Maui Family YMCA Adopts Worksite Wellness Policy

October 5, 2012, 9:08 AM HST · Updated October 5, 9:16 AM

The YMCA vending machine now features healthy foods–including fresh fruit and sandwiches from Whole Foods. Courtesy photo.

By Wendy Osher

The Maui Family YMCA announced the launch of a new work-site wellness policy to encourage and support active living and healthy food choices.

This includes a Y Produce Express program which provides free delivery of fresh produce from local farms on a weekly basis.  The program has since expanded and now serves more than 20 central Maui businesses and schools.

The work-site wellness initiative at the Maui YMCA also features a vending machine at the facility that sells fresh fruit, yogurt, water and healthy sandwiches from Whole Foods.


The creation of the policy was a community effort with support from the Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition of Maui County’s Work-site Wellness Task Force.

“The Y has always been about health and wellness; we wanted to expand upon our mission by adopting a policy that will support healthful behaviors and create healthy environments,” said YMCA CEO Mike Morris.

“Policy samples were gathered and shared; our draft policy was reviewed, edited and finalized by and with the support of the task force members and organizations.” said Morris.

Maui YMCA Board of Directors. Courtesy Photo.

According to Maui N-PAC Coordinator, Sandra McGuinness, rising health care costs have a huge financial impact on employers with nearly 60% of employers’ after-tax profits spent on corporate health benefits.  Common chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension result in an average of 10 missed work days annually in the US, McGuinness said.

“Visionary employers are looking beyond health care costs to consider the total value of health. Many are implementing worksite wellness programs that encourage and support active living and healthy food choices,” McGuinness said.



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