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UPDATE: Missing Person
Believed to Have Mental Illness

Updated 08:14 AM HST, March 14, 2014
Posted 02:33 PM HST, March 13, 2014
David Allen Janatka. Photos courtesy Maui Search and Rescue.

David Allen Janatka. Photos courtesy Maui Search and Rescue.

Editor’s note: There is evidence via the Cleveland Police Department to suggest that Janatka may be a dangerous individual with psychiatric problems. Maui Now in no way endorses approaching this missing person – instead, contact the police.

By Wendy Osher

The Maui Search and Rescue organization and the Maui Police Department have released information on an individual reported missing on Maui.

David Allen Janatka, 50, was last seen around Feb. 19, 2014, when he took out a car rental on Maui, paying for a week of use.

Maui police have since released information saying that Janatka is believed to be suffering from mental illness and was last seen “talking to himself and acting irrationally.”


David Allen Janatka. Photo courtesy Maui Police.

David Allen Janatka. Photo courtesy Maui Police.

Family members tell the organization that when they spoke to Janatka around that day, “he seemed very anxious and exhausted because of lack of sleep.”

The rental vehicle was found abandoned on the side of the road, with one of the windows left half open, and the man’s cell phone, car keys and two pieces of luggage left within, according to Jeff Simon, director of the newly formed Maui Search and Rescue.

Police say the rental vehicle was found on Feb. 22, 2014, at the bottom of ʻUlaʻino Road in Hāna. Police say Janatka was not in the area, and a search proved unsuccessful.

Family members tell the organization that they believe Janatka may have gone for a hike near the location where the vehicle was found, tried to find a waterfall or a place to sleep in nature, or possibly attempted to “disconnect himself from the world for a short time.”

Hāna Police Lieutenant Stephen Orikasa received reports that a person matching Jantka’s description was observed heading out of Hāna, and was last seen in the area of Keʻanae, according to police reports.

Prior to his arrival on Maui, Janatka spent time on the North Shore and Waikiki areas of Oʻahu, according to Simon.

Maui Search and Rescue says the purpose for Janatka’s trip to Hawaiʻi was to try and “spend some time in some sort of spiritual retreat.”

Janatka is described as 5-feet-10-inches tall and weighs 175 to 185 pounds, with gray hair and blue eyes.

Police say Janatka was reported missing by his girlfriend on March 12, 2014.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call Detective Michael Callinan at (808) 244-6429.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • TNHSsportswear

    Come to Maui . . . and Disappear

    • HaoleHaoleHaole

      Yep. Ya got that right

  • Matt

    He has been missing for nearly a month and just now it is coming out?

    • G

      Yes. He was supose to be in a retreat with any kind of comunication. That’s why we didn’t think he was missing until we found out from the rental car that he had abandon the car wth all his stuff inside.

      • G

        I mean, with NO comunication.

    • Hugh Jack

      it was reported by search parties for Charli Scott, but since the family hadn’t reported him missing, they couldn’t begin a case.

  • LocalMokel

    Is Maui a magnet for these mainland haole freaks or what?!

  • allenbam

    what a joke…no comment, and no comment needed…

    • joe glow

      Pretty much…..mainlaind —–.

  • Maui_MIke

    well it begins again. stop this violence!

  • NoNeed

    Did he kill Charli?

    • hardyfuckinhar

      Is he white? Check! Psycho? Check! Criminal background? Check! Moved to Maui to escape mental demons? Check!
      Then YES he did!!!

  • ?????????

    Here today gone tomorrow……. ( What’s up with that ? )

  • Dahui

    What’s the common denominator of all these missing people and alleged perps?

    • checkered demon

      Here we go again with this shibai.

      • Dahui

        It’s a legitimate question. Care to answer?

        • checkered demon

          I’ll guess Colonel Mustard in the Library with the dagger?

    • Brlfsp

      I don’t know. What IS the common denominator between this guy and the guy arrested the other day for breaking into someone’s house in the middle of the night and smashing some guy’s head in with a hammer?

      • DontPlayDumbYT

        You know what I’m talkin about.

        • Brlfsp

          What ARE you talking about?

    • Brlfsp

      Dahui, what is the common denominator that you’re claiming between this guy and Paea K. Faleta, 41, of Lahaina, arrested and charged with: first degree
      methamphetamine trafficking, three counts of promoting a dangerous drug, four
      counts of prohibited acts related to drug paraphernalia, and place to keep

    • Brlfsp

      Dahui, what’s the common denominator between this guy and the two pig hunters that got lost in Makawao and had to be rescued on January 6th?

    • Brlfsp

      I don’t know, Dahui. If I start posting names and photos of child molesters in Maui, from a registered sex offender web site, would that help to illustrate this “common denominator” that you speak of?

      • Nambla

        Now ya got it. Most pedophiles are fat old white men.

        • checkered demon

          You can’t help it. Seek treatment.

    • Lena

      I don’t know, please tell.

  • Nick

    Remember Vernon Baker, the Punahou murderer? Sounds very similar. Mainland guy with psychotic disorder comes to Hawaii for a “spiritual retreat.” Winds up going berserk and murders poor, old lady.

    • Olinda

      Yup. Google his name. Arrested for bomb threats. Yikes!!

  • stand alone

    NOW WHAT! Geezzz, well I really do hope this guy is located in good shape. Goods sign that someone saw him heading out from hana in keanai.

    • Lena

      Not really. I have heard that Keanae is very uncivilized. You would be, too, if you lived in a place so desolate.

  • Neha

    Maui is perceived as a paradise place of healing. So who comes to Maui? People who feel they need healing…i.e. TROUBLED people. There are a lot of disturbed, troubled, crazy people on Maui. Some of these Maui crazies are transplanted mainlanders looking for healing and respite from their demons…some are local bad-asses. How can such a stunningly beautiful paradise place be so scary and weird to live in? All the crazy disappearances, rapes, murders, cases which NEVER get solved. Maui is like the Bermuda triangle of crimes: wheels within wheels, many ongoing mysteries. :-(

    • maui mike

      well said. most are mainland howlees.

    • Lena

      Well, I still do not understand how blasphemous media is. As in: do not approach this missing person instead call cops. Weird! If he is missing then no one is going to see him. I know what they mean. It just sounds kind of stupid.

      • you’re the crazy

        ?????? What ?????? Your comments sounds stupid. Are you locking yourself in doors? Unlock the doors and come out and smell the roses. You’ve been locked up so long you’re looozing it.

    • “attention please”

      Seek help you’ve got issues to cure within your self…….

  • Lena

    It states above Maui Now, in no way endorses approaching this missing person.
    How do you approach a missing person?

  • Gabi

    Half of you should be ashamed of saying those things. You guys don’t know the real story here and just what the news have being reporting. David went to Hawaii for a retreat that would not allowed him to communicate with us. That’s why it took my mom so long to report him missing. She did not waste anytime to report him missing soon as the rental car report to us his car was left abandon at hana with all his belongings inside. And of course that IF he was that person that the media saying he is he wouldn’t been travel alone. David is not crazy! So please instead of blaming anyone, take this serious and give us any feedback you might have. If you spot him and have any info, call the detective or leave a comment here and I will call he detective myself. Thanks for your help.

    • Capt Oblivious

      So there is another David Allen Janatka that was coincidently arrested for bomb threats, with coincidently the same mug shot? OK, I got it. Sorry for the confusion.

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