Ask The Mayor: Are Sunscreens Now Reef Safe?

I may be mistaken (I live in the UK) but I thought it was now the law that all sunscreen sold had to be reef friendly.
March 24, 2019 · 5 Comments

Ask The Mayor: Why is There Still a Damaged Telephone Pole on Mokulele?

I have noticed there is a leaning telephone pole on Mokulele Highway around Mile Marker 4. Why does it take so long to repair some damaged telephone poles?
March 24, 2019 · 8 Comments

Ask The Mayor: Are There Plans for Homeless Housing on Maui?

What are the county's plans for the property at the corner of Kaahumanu and Wahine Pio avenues? The site would have been perfect for transitional housing for the homeless.
March 24, 2019 · 45 Comments

Ask The Mayor: Will Traffic Improve at Waiale-Waiinu?

Are any improvements going to be made for traffic flow at the intersection of Waiale and Waiinu roads in Wailuku?
March 17, 2019 · 5 Comments

Ask The Mayor: What’s Being Done About Bullying?

What is being done about (Cyber) Bullying in Hawaiʻi?
March 17, 2019 · 17 Comments

Ask The Mayor: Where to Dispose of Hazardous Waste?

How do I dispose of 13 gallons of bad diesel fuel? I don’t want to pour it down the drain or into my yard, but I don’t know what to do with it.
March 10, 2019 · 4 Comments

Ask The Mayor: Why do Hotels Still Block Public Beach Access?

I read that hotels were prohibited from placing lounges and umbrellas on public beaches until the guests were actually present. If this is not legal, why is it tolerated?
March 10, 2019 · 17 Comments

Ask The Mayor: Are There Landscaping Noise Regulations?

What is the County Code Section, which applies to noise by landscapers and tree cutting, please? I thought there was a time limit of, I think, 20 to 30 minutes?
March 03, 2019 · 30 Comments

Ask The Mayor: Why is There a Car Beautification Fee?

I just paid my car registration fee online and noticed in the breakdown of fees that I have a “Beautification Fee” for $10. I was just wondering where the $10 goes?
March 03, 2019 · 54 Comments

Ask The Mayor: How Can I Report Loud Dog Barking?

How do I make a complaint for excessive dog barking coming from a house in my neighborhood?
March 03, 2019 · 14 Comments