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Police Seek Help in
Locating Missing Wailea Woman

Posted 04:34 PM HST, December 20, 2013
Jean Kini Chang. Photo courtesy MPD.

Jean Kini Chang. Photo courtesy MPD.

By Maui Now Staff

Maui police are seeking the public’s help in locating a Maui woman who was last seen at her residence mid-week, and may be suffering from an illness that requires medical attention.

According to police reports, 59-year-old Jean Kini Chang was last seen at her Wailea home at around 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

She goes by the names “Jeanie” and “Kini” and is described as Caucasian, standing 5-feet 3-inches tall, weighing 130 pounds, with blonde medium length hair, and green eyes.

Image courtesy MPD.

Image courtesy MPD.

Police say Chang may also be operating her white 2005 BMW Z-4 sport coupe convertible bearing State of Hawaiʻi license plate MSN753.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Chang or her vehicle, is asked to call the Maui Police Department at (808) 244-6400.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Fed Up with Corruption

    OMG! Missing 2 days and MPD finally starts grovelling for help from the public???
    So how did that CHRIS REED MURDER INVESTIGATION in Kaanapali turn out for you MPD?
    so…NOT a WORD. Shhhh…MPD might destroy the TOURIST economy is the
    truth is exposed. MPD and the corrupt politicians make it all go away
    and Maui will still be paradise. NOT.

    • stand alone

      You really sounds like a idiot and someone that hates the police department. Have it accrued to you that for their investigations on some of their cases may have come to a dead end? And if they have no more lead to follow up on that it would be a better idea to ask for the publics help to find and get help to that mission woman? Just having the balls for the police department to ask for assistance from the public I think it is a really good thing to hopefully solve and finding this individual as soon as they can. And I guess they won’t have your support in helping this woman. I do think the more eyes is a allot better to finding this woman and having her returned to family. As for you, I think you are one of those people that just want to make it look you’re doing something good but, you are not helping one bit.

      • usbworks

        Interest accrues, ideas occur. But I get the gist and happen to agree.

        • Maui_Mike

          The grammar is atrocious, but the underlying point is valid, I read between the lines as well!

      • Fed Up with Corruption

        Furthermore, and for the record stand alone, I do not hate MPD. I am simply expressing my opinion on how crimes are shoved under the rug in the name of tourism. MPD asked for assistance from the public regarding Chris Reed

        • Maui_Mike

          Released pending further investigation does not mean charges will not be brought later, as they often are, I agree it’s a strange concept and takes some getting used to.

          • Fed Up with Corruption

            That must be be some good ganja, Maui Mike! How does one commit MANSLAUGHTER, have drugs on their person and get released with no bail?

            Actually, the LAW is NOT a strange concept at all. Proof of MPD corruption and NO I will not get used to it.

            What an ingenious response — go back to the mainland if we don’t like the corruption. Sorry, but I love this island and I will not remain silent in the face of such egregious impropriety. It only perpetuates more crime when criminals know they will go unpunished. Commit the crime, do the time.

            BTW, did you read about the teenager in Texas who recently was driving drunk, killed 4 innocent bystanders and paralyzed a passenger? Under affluenza (i.e. wealthy parents) he walked and is spending the next few years in an upscale boarding school. Yet a woman who recently stole Christmas decorations from neighbors in Texas was sentenced to 70 years! Look it up. I could not make this insanity up if I tried.

          • Maui_Mike

            You watch too many crime dramas on TV, the real world is not scripted and there is more to a case than you seem capable of understanding, I’m sure there is no coverup as you suggest there is…that would be unlikely to be possible under a chain of command of any kind.

          • Fed Up with Corruption

            Wow, you are really showing your superior boot-licking intelligence with your comment about a Maui man who recently committed MANSLAUGHTER, had drugs on his person and is FREE! If you recall, you stated:

            Maui_Mike: “Released pending further investigation does not mean charges will not bebrought later, as they often are, I agree it’s a strange concept and
            takes some getting used to.”

