live off the system. & yes they made a stupid mistake, & they should pay the price for what they did. Now the store clerks gotta live with fear because these 3 guys. Is that fair? NO!!!

      • Pili

        But they weren’t staying at home and living off the system. They were trying to be go-getters.

        Their ambition was just a little misdirected.

        • 101

          Who ever said they weren’t living off they system?
          Anyone want to bet how much of our tax dollars has gone to support them so that there was no reason for them to fend for themselves, giving them 24 hours a day to commit crimes, with no other distractions like the need to stay off drugs so that they could get a job?

  • realist

    Come on people.. They didn’t commit armed robbery out of poverty they did such an act to fund a drug habit… That drove them to poverty, do you folks know the street price of those pills? Which probably wasn’t the only thing they were on. Its sad so many young adults are falling victim to drug addiction. I was once in their shoes and know of these individuals. Indeed this act was fueled by drugs therefore they need drug court… The one thing Hawaii’s judicial system and Americas “war on drugs” is doing right. Wish these young men the best and hope this opens their eyes. I’m sure they’re doing alot of thinking and reflecting on how one decision is going to change their life. Not to mention withdrawing and realizing all that for nothing, not even a dollar! Oh and braddah Stance, you should’ve known operation SPEED was in full affect via TagumaWatch.. Coulda got away if you drove like a normal person.. Oh wait, he was high.

  • BANE

    DUMB MONKEYS! Mo’ Bettah Make’ Baby Time!

  • Vegas702

    If You’re Gonna Rob A Minit Stop, Dont Do It During The Peak COFFEE and DOUGHNUT Rush Hour!

  • Gerry T. Rasmus aka KOTO

    Bad choices, learning curves, some pop out smarter, more together making something out of the rest of their lives, many times the worst things that happen to one, is the best, for their future…
    Heaven and Hell is on Mother Earth, some of us get caught up in the wrong places, some make it out, some never.
    Sorry for all involved…

  • Choices

    This is where their sum of choices in life has led them. Sometimes we get so caught up in the fog, we forget there is even a way out. Don’t be so quick to criticize, everyone was dealt a different hand in life, until you live in someone elses shoes, or you have help to offer, hamau. Hating on them is the same thing as killing them. If you don’t offer help, but criticize and hate others for what they do, it’s the same as wishing they were dead, in your heart you are a murderer, you condemn life because your fear and hate has conquered any love, compassion or sympathy.
    It is up to these guys to get out of the hole they put themselves in. But remember life is about growing. Sometimes this is what it takes for people to start growing. Choices people. Love or hate.

  • T

    They did make a pretty stupid choice and are individually responsible for their actions…but they are also products of Maui; of our schools, our neighborhoods, our job opportunities. The whole island failed them, including everyone who commented here. This is not the first story like this, and it won’t be the last. Punishment and incarceration doesnt change behavior, matter of fact the way our judicial and prison system currently works these boys will probably come out more desperate, more hardened, and less humane.

    • 101

      The whole island failed them?
      So it was the Minit Stop clerk’s fault that they barged in with masks on and threatened to shoot them in the face?
      Their families raised them to be the people that they are, but once they turned 18, they have been solely responsible for their actions.

    • Mojo

      HEY!!! Don’t blame me for there crime… You can take all the blame then… You should go to jail with them…You can hold their soap while they’re in the prison shower… Your the failure!… lol

      • 101


  • 101

    I’m just flabbergasted that these dummies didn’t learn from the whole Langford thing. If one of the store clerks had a 12-gauge under the counter, this story could have ended up with Minit Stop having to call in Kalima O Maui to clean their brains off the walls and ceiling.

  • Okole Puka

    So was the “getaway vehicle” a really short school bus?

    • Konamax

      I like your thinking! They would probably continue to make the stops also……

  • ddftr

    So one of these scumbags has already bailed out and is probably planning his next violent crime. A bail bondsman and $1,300 and he is all set to rob again and maybe kill.

    The Los Angeles County Felony Bail Schedule would have required a minimum Bail of $50,000 if there were NO weapons involved. And depending on weapons and “prior convictions”, Bail would be in the somewhere between $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more. And I am betting these dirtbag looosers have lots of prior convictions.

    Hawaii WTF!

    Keep us safe, don’t protect those who aim to hurt us.

  • sheriff john

    the persicution of criminals must stop, they have rights too!….like the time one guy did a break and entry and got shot, he sued the owner of the house who shot him!…..drug court is good for one year on the 366th day most get high, so a bunch of tax money spent for year giving gov’t workers jobs and they still go out and get high…..education? as long as the gov’t provides it, they will keep the population dumbed down to keep police, laywers, judges, jails in business. as far as these poor guys are concerned I”ve not seen a verdict from a jury of their peers. Only guilty as charged by vigilantes here on maui now!……with that said, glad these guys got caught, as many of said nobody cares much about the poor people in the store while it happened

  • gregory

    So a haole and a local guy get caught robbing a convenient store. What the heck is that white boy doing that kind of stuff out here on my island for.

    • 101

      We don’t need your racist hate speech here.
      And what do you mean “my island”?
      Did you buy the island, or are you implying that this rock popped up out of the ocean with your family already on it?

  • 101

    I suspect crappy parenting.

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