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Haʻikū Woman Arrested
for Alleged Mail Theft and Card Use

Posted 05:32 PM HST, March 18, 2014
Maui mail theft, graphics by Wendy Osher.

Maui mail theft, graphics by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

A Haʻikū woman is being held in lieu of $330,000 bail at the Maui Community Correctional Center following an alleged mail theft incident in Kahului and the unauthorized use of a stolen debit card from a previous case, police said.

Davelynn Mahi, 41, of Haʻikū was initially arrested and charged on Sunday, March 9, for six counts of unauthorized possession of confidential information, and one count of credit card theft, according to police reports.

Davelynn Mahi. Courtesy photo.

Davelynn Mahi. Courtesy photo.

The theft count stemmed from an incident earlier in the day in which an off-duty officer observed an individual who he identified as Mahi, placing papers in a newspaper box.

Police say the officer observed numerous pieces of mail in the box that did not belong to Mahi and reported the suspicious activity to Wailuku Patrol Officers.

According to police reports, Mahi was located and pulled over in a traffic top, during which officers noticed a large pile of mail on the floor of the vehicle.

Mahi was taken into custody and was released after posting $75,000 bail for the initial charges.

Several days later, police issued an all-points-bulletin for Mahi, after receiving information that the woman had allegedly used a stolen debit card from a previous case, police said.

Police say they located Mahi at the Maui Beach Hotel on Thursday, March 13, where she was arrested and charged with various offenses including: second degree theft; theft of a credit card; fraudulent use of a credit card; unauthorized possession of confidential personal information;  2 counts for outstanding warrants; and 3 counts for discharge of sureties.

The vehicle was recovered and transported to the Wailuku Police Station, and the mail on the floor of her vehicle remains under investigation, according to police reports.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Levity

    Just a heads-up, very recent mail tampering/theft in the Crater Rd area of Kula.

  • http://Joshboxer.com/ Josh Boxer

    ridiculous. She looks like a Meth Addict.

    • MauiShadow

      You figure that out all by yourself? Few people without major addictions behave like this… it may not be meth, but it is addiction to something.

  • Victim

    This POS stole my debit card from my mailbox in January. She racked up several hundred dollars in charges at Safeway, Shell stations, 7-11 and unsuccessfully at Walmart and Kings BBQ. Caused me a lot of grief and distress. She’s an ex-con who hopefully will go back to prison for a long time. My case hasn’t even come up on the docket yet so God knows how many others she has victimized besides the charges she’s currently facing.

    • amazed

      Good luck with that, these serious offenses commited by Maui’s finest citizens usually get a laughable lenient sentence. All you need it seems is sappy/afraid Judge who listens to their sob story, despite their criminal history and next thing you know a small amount of jail time if any.

  • Brlfsp

    The good citizens of Maui deserve to be protected from this ghoul. Let’s hope the judges do the right thing.

  • whathappened

    no racial identification and bashing on this one?

  • typicalmaui

    I remember not to long ago, a women who had a zillion arrests, prison time, etc. was caught again and the judge went lightly, considering all that happened. What will they do with this women, nothing I am sure. PEOPLE, they are all repeat offenders and not just once or twice..nuts. The amount of time and money it takes good citizens to clear their name with credit card companies, credit ripoff agenices. etc. is sinful as most can back up they DIDN’T do it, too much on the innocent victim to prove, the obvious doesn’t apply. ie. No amount of common sense counts. Common sense and the obvious truth means nothing today, but a thief gets away with anything multiple times, with a good sob story of how somebody else screwed them in life and some idiot judge falls for it everytime. Tell me the system isn’t rigged.

  • Christieann Cummings

    Yes, she did it again, but who are we to judge? Everyone is quick to throw the stone and call her names, but nobody can speak words of encouragement? Come on people….wake up! We live in a world full of criminals! from TOP DOG POSITIONS to wee little nobody’s. So STOP the name callings and spew out words of encouragement. FOOD FOR THOUGHT

    • MauiShadow

      As a victim of credit-card fraud (where a server at a Makawao restaurant copied my info and his partner made a fake card in my name), it’s hard to offer words of encouragement. I’m a working person and this server probably made as much or more money than I do, and yet he decided to steal all he could from me… it took months to clear up. I know that most crimes like these are symptoms of addiction or mental illness, but that doesn’t change how it feels to be a victim of these crimes. So while I don’t think any person deserves to be degraded and disrespected, I also don’t think that a few words of encouragement is all it will take to stop a repeat criminal from victimizing more people. Neither words of judgement, nor encouragement, will solve a problem like this. We need a corrections system that actually corrects behavior, offers rehabilitation, job training and hope. As it stands now, our jails are like graduate school for petty criminals… they come out with a masters degree in crime and put it to use when they hit the streets again.

    • Marilyn

      Are you serious! If you were a victim of identity theft, you would be singing a different tune. It’s a nightmare when someone steals your cards, identity, and not to mention your privacy. So you need to wake up Christieann!

    • Brlfsp

      Are you high?

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