            Oh I get it, it takes time to adjust to CORRUPTION on Maui! Pardon, its Ohio not Detroit where you should be spewing your drivel.

          • Maui_Mike

            I stand by my statement, released pending further investigation is a strange thing, I don’t pretend to like it or understand it unless it’s a minor crime, but it is often done here with no particular favoritism, not everything is a conspiracy or corruption as you seem bent on thinking without a shred of lucid thought to back it up with.
            Get a grip, and please put your tin foil hat back on to block the rays from getting in your brain.

          • Fed Up with Corruption

            So although MANSLAUGHTER and drug possession are felonies, WHY is it OK on Maui where “favoritism” presides over the LAW???

            Your best response is “crazy conspiracy theorist” in light of ALL the FACTS?
            Sorry, but insults are based on stupidity when one cannot logically explain why MPD and the courts look the other way in the face of such egregious crimes and criminals.

            The murdered Marriott man’s story disappeared (with no indication of who was on the 5th floor), the Wailea woman disappeared with no word, the DRUNK driver killed a woman on Christmas Eve with no word. Collusion and Corruption? Nah, not when the lunatics are running the asylum.

            Don’t forget, Hollywood is on vacation on Maui…Shhhhh…this is Paradise…

          • wHoUBu

            Wow you are a fool. Do you really think the MPD is going to fill you in every step of the way as to how the investigation is going? You will find out what is going on when it’s time not before. It’s not corruption, it’s called police work. Why you ask? Because if they mess up any part of the investigation including releasing the wrong info to the public, then any lawyer with half a brain will get their client to walk. It’s not Maui corruption. It’s how the justice system works as evidenced by your previous example. Sorry but it is what it is. It aint perfect but it’s better than some other countries.

            As for sweeping it under the rug in the name of tourism; why didnt they sweep the shark attacks under the rug? The shark attacks do way more tourism damage than your atypical crimes that occur everywhere in the country.

          • Fed Up with Corruption

            First of all, this ain’t no 3rd world country. Maui is rated the # 1 island worldwide for many years. Please educate me on how the justice system has failed us and how it needs to be changed. Please tell me how these crimes go unanswered which only perpetuates more crime. Tell me how the manslaughter-drug-motorcyclist is FREE? B/C something was leaked? I think not.
            There comes a time when we should question the obfuscation of the government instead of offering RIPs to the victims. They are, after all, OUR EMPLOYEES. THEY WORK FOR US. We have a RIGHT to know the TRUTH. And SPEAK OUT if we disagree!

            As for the shark attacks, look no further than Maui Ocean Center. MOC captures a variety of sharks, hand-feeds them them while charging tourists $200 to swim with them. Per their website, they “rotate” the sharks back to the reefs when they become aggressive. The sharks then wait for their human hand-held feedings off the reefs of Maui…and you wonder why all the tagged/tracked sharks on the PACIOOS website at a taxpayer cost of $200K are proven to hang out in Kihei, near their former home, MOC.

          • checkered demon

            Corruption? To a small degree. I think ineptitude, nepotism and “featherbedding” are more to blame. Too many bad apples slipping under the radar and “cousins” put into a uniform that’s too big for them. I watched an MPD cop pull over a woman on S. Kihei Road and verbally assault her by the side of the road. I stood and watched until I got stink-eye and was told to “move on.” One bad apple spoils the whole basket

  • Fed Up with Corruption

    Oh, by the way, no one from MPD returned calls regarding Chris Reeds murder here in our wonderful Aloha state. So their request for info pertaining to yet another murder is BS!

    • Laki Pikake

      how you know she was murdered. you know something the rest of us don’t know?

      • Fed Up with Corruption

        Yes, I do know something. I know that an established 59-year old woman with a home in Wailea would not inexplicably vanish for 3 days without contacting any of her friends. So yes, I suspect foul play, unfortunately.

