PHOTOS: N.Y.E. Weekend On The Beach, Maui Style

January 2, 2012, 12:04 PM HST · Updated January 2, 2:27 PM

By Madeline  Ziecker

Ho'okipa surfers bobbing in small sets. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

Both Ho’okipa and Baldwin Beach Parks were packed on Saturday and Sunday with holiday beach-goers celebrating the end of last year and the beginning of the auspicious year 2012.

On New Years Eve Day, Ho’okipa was the place to be for North Shore residents and regulars. Early in the afternoon, families set up blankets and umbrellas, marking their territories for the rest of the crowded day.

Afternoon New Years Eve Day beach-goers at Ho'okipa Beach Park. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

Friends and family across the beach chatted about planned parties for New Years Eve, the consensus being that no one knew exactly what they wanted to do and few were willing to take the lead in deciding where to go first.


Waves were small enough that several age groups were able to enjoy a day in the sun and sea.

At around 3 p.m., there were over 50 surfers and boogie boarders of all ages out in the water at the same time, hoping to catch at least a 5 footer among the small swells.

The Ho’okipa Beach crowd dispersed around 5 p.m. as the sun hid behind clouds and temperatures dropped slightly.

A young surfer enjoys a local favorite - Hawaiian rainbow shaved ice. He offered a tip, "If you act like you can't decide what flavor you want they just keep building it up and it gets huge like this!" Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

Boogie boarders join up to catch a small wave. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

A couple of swimmers chatting between strokes. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

For photos of Baldwin Beach on New Years Day, visit Page 2 by clicking below. 

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