EKO Compost Requires Scale Tickets for Commercial Users

February 8, 2018, 10:37 AM HST · Updated February 8, 10:39 AM
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Businesses who use the EKO Compost facility that do not have a commercial account are being reminded by Department of Environmental Management officials that they are now required to set up an account and pay green waste tipping fees at $46 per/ton.

The requirement began on Feb. 1, 2018 and Central Maui Landfill monitors have been notifying gree waste haulers about the policy change both verbally and using flyers.

EKO Systems, Inc., is working to ensure that all incoming commercial green-waste is weighed at the landfill scale house with applicable fees charged to the account holder.

“A lot of commercial entities respect the policy and do set up a commercial account with us,” said Stacia Ash, head of the Division of Environmental Protection & Sustainability. “However, we have others who use non-commercial vehicles to unload obvious commercial loads of green waste on a frequent basis and so we needed to tighten up our regulations.”


Maui EKO says it has been monitoring incoming vehicles for the past two months to determine if the customer is residential or commercial.

Maui EKO designates a vehicle as commercial by the following criteria: Vehicle has commercial license plates, advertising or signage, or the hauler is determined commercial by frequency of use and/or the type of materials they bring in. Users determined to be commercial will be required to set up a commercial account and weigh all incoming loads at the scale house.

Maui EKO may deny entry to any customer who does not follow the rules.


For more information about recycling visit the Maui County Recycling website, or call the Maui County Recycling Hotline at 270-7880.

Nikki Schenfeld
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