        • eoe

          Um “medical condition” is unfortunately code word for something, but its the opposite of murder.

        • stand alone

          Maybe the police should start focusing on you. To see why are you so uptight and negative on this two cases and see what you got to hide. Why are you so agents this anyway? What do you really know? Most people that talks the way you do have something to share. So, what is it you really want to say? Did you know any of the two people? Are you hiding or withholding any information? From MPD?

          • Fed Up with Corruption

            Are you a sandwich short of a picnic stand alone? Now why on earth would I be angry and negative about a man murdered at the Marriott with the investigation swept under the carpet? And an established Wailea woman’s disappearance?
            What do I really want to say? My posts could not be more straightforward.
            And no, I did not know either victim. I am simply outraged at the increasing crime and corruption on Maui.

    • wHoUBu

      Why does the Police need to answer your calls for info on Chris Reeds death? You realize that in order to keep an investigation legitimate, they need to keep things under wraps. You cant just tell everyone what you’re doing, who you’re looking at and what you believe happened if there is a chance that it will ruin the investigation. How do you know his death was a murder? I dont know much details about it but apparently you do. Plus, investigations take time. This is not CSI where the police department can solve the crime in 1 hour plus commercials.

  • Brian Nagami

    That car would likely stand out here on the island, I hope she didn’t accidentally drive off the road somewhere. Hope she’s found soon and in good health.

  • Maui_Mike

    I would like to make a suggestion to those who are always negative about MPD and everything else to do with Maui, go to the mainland and find a place more suited to you, then you will be happy and we will be happier too…mahalo.

    • checkered demon

      Here’s a suggestion too. They put a comment board here so people can state opinions and views other than yours. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make it negative. Yes Maui is nice, but there is always room for improvement.

      • Maui_Mike

        Then my suggestion and comment are in the right place, thanks for outlining the guidelines, I’m glad I got it right….my suggestion is for the very unhappy with Maui who see conspiracy in everything, if that’s not you then so be it…..it either applies to you or it does not.

        • checkered demon

          Easy kine. Time to go outside.

  • K’u Home Makawao

    this is a sad situation. the comments are full of speculation.

    people have some pretty nice imaginations.

    I am not saying I am 100% right, but I went to the source as best i could…..

    I happened to have had chriskwanzakuh dinner with a member of the MPD who shares a mutual friend with me…. according to the officer, the police are working under the assumption she has taken her own life – apparently she had threatened to off herself before and the police got involved…. this time they think she may have succeeded. They mentioned she had some storage units that they felt she was potentially in and that they were working on securing lawful entry or something.like that.

    ^^^so there you go….

    Now, was the cop lying to the dinner party? Because you know, cops are ALLOWED (and encouraged!) to lie thru their teeth to find “the truth”… so take it with a fat grain of Hawaiian Salt.

    • Terri in Dallas!

      Jean, would never have left her animals behind — and she drove a nice car… who killed her for a car parts.. This is not right.. something is really weird here… There are a lot of us who knew this lady. And this whole story is twisted. Where is Jean? Do your job, MPD! This is not a suicide type lady. There is fowl play here!!!

      • eoe

        There is a chicken playing a board game?

        • Terri in Dallas

          Yes there is!

    • BA

      I always thought of it as Hanukwanzamas…but I like chriskwanzakuh too!

  • GCD

    Looks like they found her. Sad.

  • farfromhome

    if another woman disappears on Maui next month- it’s time to approach the reality that someone has lost his noggin and is hurting women. Women need to be alert. Stay clear of random hitchhikers- hitchhiker ladies need to take protection with them. Another person or something they could use to protect themselves. Be safe. Be alert. If you want to practice Aloha- find a nursing home or volunteer some place- if it is a hitch hiker- than they can either walk or wait for the next ride. But don’t let anyone in your car you don’t know. Male or female.

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