DCCA: Use Sports Authority Cards and Credits ASAP

May 2, 2016, 2:32 PM HST · Updated May 2, 4:10 PM
Debra Lordan · 20 Comments

Maui Now photo.

Maui Now photo.

Although Hawai‘i’s eight Sports Authority locations were not included in the original list of 140 stores that had been identified in March 2016 for potential closure, a press release issued today by the Hawai‘i Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection indicates that business operations at all of the state’s Sports Authority locations may cease within the next few months.

The DCCA announcement urged consumers to use store gift cards, certificates and credits, and return unwanted merchandise as soon as possible.

Sports Authority has eight stores in Hawai‘i—one at the Maui Marketplace on Dairy Road in Kahului, four locations on O‘ahu, two on Hawai‘i Island and one on Kaua‘i.

The sporting goods chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early March, originally stating it would close 140 stores and two distribution centers. But according to news sources, there are indications that the retailer will close all of its 463 remaining stores nationwide; the company has 14,500 full- and part-time employees.


Reports say the retail chain is carrying just over $1 billion in debt; it will not be able to reorganize, will liquidate all stores and close down all operations.

The DCCA said an auction is scheduled for late May.

Maui Now spoke with management at the local Sports Authority store, who declined to comment, but passed on a corporate office contact number. The Englewood, Colorado, office had already closed for the day.

At the time of this posting, the Maui Marketplace Management Office did not respond to Maui Now’s request for a comment about Sports Authority’s closure or future plans for the location.

News sources have reported that the brick-and-mortar retail industry as a whole has struggled with an steady increase in online shopping.

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