Ian Walsh’s Distance Between Dreams World Premiere

November 27, 2016, 5:36 PM HST · Updated November 27, 5:36 PM
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Ian Walsh, in proper form for a world premiere.

Ian Walsh, in proper form for a world premiere. All photos: Brian Bielmann / Red Bull Content Pool

Last night, Ian Walsh and crew took over the MACC for the world premiere of his new film, Distance Between Dreams. The premiere was a major success, with two sold out showings followed by a raging after party. Maui’s surf community and fans alike packed the theater to it’s limits.

The film captured an unprecedented view into Walsh’s world, as he trained to defy death and redefine the upper limits of what’s considered rideable. Starring in the film is: Shaun, DK, and Luke Walsh, Shane Dorian, John Florence, and Greg Long. After years of hard work on this project, and a historic winter season for big waves, Walsh proudly unveiled his film to a massive home crowd.

“I wanted to invest my time and energy into a project that would give people a very comprehensive look into everything that we put into surfing big waves. In Distance Between Dreams, we are able to share the good, the bad, the hard work, and resulting satisfaction that you feel when you push yourself further than you ever dreamt possible,” said Walsh. “Fortunately for us, the year we decided to film coincided with a record El Niño giving us an opportunity to time mark one of the best big wave seasons ever.”


Director Rob Bruce said, “Rather than make a typical surf film that only shows what big wave surfers do, we made a film that shows who these exceptional individuals are. Very few people realize what guys like Ian and his brothers go through every day, not only physically, but also emotionally and personally to remain ready and at the top of their sport year-round. It’s a fascinating and crazy lifestyle that creates unique characters and inspiring camaraderie.”

Between the first person perspective, gorgeous state of the art cinematography, and riveting soundtrack, Distance Between Dreams kept those in attendance on the edge of their seats. It premieres at the Turtle Bay Resort on O’ahu Dec. 2, and will be released digitally the same day.




Nick Ricca
Nick is a surf photographer, filmmaker, and writer from Maui. He is a contributor to Freesurf Magazine.


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